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induction furnaces: proven technology for the modern kitchen

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Stove - a key element of home appliances, without which it can not do on any kitchen. And if earlier helpers hostesses were electric and gas hobs, now popular are induction furnaces. And it is justified, because they have a mass of indisputable advantages: fire safety, economy, high speed heating and cooking.
induction furnaces
induction furnaces- the most modern appliances for the kitchen

The operating principle of an induction furnace

In the market of household appliances Induction furnace appeared in the 80s of the last century, however, by disbelief invention react due to the high cost and the operation principle of unknown. Only after, both restaurateurs began to use the induction hob and have experienced its benefits, they used the example of the hostess, wishing to simplify and speed up cooking.

The principle of operation is based on induction plates using the magnetic field energy. Ceramic glass stove hides a copper coil, when passing through the turns of which electric current is converted into the induction. When placed on the hob bottom of the dish with a magnetic current acts on the electrons of its ferromagnetic material, leading them in motion. Due to this process, heat is released, whereby dishes heated and the contents located therein comes into the step of preparing.

special dishes
Cooking on an induction stove need special utensils

Induction hobs are fundamentally different from the electric and gas, the following aspects:

  1. heating cover. In traditional stoves primarily heated hotplate, then transfers heat, standing on her dish. Induction heating involves directly heating the bottom pan or saucepan. Glass-ceramic panel is being heated from cookware, and after its removal cools during 5 minutes.
  2. Efficiency. Induction electric stoves have an efficiency 90% due to the fact, that energy is not wasted on heating burners, and acts on the bottom of the pan.
  3. Energy savings. Controlled induction furnace temperature occurs almost instantaneously, that leads to a rational energy consumption.
  4. Security. When the stove panel itself is not heated, so there is no fear of burns.

Features cooking

housewife deliberately refuse often from buying electric induction furnaces, because they fear the difficulties and when the cooking. In fact, in, to include induction cooker, no big deal.

After connecting the device to a power source signal work, notifying the possibility of including the hob. Each zone has a power regulator and adjustable timer.

induction cooker design
The unusual design of induction cooker

About tom, how to cook on induction cooker, detailed in the instructions for its use. There are marked temperature regimes and power settings, required for a particular cooking process of a food. for example, water boiling occurs at 7-9 level, extinguishing - 5 or 6.

types of plates

In the market of household appliances are presented furnace of different functionality and cost. Users can purchase as an inexpensive induction cookers for kitchens, and multifunction systems, mounted in cafes and restaurants.

The main types of equipment are:

  • compact desktop induction cooker with one or more hotplates;
  • built-in appliances or separate cooktops;
  • Combined plate - combine elements, working on the principle of magnetic induction, and electrical heating burners.

Combined induction-stove

When choosing a stove on the basis of the magnetic field energy is necessary to pay attention to the power and possibilities of the number of modes. intensive heating function allows you to make a meal quickly.

Infrared sensors monitor the maximum heating pan bottom and prevent sticking of food: in my opinion, This function is required in the device.

Should think about the form of burners: it can be flat or recessed. This will depend on the ability to use a variety of dishes from the bottom. Multifunction devices, such as the induction cooker with an oven and a large number of burners, allow to cook several dishes at the same time.


Depending on the type and value electroinduction furnace have the following specifications:

  • the maximum heating temperature is 60 degrees Celsius;
  • Power ranges 50-3500 W;
  • amount adjustment mode is differentiated from 12 to 20 depending on the type of device;
  • devices equipped with a touch panel;
  • heating element operates on the basis of induction;
  • It equipped with a timer device.

Portable Induction cooker
Portable Induction cooker

As with any technique, this kind of furnaces is safe from damage, but find parts for induction cookers have no difficulty. Besides, people, versed in the laws of physics, easily be able to produce an induction stove with his hands. but, remember, What to take for this thing is worth only in case of availability of the necessary knowledge and experience.

Select cookware for induction cookers

Many housewives are sure, that all the dishes for the induction cooker will have to buy again, because the available not suitable. It is not so.

To bring the induction hob in operation use pans, having ferromagnetic properties. Check it simply: you need to attach a magnet to the bottom. If he will stick, cookware is suitable for use on the stove.

It has ferromagnetic properties of iron, and enameled cast iron pans. glass, ceramic, porcelain and copper containers are not suitable for oven, using magnetic field energy.

In the case where suitable pots and pans is not available, choose the dishes for the induction cooker is not difficult, if you use a few tips:

  • Induction bottom dishes must have a minimum diameter 12 see for optimal area of ​​contact with the fuser surface;
  • the thickness of the bottom grill pan for induction cookers or other container should be at least 2 and no more 6 mm;
  • the bottom surface is flat, without izgibov;
  • help in choosing the right container can bowl on the icon for induction cookers, which appears as a horizontal coil and means to use a ferromagnetic material.

There are many firms, engaged in production of pots, pans, soteynykov, braziers, and even the Turks for induction cookers. So buy them is not difficult.


When the opportunity to purchase a complete set of dishes no special, You can use an adapter for the induction cooker. It is a disc thickness 2-3 mm with different diameters depending on the size pots and pans. The principle of operation is as follows: coil transfers heat adapter for induction cookers, which the, in turn, It heats the dishes stand on it. When using such a device does not necessarily have to buy a special kettle for induction cooker, you can easily enjoy your favorite ceramic.

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