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How does the hood for the kitchen: 2 method of which you did not know

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Extractor hood - an additional ventilation element, which provides clean air in the apartment. They take all odors and combustion products from the plate. As a result, residents of an apartment feel cheerful, they have not reduced working capacity and somnolence. Today let's talk of that work drawing, principles and device.

extraction device

Kitchen hood consists of a body, ventilating unit, grease filters and control panel. The filter elements protect the motor from sticking food particles and clean the incoming stream.

Usually, all the details of the mechanism are made of materials, which do not rust and are not deformed by high temperatures. The housing is usually made of stainless steel. To make it look attractive, he is dressed in a colored metal or wood, hidden in the kitchen cabinets.

Some housewives doubt, whether there is a benefit from the hood in the kitchen. It all depends on its capacity - how much air it can process per minute. Today, the model sold in the shops with a capacity of 200-1000 m3 in time.

to learn, which one do you need, Calculate the volume of your kitchen. To do this, multiply the width, length and height of the room. You get the desired value. If you cook often, or premises penetrated tobacco smoke, further add to the volume of 200 cubic meters.


There is one criterion, both should work hood: it must clean the air in the kitchen. Today, designers are fitted with their technique useful features to attract buyers:

  • Lighting hob. Use halogen or fluorescent light bulbs.
  • programmed inclusion. It provides constant ventilation apartment. The sensors estimate the level of contamination of the instrument and include a small capacity.
  • Automatic control system. Sensors analyzed plates load and regulate the power unit.
  • Sensors filter contamination level. With their help, you can easily find out about the need to replace. Independently of this is difficult to monitor.

    types of hoods

    By type, there are three kinds of extracts. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Kinds:
    1. flow type. Is connected to the house ventilation. After the cleaned air duct is output from the kitchen. fresh air provide an open window. Less of this kind is, he closes the air vent, ie does not occur after the appliance is switched off air.

      It is the most effective form, as the air comes out, creates a pressure difference in the room, and fresh oxygen is drawn from the streets. The natural force of attraction increases the efficiency of the air cleaner.

    2. circulation type. Air from the plate passes through the air intake and filter system, and then returns to the kitchen. This type is not associated with house ventilation. Suitable for premises, where the stove stands away from the vent opening and for homes with an old ventilation. The disadvantage of this type in a large noise due to high engine power.
    3. hybrid. Can operate on one and the second type, depending on the willingness of the owners. For summer typically selected flow mode, to refresh the air in the apartment. In winter, prefer to circulate inside the apartment, so that the heat did not go away.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of kitchen hoods built to purify indoor air. Then it is fed back to the kitchen or outputted via the ventilation system.

In the process of respiration the person takes oxygen and get rid of unnecessary body substances. If you put it in a completely enclosed space, after some time, the oxygen will be missed. Therefore, in the houses provided for the ventilation system. Cooker hood - it is an additional device, which speeds up these processes.

drawing the operating principle for the kitchen built on purifying the air in the room. To do this, the engine runs it through the filter elements. In the circulation and mixed types they consist of activated carbon. They need to be replaced every six months.

Can the built-hood work without air

Since working for kitchen hood air purification, work without him is impossible. But it is quite possible to work without air, without connecting to the ventilation. This type is called a circulation, it cleans the air and feeds it back into the room.

type of instalation

There are several types of installation drawing. It depends on it, how loud extractor works in the kitchen and how it takes place. types:

  • Embeddable. The design is hiding in the closet over the stove. This compact form, in addition, you can save on the external design, it is still not visible behind the facade.
  • overhead. Used in large rooms, most often in commercial sphere. It is mounted on the ceiling.
  • flat hanging. This type saves space and looks presentable. The disadvantage of low productivity. Attached to the wall above the stove.


intake panel size must match the width of the hob, preferably slightly above it, then the work of the kitchen hood is optimal. The standard width of extracts - 60, 90, 120 cm. If the cooking surface have a width 60 cm, best air purifier to hang over her wide 90 cm. This takes into account the overall design of the kitchen: too massive structure over the stove will look out of place.

The distance between the hood and the electric stove should be at least 65 cm. Above the gas stove structure need to hang at least 75 cm. Keep this in mind when choosing an air cleaner.

What made hoods

The service life and the, how the electric extractor in the kitchen, It depends on the metal, from which it is made. internal parts, usually, made of stainless steel. External finish may be made of glass, aluminum, plastic and metal alloys.

Plastic - the worst possible coverage. By exposure to high temperatures it can deform and bend. Its plus is easily cleaned of dirt and no rust.


Optimal variant - it is stainless steel or aluminum. These materials do not rust, they are easy to clean, they look strictly and carefully. Aluminum is inexpensive, compared to stainless steel. But the latter has a long service life.

The most expensive material - all-glass. This air purifier looks luxurious and unusual.

Noise level: how loud should work hood

The volume extraction operation depends on the motor power and the size of the. more, more powerful, productive unit, the greater the noise from its operation. Manufacturers try to reduce it by adding bearings in the engine. Typically, the noise level is indicated on the product packaging, norm 40-50 dB.

In current models no noise problem due to acoustic packets mechanism housing. Producers also establish two low-power and quiet motor, to reduce the volume of work. Today hood can be both quiet and powerful.

The reasons, why it does not work hood

If you are wondering, how to turn the hood in the kitchen, examine the manufacturer's instructions. It is recommended to include it immediately after the plate. It is recommended to switch off after 5 minutes after the end of cooking. In some models there is a timer, which will turn off the device itself through the time you set.

It is best to include the device in the kitchen with the door open to the rest of the apartment. Otherwise, the vacuum will be created, and the engine starts to overheat. In this window must be closed, otherwise, the unit will begin to filter the outdoor air.

If your device is already several years, it can fail for several reasons:

  • Violation of rules of operation. The strainer on the bottom of the device should be cleaned every 3 of the week. Carbon filter in the circulation type needs to be changed every six months. In case of violation of these rules and mechanisms clogged violate the system work. Never turn on the device, if there is no pan on the stove.
  • Violation of electrical contact. The defect occurs on poor quality, budget models, that vibrate during operation.
  • Improper installation. on, how well organized installation, It depends, both must work properly in the kitchen range hood. Incorrect installation leads to breakdowns.
  • Problems with the electrical wiring. In this case, you need to check, whether there is electricity in the apartment, as well as the integrity of all contacts.

How to check, Why hood stopped working

To check, how the hood, turn it on and listen to the engine noise. If it is much abuzz, check the attachment to the wall. Reliable fastening device should not vibrate.

If the device is bad draws, probably, dirty filters. Clean can be independently. If this does not help, check draft in the chimney ventilation using matches.


When the appliance is not switched on, wiring should be checked with a multimeter. If you do not have skills to work with technology, call master. It will determine the cause of failure and carry out repairs.

Extractor fan in the apartment - a useful device, which purifies air from the burning, fat, odor. It is indispensable in large families, where it is necessary to prepare a lot and often.