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Cooking electric panel for the kitchen— ideal solution: convenience, comfort, beauty

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Kitchen old sample plates are increasingly being replaced with modern option - built-in electrical panels. First of all, they save space in the room, special, during installation without oven. Secondly, electric hobs Kitchen draw simple operation. Thirdly, ceramic electric panel for the kitchen provide enhanced environmental and fire safety compared to gas.

electric fire - an indispensable tool in the kitchen
Electric oven - an indispensable tool in the kitchen

Sizes and types of cooktops

On the kitchen equipment market you can find the following types of electric hobs: old-fashioned, with bulging iron heaters to install dishes, and glass-ceramic devices. a glass ceramic panel is completely different even in appearance - the heating elements are under strong, smooth and transparent "cover".

In the market of kitchen equipment and have a combined hobs with electric heating zone (usually, ceramic) and several gas burners. Option for different ways of cooking and eating preferences of the owner, as well as power outages or gas.

The size, which the It has electric cooking panel, primarily depends on the number of burners, the second - from the size of the kitchen. The small-sized space makes to choose between the convenience of cooking food on the stove and on the working surface. Installation of furniture in the form of the letter "L" allows you to create a kitchen design with corner hob - selection of appropriate electrical panels for this better, than the gas equipment.

Externally, the cooktop presents an upper part with a burner plate. It can be made of different materials, have a variety of features and dimensions
Externally, the cooktop presents an upper part with a burner plate. It can be made of different materials, have a variety of features and dimensions

Before, how to choose the hob, placed in the kitchen, check the conformity of the intended installation site with the following requirements:

  1. Distance between plate and sink (cutting area) not less 60 cm. So the hostess will not be afraid to get burned in the preparation of food;
  2. It is undesirable to leave this zone more 1 m, to accelerate the process of washing products, cutting and putting some in a bowl on a plate.

The width of the plate begins with 30 cm. In this embodiment corresponds with the dimensions 1 or 2 burners - usually the front lower power, back - more. Odnokonforochnaya electrical panel for the kitchen It is the same size, that equipment with two rings, and such a purchase is not the place to save. You can select the hob of the same capacity on the 45 cm, but with such a wide trohkonforochny already have a variant with a triangular arrangement of burners. plates with 4 hobs require distances 60 cm, a surface with a standard size from five 80 cm.

To choose electrical panels width just:

  • small-sized kitchen enough trohkonforochnoy model, sometimes - two;
  • spacious room allows you to use 4 rings, familiar with the experience of use of gas equipment;
  • 5 Burner is unlikely to need frequent, dishes for her to put inconvenient, and a non-standard version of the cooking surface is more expensive. But the additional heating element is usually more powerful others and provides a high heating rate.

Compactness and style - a distinctive feature of cooktops with three burners
Compactness and style - a distinctive feature of cooktops with three burners


Design solutions for diverse cooktops for the standard form, konforkami- with "pancakes". Narrow metal surface black, white and polished, embodiment the width of 60 cm can be copper and gold. Lack of panels made of stainless steel - remain on the surface of fingerprints.

Other embodiments are glass-ceramic cooktop and made normally in black or white with slight variations burners coloring (red, white, varying depending on the heating). Fingers too noticeable, but easily wiped.

The form, which has built-in cooktop, usually rectangular. But there is a polygonal surface, and a plate in the form of an oval or boomerang. original look curved corner cooking panel and design for narrow countertops, elongated in the depth of the line in 1 burner.

Hobs presented various forms - each choose the best easy option for themselves
Hobs presented various forms - each chosen easily suitable option

Types of heating elements

In a metal surface the electrical heating elements to perform "pancakes" iron, comprising electrical coil. Simplicity and reliability embodiment accompanied inconvenience of use. Spirals are heated for a long time, consuming too much electricity.

Used more often ceramic hob is equipped with one of the 4 types of heaters:

  • rapidnymi hobs, simple and rapidly heated. While they cool too, just 10 seconds;
  • galogenovymi burners, in the construction of which there are spiral, and halogen lamp pairs. The effectiveness of the above, but the service life is less than.
  • one burner with Hi-Lite, providing even more efficient heating, than halogen. Due ribbon heating element, the heating temperature is set precisely;
  • induction, not inferior to the rest of the parameters, and even superior to them. Main advantages of the induction hob - efficiency and lack of heating burners. A working induction hob with built-in unit, generating heat at the bottom of the dish.

Induction Panel - This hob, allowing generate heat directly in the bowl
Induction Panel - This hob, allowing generate heat directly in the bowl

electric Control

Depending on the control method electrical panels are divided into dependent and independent. The first is a plate, coincident with oven. Control of these two elements, and the total installed usually on oven. Independent or standalone appliance running and managed separately from the oven.

Options for independent control of three plates:

  • sensory. Such induction cooktops easier to be cleaned, and launched into operation and adjusted by pressing a finger;
  • mechanical. Traditional and reliable option, reminding control gas stove, when the intensity of heating depends on the position of the rotatable handle;
  • button. The work is carried out through the touch buttons.

Features of operation

Electric panel would be the best yield in the absence of gas supply in the building, and permanent or temporary interruptions gas. But to use the equipment should be, Considering some of the features. And do not forget about the differences between metal and ceramic devices.

Glass ceramics is characterized by rapid heating, whose rate exceeds the capacity of the metal "pancakes". Such a surface is not afraid temperature drop and stand on hot plates installation cold dishes and vice versa. Threat is only acupressure - a sharp drop small metallic objects and drops of cold water. Fallen pan and pan ceramic panel stand.

Ceramic hob - a convenient and modern technology, gives a special style kitchen
Ceramic hob - a convenient and modern technology, gives a special style kitchen

Ceramic Glass more modern and functional. Among the features worth noting the function of "protection of children", by which, you will protect children from burns and other unpleasant incidents. A cutoff optional stop plate work through 4 hours after the last change of the combustion parameters, sufficient for cooking without the control of the person.

The choice of dishes

On cooking surface made of metal is set either tableware, withstand heating to high temperatures. Glass-ceramic panels are suitable pots, pans and other objects with flat and thick bottom, providing a better distribution of heat. Not mount on the glass ceramic cookware of copper and aluminum. It is not recommended to use objects, already heated on a gas stove, although you can do vice versa.

Glassware and induction cooker compatible, but warm up and prepare the food will last longer. Enamelware allowed, but you can not put it on a blank panel. The best option for "induction" - "stainless steel".

care Regulations


metal panel maintenance is little different from the cleaning and washing of gas cookers. Glass-ceramic should be cleaned only with special means - expensive, but effective and is required to maintain the equipment in good condition. Fabric cleaning must be free cloth, allowed to use a paper napkin and towel. To bring in the order of the glass ceramic hob acquire special scrapers - no plastic, and steel.

Caught on a plate of glass-ceramic material fuses immediately remove scrapers and rags. Frozen material is easy to clean, if warm again and clean the glass ceramic hob. The main part of the plate is washed only after cooling.

It is prohibited when servicing the glass ceramic:

  • use washing powders, lips, lint-free cloth and washcloths;
  • Splashing water on the stove and put to the same wet dishes;
  • mainstream use detergents, leaving a difficult divorce output;
  • scatter panel type substances sugar and salt, having abrasive properties.