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Built-in appliances for the kitchen: ideal solution

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Built-in appliances for the kitchen - a ergonomics, functionality, convenience and reliability. It looks stylish and modern. Embedded appliances does not violate a single type of kitchen units. customers believe, functionality that stands in the first place, and on the other - Design. Built-in appliances are united, and the first, and second. Customers choose the desired set of devices without compromising aesthetic preferences.

Кухня со встроенной бытовой техникой
Today it is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a built-in appliances

Features built-in equipment

The peculiarity of this class household appliances - long service life, so this technique is acquired for decades. In addition, the modern company offers a wide range of embedded devices such as analog solo, not inferior to his independent colleagues. Built-in appliances in the kitchen is divided into polnovstraivaemuyu and semi-recessed. The last universal. These units are equipped with panels for a beautiful design doors. For they are cheaper compared to polnovstraivaemymi devices. Features built-in devices:

  • ergonomics (easy and convenient to use);
  • modern design (It looks perfect in a modern interior style);
  • standard width (have dimensions, appropriate furniture options);
  • dearness (stand 20 percent more solo instruments, but the high cost of paying off through 1-2 year of use).

housewives like, that the built-in appliances simplifies the maintenance of order, because in the kitchen there are no gaps and crevices, where dust accumulates, mud, microbes and particles of products. Difficult to clean places no. Built-in appliances are safe to use, This is especially important if there are children in the house.

Современная кухня
Spend cleaning the kitchen with integrated appliances much easier and faster

Manufacturers offer complete with sets, depending on the needs of the buyer:

  1. Economy set - for those, who do not spend much time in the kitchen. devices at least - hob, cooling chamber, electric kettle, microwave.
  2. The standard set - the choice of families with average incomes (plate, oven, Microwave, combine, extract). Refrigerators and freezers sold combined or separate.
  3. Premium package - ideal for large rooms. It includes a standard set with dishwasher, coffee maker, food scales and other small appliances.

Types of built-in appliances

Optionally equip kitchen, entirely of built-in appliances.


The question of the built-in refrigerator is inevitable when ordering kitchen furniture. Refrigerating chambers and presented white or gray colors and spoil the interior. We have to seek an acceptable solution. Refrigerators are divided into two types:

  • single-door;
  • side-by-side.

Single-chamber models have a compact and space-saving in the kitchen. It's an option for a single person and people, who do not like to cook. there are models, in which there is no freezer. Dual-chamber devices have a vertical or horizontal separation.

Built in appliances perfectly fit into any kitchen interior

Polnovstraivaemye model features in a separate module. The height is selected according to the dimensions of kitchen units. In the formed niche placed locker for placing dishes and other utensils. Freezer is one with the fridge or located separately (the latter option is more expensive). Refrigerators and freezers are placed under the working surface.

Embedded freezers have one storage chamber. volume figures vary from 50 to 500 l. Among the standard features - superzamorozki mode and function «No Frost». Modern models have the ability to alter the door to a comfortable side. When choosing, it is desirable to pay attention to the safety of the products during a power outage.

Should choose a refrigerator from reliable manufacturers: Liebherr (Germany), Ariston (Italy), Indesit (Italy), Electrolux (Sweden), LG (Korea). Built-in refrigerators come in different sizes, and the price depends on the features, material body and the manufacturer.

Oven and hob

These two instruments are both combined, and independent of each other. Combined embodiment is more common, The second category has high functionality, to the same technique can be placed in any convenient place.

Варочная поверхность
Hob does not occupy a lot of space

Built-in gas stoves are, electric and combined. Built-in electric - it's comfortable and stylish. Surface hobs made of:

  • vitrified (attractive appearance, easy care, you can not use abrasive cleaners);
  • aluminum alloy (easy to operate, not scratch, does not tarnish, It does not require special care);
  • enamelled steel or stainless steel.

Built-in electric range easy to clean and has a good technical parameters. Gas hob from Electrolux manufacturers, Gorenje, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Bosch is suitable for the middle class and the optimum in price-performance ratio. Hob Hephaestus - one of the best. For a small family or a single person fit gas stove Hephaestus (Gefest 700-02) with two rings. Hob Ariston PC 640 WH / HA has standard dimensions and 4 burners.

Select the oven easy. Good choice - Oven Hephaestus YES 622-04 BUT. It many additional functions: pause, defrosting, temperature maintenance, locking, automatic shutdown. Buyers worry, built-in oven that hurt standing next to furniture. But the manufacturer has provided this: for these devices provides excellent thermal insulation. In terms of fire built-in oven safe. For this purpose, a double glass and cooling ventilation system.

электрическая плита
Electric cooker Gefest 700-02

Built-in ovens are electric and gas. Gas differ attractive design, have automatic control. Specifications electric oven is built wide. They have a lot of extra features and modes. Recessed electric oven has a function of hydrolysis purification (after completion of the process cleanses the inner surface). Electric oven for the kitchen are in the area 200-400 dollars. Select built in electric oven can be in accordance with their financial possibilities.


The machine dishwashing is usually placed under the sink, but in some cases, is inserted into the column. Dishwasher is built like (aggregate functions controlled through a swing door, everything else is hidden facades), and open (the control panel is located on the front side of the unit). These models are equipped with a function of monitoring the leakage of water. An interesting novelty - a function InfoLight, by which determine the working machine at a particular point or not. Dishwasher Bosch SPV 69T70 RU is equipped with such functions.

Select the dishwasher for the home is worth in case, if a big family or in the home often have guests. In the presence of a small family of dishwashers optional. It is easier to wash the dishes in the usual way for two people, you download a couple of dishes in the dishwasher.

Посудомоечная машина
In a large family dishwasher is not a luxury, and the need


A washing machine or under the sink, or in the closet. Manufacturers have built-in models with special equipment, which suppresses vibration, so the machine work in no way affects the stability and durability of kitchen units. Built-in models are pleased reduced noise. This is achieved due to the lack of space between the device and the housing chest, in which it is embedded. There are two methods of incorporation:

  • countertop;
  • the full integration of.

The latter method allows you to completely hide the device from prying eyes for furniture panels. On the case of such a machine has a loop, which fastens facade with magnetic closure. The rear edge of the housing has a recess for plinth, so the machine put right against the wall. feet are regulated, and the device is set at the correct height. Built-in models are protected against leaks. A special system immediately when the water overlaps the first fault.


Decorative hoods lead sales, not yielding to its position Built-in Analog. But the portability and the latest design allows efficient use of the already small space above the hob.

Вытяжка на кухне

Built-in hoods are divided into two types:

  • polnovstraivaemыe (mounted in the top rack of the oven, so is only visible to the instrument panel and the filter);
  • retractable (does not reveal its presence, Such models put forward just before the start of work and clean).

Modern hoods are equipped with timers and have a push-button, A slider or touch control system. The latest models can be switched on and off with a remote control.

Small Appliances

Microwave inserted into the upper cupboard or column. Such devices have 3-4 cooking mode and electronic control. Deep fryer and a grill built into the table top. Meat grinder, juicer, food processor, Steamer - an incomplete list of devices, which is inserted directly into the furniture or countertop. The column is placed and coffee machine steamer. Modern coffee machines have built-in easy operation and advanced features.

Equipment for furniture or furniture under the machinery

That the built-in kitchen appliances did not violate the integrity of the style of the room, desirable to acquire audio devices with the same check-mark. It is better, if the technical stuffing belongs to one manufacturer (set: hob gorenje K 6N20 IW ( KVK41K-1V), electric oven gorenje BO 87-ORA-W, dishwasher gorenje GV 53221).


The warranty is given for all components of the kit. Before buying should consider the exact location of devices, as in the future rearrange them is unlikely to succeed.

Recommend ordering equipment and furniture included. Designers offer themselves to choose the necessary equipment in accordance with the size of the kitchen units. It is convenient, that the customer need not delve into the intricacies of alignment and compatibility of equipment and furniture. Often, furniture companies offer free installation of equipment, if it is bought in the kit. Among the shortcomings - the restriction in the choice and the overpayment.
It can be purchased complete with furniture is one of the instruments, and the rest - to find their own. If ordering only headsets, and home appliances to choose their own, it will be cheaper. Cons - the search technology, delivery organization. Therefore, the choice is the customer. In any case, built-in appliances for the kitchen meet the expectations placed upon it.