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Siemens built-in appliances for the kitchen: proven quality

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People, wishing to make a functional kitchen, prefer built-in appliances. Such popularity is due to the fact, that the built-in appliances aesthetically pleasing and space-saving. You can even embed oven or refrigerator.

Kitchen with built-in appliances
Kitchen with built-in appliances looks monolithic

To choose the best option, it is important to take into account the financial resources of the owner of the apartment and the kitchen dimensions. Based on these requirements, electrical kits built-in appliances for the kitchen Siemens ranks first in popularity.

Dependent instruments and kits

On the market there are a large number of built-in appliances for the kitchen, but dependent kits have attracted the most attention. Dependent embedded devices - is, eg, all the same hob, but only conducted by cables to connect to the oven. In the oven are the levers for controlling hobs, that relates to the first and main disadvantage of such units. But this is not the only negative:

Equipment for Siemens kitchen

  1. In that case, if the hob and oven are connected to each other, adjustment of the temperature is not close to the burner, and on an oven. This arrangement will bring discomfort sensors hostess.
  2. If the oven breaks, the hob automatically fails, since mechanisms are in the oven. Connect the hob to another power source can not be.
  3. Do not install oven separately from the hob,. This becomes a problem, if the kitchen a little space and inconvenient to install directly under the oven burner.

Built-in appliances
Equipment must be installed on all the rules of safety

But do not forget about the positive aspects of the dependent packages, and they have:

  1. design. Hob and oven fit together, since appearance laid out in detail. Typically, electric oven and cover with hot plates are bought separately in different stores, so as to combine techniques, that it in harmony with each other, problematically. Even small details - the handle or frame - spoil the design ideas.
  2. cost of. Kitchen appliances are cheaper, than this same technique alone. Therefore, this option is suitable for those, a tight budget.

When purchasing such equipment, consider, it is sold in the following configurations:

Technology helps people

Often found in stores duo from the electric oven and gas cookers. Find sensitive devices, working exclusively on gas, problematically, but probably. However, in this case, better to give preference to the separate kitchen appliances, which are easier to find in stores.

It is worth noting, sometimes one oven to offer two or three editorial boards, allowing you to choose the right. But in that case carefully check the compatibility of the chosen technology, since consultants are not always dealt with in this issue.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen
Choose a technique where the most experienced sellers

Dimensions for the built-in appliances

Complete sets of built-in appliances for the kitchen have certain dimensions, under which adapts to kitchen:

  • Height pedestals - not less than sixty centimeters and more than eighty-five centimeters. The exact figure depends on the individual preferences and your chosen model.
  • Depth countertops for kitchen bollards - at least sixty centimeters. You do not need to worry about the furniture size, if you buy it ready-made stores, as these standard sizes.
  • The width of the cabinet usually 568 millimeters or 868 mm.

Council: If you plan to make furniture yourself or order it in the cabin, the pre-buy all kitchen appliances. Otherwise, you have to choose the technique, based on the dimensions of the headset.

When choosing furniture it is important to take into account, which technology will be embedded. Usually staffed kitchen:

  • fridge and microwave.
  • Ovens and cooktops and special extracts.
  • dishwasher.
  • food processor.

Dimensions of the oven is built
Do not miss with the size

Sometimes the kitchen set and a washing machine, if space permits. Necessary kitchen equipment, which is built into the furniture, It depends on the specific needs of the family:

  1. If you spend in the kitchen and rarely cook the food a little time, the equipment in the kitchen is set at a minimum - the hob Siemens, fridge, microwave and electric kettle.
  2. Standard set, which selects the majority of families - a refrigerator, Siemens oven, hob and microwave bake, electric kettle and food processor.
  3. If you can afford it and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then choose the premium packaging. Here there is also a standard technique, and dishwasher, coffee maker, Scales, and TV.

Choose the models of kitchen furniture, are not capricious in care. Otherwise it is necessary to spend a lot of time and money on cleaning the hob and fridge.

Equipment for Siemens kitchen

We should also consider the rules of selection of each unit. Firstly, note on the fridge. This kind of technique, if it is embedded in the kitchen, do not choose the appearance, but it is important to take into account other points:

  • Convenience. Shelves and drawers in the refrigerator should be functional and easily accessible.
  • dimensions. refrigerator dimensions directly depend on your needs - number of family members and the amount of food, that you are used to store a time.
  • freezer. If you prefer to keep food frozen in large volumes, then pay attention to the size of the freezer.
  • Dishwasher - is not the main inhabitant of the kitchen, but many can not do without it. This device is not necessarily embedded in the kitchen, but this embodiment is different aesthetics, because the front panel is hidden from the eyes of the kitchen facade.

Dimensions Integrated dishwasher
The dishwasher must clearly fit into the space allotted for it

It is not necessary to install a dishwasher, If you have a small family, and you rarely arrange a dinner party. A small amount of dishwashing easier to wash their own hands, you load into the machine. Besides, care of this technique entails additional costs.

Control Panel

If you have chosen dependent Kitchen Appliances, it is important to get acquainted with the control center, since it has its own characteristics:

  1. All the devices for adjustment are located on the oven, a hob devoid controls. Independent oven is equipped with a power control most of the oven.
  2. When selecting equipment pay attention to the type of controller. Variant with smooth switching temperature is more expensive solution, and low-end models are not equipped with continuously variable.
  3. Vitroceramic plate is equipped with additional sensors, which represent the temperature, power and state elements.

Pay attention to the additional features, which are often equipped with cooktops and ovens:

  • Built-in ovens are sometimes equipped with such functions, as a grill and convection, which will prepare a variety of dishes.
  • Some cooktops are in sleep mode, when you remove the dishes from the heat, and again included only, when tableware is returned.
  • In expensive models have the option to save the order of actions. The hob itself regulates the temperature of the selected dishes.

Built-in coffee machine Siemens
expensive - Siemens coffee machine, but pleasant fun

  • Automatic shut-off oven, if you forget to do this.
  • Dear cooktops are able to maintain the dish in hot condition for some time, without subjecting it to overheat.
  • there are models, which are equipped with this function, as the adjustment of heating depending on the size of dishes. This will save electricity, as the hotplate is not heated completely, but only exclusively under the pan or frying pan.

Choosing the appliances in the kitchen, many are interested in the question, which is better - gas or electric oven. It is therefore important to consider the main points:

Built in appliances for the kitchen

  • heating uniformity. In gas ovens often there are wide temperature variations in the 20-40 degrees, that may ultimately affect the quality of the cooked food. Oven devoid of this shortcoming and to cook it much more convenient, since the air is heated uniformly.
  • economy. With this point, everything is simple - gas is cheaper than electricity, so cook on gas profitable.
  • Functionality. Gas ovens are equipped with a minimal set of functions - temperature control and convection. Sometimes there is a timer and grill. Electric oven has also such features, how turbogril, defrost foods, self-cleaning, for the preparation of popular dishes Program.

Integrated Home Appliances

That you make the right choice, Read more with the four important recommendations:

  1. Be sure to check the integrity of the equipment in shop. Require special attention glass panels.
  2. Decide pictures, examining the advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic hob attractive appearance, a steel taxing care and endures contact with household cleaning.
  3. Pay attention to additional features. You should not rely solely on the value of the goods, because some of the functions you, possibly, Not needed.
  4. Think in advance, where you set the equipment. It is better to draw up a detailed plan, that in the future not face serious problems.

If you do not know, how to build the hob or in the oven set, then choose a common technique.


As you can see, choose the right built-in appliances for the kitchen is not so easy. It is important to take into account the appearance and additional functionality. If you are afraid to make a mistake, refer to the people who know, help you choose the built in electric oven, or gas hob.