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Mini ovens for home: 6 best

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Lately mini oven gaining popularity. There are several reasons. Mini compact pechy and practical: if necessary, it can be easily transported with a. Dishes are prepared in it as in a conventional oven, but, thanks to the design, food turns out more juicy. Therefore, for many people, the answer to the question: "Mini oven or oven, what's better?», - it becomes obvious.

Today, home appliance stores offer a huge number of models. And to find a quality product in a variety of difficult enough. The following list of the best mini ovens will be presented, and also provides some guidance on their choice.

Main characteristics

Before purchasing the device you need to understand, what characteristics have ovens. The most important of them are the volume, capacity and availability of operating modes. First things first.


When you buy the device you need to know its volume. Now on sale there are mini-furnace capacity from 8 to 40 liters. small models (to 12 liters) to choose is not necessary, since large portions of them simply do not fit. For 3-4 man is better to buy the oven for 13-20 liters.



Dimensions mini stoves affect the power. So, most of the devices of less than 10 l have the power to 800 W, the oven 20 liters - from 1600 to 2000 W, and on 30 liters - from 2000 W. Do not buy too powerful devices: is not any wiring withstand heavy loads. Better to choose the oven for no more than 1000-1500 W.


Electric oven with two heating elements provide greater job opportunities, since they have several standard modes.

  • "Grill" mode, at wherein the upper works a heating element.
  • "Delicate" are used for cooking bottom member.
  • In "electric oven" operating mode once the two heating elements.

Best mini ovens have additional modes, aimed at the preparation of certain dishes. The more of these modes, the wider capabilities of the device, but the cost also increases.


Small electric furnace reading convection fan is characterized by the presence of, which evenly distributes hot air. Such devices typically have furnace heating element with one. The electric oven with two convection heaters affect the operation does not have.

additional characteristics

Answering the question "What is the best mini oven?», - we can not pay attention to the additional features, which device has. Ovens are classified according to the control method. It may be a touch or mechanical (second variant is considered more reliable). Furnace may be fitted with both hinge, and side door.

Often mini ovens manufacturers include additional device functions:

  1. Grill;
  2. backlight;
  3. Protection of children;
  4. Timer;
  5. Thermostat;
  6. Metal;
  7. electric hotplates.

Before, how to make a rating of mini electrical ovens, you need to understand in order, which companies make them. Below are the best manufacturers of mini ovens.


Bork devices are quite expensive. However, this does not affect their popularity. But why is this happening? In fact, the answer is simple: furnace of this manufacturer are not only high quality build, but also superior design, as well as a number of additional functions, easy cooking.


Rolsen South Korean company began to gain popularity only in the beginning of the XXI century, but this did not prevent her from becoming one of the largest manufacturers of desktop mini ovens. And all thanks to the fact, that brand products are not only high quality, but also an affordable cost.


Japanese brand Supra has a rich history. This manufacturer has appeared in the 70s of the last century, and after a short time began to conquer the world market. Now under this brand is available over 10000 SKUs.

The cost is relatively small furnaces Supra, but this does not affect their quality and reliability.

Mini electric oven: rating, the best models

It is unlikely that someone will be able to say, that a certain model of the oven - this is a good mini oven. Every year there are new models, which displace the previous. Moreover, it all depends on the price range, which includes an overview of mini ovens.

The best cheap mini oven

Rolsen KW-2626 with convection

Talking about the best mini oven with convection, not to mention the Rolsen KW-2626. It is ranked first in the ranking of low-cost stoves. The cost of this model is 5000 rubles. The volume of the device - 26 liters. Power KW-2626, 1500 W, It allows the oven to heat up 250 degrees. The device has a timer, grill and backlight, which greatly simplifies the preparation of. Of the advantages you can also select silent operation. Among the shortcomings - strong heating of the housing and poor workmanship.

Table Scarlett SC-EO93O11 with grill

The cost of this model is 4500 rubles. The volume of the device - 18 liters, whereas capacity - 1500 W. It is the smallest oven in the list of cheap mini ovens. The main advantage of SC-EO93011 - it's small size. Also, many buyers say reliability of the device and exciting design. Among the disadvantages of poor quality can distinguish controls.

Electric oven Delta D-023

Turkish electric Delta D-023 It has the largest volume in this rating - 37 liters. However, the power of the device is not so great: Total 1300 W. The average cost of a model - 5000 rubles. The oven has two heating elements, and 3 mode of operation. Among other benefits, you can select a wide range of operating temperatures (from 50 to 320 degrees), modern design and the presence of the timer. Among the shortcomings - heating the body and the lack of a protective coating.

ED Chudesnitsa-020

Perhaps, ED Chudesnitsa-020 - this is the best mini oven for baking in this ranking. This model has a capacity of 20 liters and power 1500 W. The average cost of the device is 4000 rubles.


If you need an inexpensive device, the cedar - an excellent choice. Hardly these devices full-fledged mini ovens, but with the work they are coping fine. The average cost model does not exceed 2000 rubles. power - 625 W.

Rating furnaces: for money

DeLonghi (Delong) IT'S THE 20792

The cost of this model is 17000 rubles, but the device is worth it. DeLonghi has a volume 20 liters with power 1300 W. The device is equipped with a number of additional functions, among which: grill on 700 W, timer and multiple operating modes. Of the minuses - short power cord is not the best design.

STEBA G 80/31C.4

STEBA G 80 / 31C.4 - it, perhaps, best mini oven in the quality-price ratio. for 22000 rubles user purchases the device at 29 liters capacity 1800 W (thanks to this relationship, heating takes place as quickly as possible). The design provides a timer, Do not miss the warm glass, and skewer for grilling. The device has several operation modes. In total, the device is listed 21 recipe. The main drawback of the model - poor build quality.

Dear oven

Rommelsbacher BG 1650

Of expensive ovens can be identified Rommelsbacher BG 1650. The cost model is 23000 rubles (due to the large number of additional functions). The internal volume - 40 liters. power - 1600 W. Its main positive qualities is a high build quality and modern design. The apparatus is equipped with two heating elements, as well as a grill (1450 W).


Of course, universal instructions on how, how to choose a mini oven oven, ideal for specific operating conditions, not. All the features of specific models identified only after, both conducted testing mini ovens. but, Following the above guidelines, and based on rating, you can pick up a really high-quality product at the lowest price.