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We compare and make choices, that better electric or electric cooker

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many models of electric furnaces is available today, different specifications, design, the cost. The assortment includes a variety of devices: from the traditional cast-iron burner to the latest high-tech machines.

Modern ceramic hob on the stylish kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages

each electric for the kitchen stove It has pros and cons, that you should consider when buying.

The positive characteristics include:

  1. Installation in any indoor electrified. If the house is not with gas, the electric becomes the best choice.
  2. safety of operation. Unlike gas, electric oven can not explode.
  3. A variety of product range.
  4. Easy to use and transport.
  5. Many housewives think, that serves, cooked on an electric, much more tasty cooked in Gas Train.

Along with the benefits, have electric cookers and disadvantages:

  • less frugality (compared with gas);
  • Prolonged heating time, cooling burners.

Selection of electric cookers: what to look for

To choose the right electric stove - is to consider its advantages, minuses, technical specifications, cost of.

The size

Common models considered stationary parameters 600 × 600, 500×600, 500×500, 550× 550 mm. Besides, release technique with adjustable racks, that can be used to equalize the height of the device with a number of standing desk.

Selection of electric cookers
Selection of electric stoves for home

For small-sized kitchen, where you do not enter a standard technique, you can choose a small unit. Electric oven board is capable to fully replace a full-size unit. You can use it to warm up and cook different dishes.

Manufacturers have taken care of the hosts comfort and equipped with a small device with useful features (skewer, grill, Convention). therefore, mini electric cooker with an oven bake may, heat, bake, stew, defrost favorite dishes. Desktop electric oven suitable for cottage or vacation trip.

electrical mini oven convection different mobility, compact, high performance, affordable price.


In the instrument design necessarily includes ceramic, enamel or glass ceramic panel. The surface of the enamel is considered to be more traditional one. Such plates are reliable, an affordable cost and different color scheme. Disadvantages include the relative fragility: over time, chips and scratches can appear on the surface.

ceramic glass, which differs embedded electric kitchen, heats up 600 degrees. It is well retains the original look, It has an anisotropic thermal conductivity.


plate on 2 burners
Built surface with two hot plates

The structure included on the 2 to 6 burners of different power and marking. Functionality, shape and principle of heating elements depends on the model ovens. Conventional components heat up and cool down slowly. A corrugated elements with a thin layer over the entire temperature gaining 3 seconds.


The devices are equipped with brass (universal and static) wardrobes. Electric oven for baking at home with a fixed oven costs less, than with the universal. Such a device equipped with the upper and lower coils, for in-depth product roasting. A universal electric furnace for baking operates on the principle of separation of uniform hot air fan. Electric mini oven with convection are designed for cooking pizza, grill, steam dishes, defrost.

Additional functions

Modern electric appliance to be practical and convenient. Mini oven with the convention can be equipped with:

  • light;
  • Parootvodom, warning pollution and heat control knobs;
  • airtight door;
  • timer;
  • memory;

Built-in ovens - stylish and feature-rich

The additional functions include automatic detection Cooktop metal tableware, wherein the hotplate is heated only by pan or saucepan, heat indicator, which glows until, until the unit cools to 60 degrees, and control boiling liquids.

internal coating

For coating the internal surfaces of different materials are used. porous, invoice containing oxidants able to break down fat and organic.

Clean an enamel surface after each cooking write, using common detergents.


When you purchase the device should pay attention to the power, which depends on additional functions. Average, it varies from 650 to 2200 W. for example, mini oven has a capacity of Simfer 1300 W.

For heating and cooking simple dishes suitable low-power mini oven with microwave. Microwave oven with convection and grill useful for fans of sophisticated recipes. An example of such a technique can become a mini oven Delonghi.


Capacious oven
Every housewife picks up the volume of the oven to fit your needs

Another fundamental feature Engineering - volume. oven to 5-14 liters - a good option for a simple reheat. Fans of home baking unit will need to 14-28 liters. Table electric mini-oven ideal for singles or families, consisting of two people. The small size allows embedding the device in any kitchen.

Power appliance depends on the amount.

Units with more watts of consumption of finished and heat faster, but are more expensive, and the electricity will have to pay considerably more.

Types and characteristics of electric

According to the structural criteria of the furnace is divided into individual devices and with built-in oven.

According to the type of heating are several types of stoves:

  • With a tubular electric heater;
  • With strip heater;
  • With a simple spiral;
  • With infrared halogen heating;
  • induction.

Induction hob
Induction Cooker - heats metal utensils induced eddy currents

Very popular today are built hobs. Built-in kitchen oven is made in different design solutions, so it looks good in standard and super modern premises. Manufacturers of such devices are experimenting with materials, offering cooking webs of steel, mirrors, vitrified.

Devices of glass ceramics

Electric oven with ceramic hob increasingly becomes an attribute of a modern kitchen. No wonder: increased safety device differs, qualitativeness, the presence of auxiliary weight functions:

  • The surface of the glass ceramics has a stylish appearance;
  • It heats up quickly, and cools slowly;
  • Can recognize a circle dishes: if instead of the pan on the burner put the device with a small diameter, then the surface will heat up just under his bottom;
  • The thermal conductivity of the material directed straight upwards, and not in the hand;
  • Plates equipped with residual heat lamps, which burn until complete cooling surface.

The main disadvantage of glass ceramic is considered fragility. Panel, able to withstand high static load (simultaneous cooking in large pots), may crack from hitting sharp object (knife). Wherein, the price of the cooking surface reaching almost 80% from the plate value.


Special approach requires cleaning glass ceramics. Material does not like sugar, aluminum, PLASTICS, it can not be cleaned with a knife, steel wool, means with abrasive substances. Purchase special cleaning compositions and scrapers must be puzzled when acquiring art. They can be sold together with a stove, but the cost of such a set will be higher.