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6 benefits and 4 lack of built-in kitchen furniture

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For each family kitchen - it is special place in the house or apartment. In the kitchen, put into practice the culinary delights, so it is important that it is practical and comfortable. choosing headsets, we rarely think about it. Most often we are interested in the aesthetic aspect. but in vain. The kitchen should be comfortable and multi-functional, and only if it wants to cook and spend most of their time. Built-in furniture Kitchen looks integrally with the interior.

Built-in kitchen furniture

Today, very popular recessed kitchen. Under this concept is understood in kitchen, able to organically accommodate all appliances. In other words, cooking Appliances located in designated areas in the headset, which creates the impression of built. It does not stand out from the general level due to integration. With this kitchen becomes more convenient, and the space increases.


Built-in kitchen is popularly often called architectural. They look attractive and unobtrusive. Working on a kitchen, It does not create a sense of "surplus" equipment, since they are organically integrated in the main headsets.

Built-in kitchen furniture

Today, headsets are sold various sets. They differ in design, color and set of instruments. But apart from this, each headset has:

  1. Recessed oven.
  2. Fridge.
  3. Plate.
  4. Machine wash dishes.
  5. extract.
  6. Washer.

Built-in kitchen
Any technique can be hidden in headsets

Without this minimum set in the kitchen can not do. But for many this is not enough, therefore this technique is further inserted:

  • Food processor.
  • Built-in microwave oven.
  • deep-fry.
  • Machine for cooking with coffee.
  • chest.
  • toaster.

kitchen furniture

This is not a definitive list. Number of built-in appliances are not limited to. It all depends on the wishes of the person and his needs.

Built-in appliances Kitchen is located around the headset. Fridge, washing machines and other heavy machinery is placed in the bottom row. And such things, as the built-in microwave, TV or coffee can be placed on the upper shelves. The location depends on the weight of the subject and its use needs.

Built-in appliances for the kitchen frees up space, efficient use of space. It looks elegant and stylish.

Kitchen with integrated appliances can accommodate all the necessary cabinets and countertops. misconception, that built-in kitchen is not functional. At the request of a set sliding tables fit, employees working surfaces, Cupboards, additional built-in oven, Cabinets and shelves.

Variety of built-in suite

Built-in kitchen corner
Corner option will save space and will be very practical

Architectural food is good, that the built-in appliances for the kitchen is not "thrown" into the eyes. Such dishes are comfortable in small spaces, and in large rooms. Depending on the area selected and the type of headset:

  1. Angular.
  2. Single Row.
  3. distichous.
  4. Rounded.

kitchen with built-in furniture

Corner suite looks organically united in the kitchen - living room. But they are also suitable for small spaces. In such constructions the cupboards are accommodated in the top corner region, and below the sink. The main built in household appliances for the kitchen is located on both sides of the symmetry.

Single Row headset comfortable for large rooms. This kitchen with integrated appliances allows you to expand the dining area. Washing is located in the middle of the structure, fridge and cupboard built on the sides of the oven. These two things can not be put side by side. At work, they interfere with each other: oven radiates heat, so the fridge to work harder, and vice versa.

In double-row headsets refrigerator or freezer is placed parallel to the washing and cooking surface.

Rounded typefaces is the most convenient. But in order, that it was so worth remembering, that the rear design panel should be more 2.5 m., at least a side 1.5 m.

Rounded built-in suite
Rounded stylish design can be combined in any interior

Original design solution - set with an "island". Under the "island" refers to the subject, Employee working or dining place. Such dishes are often installed in large rooms with a view to the space zoning. "The Island" - a design element demarcative, helps to divide the space into zones. Often as "islands" in favor bar. Many "islands" of the model include the presence of an additional pull-tops for cutting products. If necessary, countertop retracted and imperceptible glance. These "islands" to easily accommodate recessed coffeemakers, toasters and other small household appliances.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of built-in furniture:

beautiful built-in kitchen furniture

  1. Uniform equipment. Between subjects design no gaps and clearances.
  2. Replacing the standard gas or electric hob for cookers. This is a huge plus. Not everyone enjoys ovens, so this space is used as desired.
  3. design solution. Built-in furniture is made to order. Therefore, clearly fits into the parameters and design of the room. A properly chosen built-in appliances in the kitchen complements the interior style.
  4. Attractive appearance. Equipment and furniture, located on one level it looks perfect.
  5. Convenience. This applies to both cooking, and cleaning or washing furniture. The gap does not get dirty, You do not have to lift furniture for built-in appliances for cleaning the floor, moving the microwave and more.
  6. Kitchen built-in appliances for ergonomic. Not cluttered household appliances space, It allows a comfortable and relaxing to cook. A rational distribution of equipment saves time.

built-in suite
Household appliances and furniture - an organic whole

To avoid disappointment on such a headset all the details on the placement and planning thought out in advance, because then they will not change.


  1. Move the appliance to another location will not work in case of desire. So the empty space left in the furniture.
  2. Such headsets and built-in appliances are expensive. Their cost is higher than usual kitchen furniture, so let them buy a can each.
  3. Built-in kitchen furniture is difficult to give in repair work. In case of breakage of one of the designs have to unscrew to replace half of the headset. A built-in desks will have to unscrew to replace the broken kitchen appliances and shelves.
  4. Difficulty in replacing the similar structure of the subject. In case of breakage "details" of furniture will have to replace it with a similar item. Replacement will have to do in order based on the design parameters.

Buying built in furniture

There are two ways to become the owner of the built-in headset:

  1. Order manufacturing furniture to order based on the size premises and wishes.
  2. Buy a standard set.

Fitted kitchen
Order or ready version - you decide

If the furniture to order all clear, then when you buy a standard headset pay attention to:

  • No need to buy separately furniture and appliances. The latter may not be suitable in size. Before selecting measuring equipment parameters and compare them with niches in furniture.
  • We determine the necessary appliances.
  • Pick up the equipment in accordance with the design of the headset. Colorful Technology and textured headsets do not look very harmonious, so it is advisable to select devices in one color.

In the manufacture of furniture to order should take into account not only the conditions of the room, but also other aspects. Here are some tips, that will help you properly design built-in furniture.

beautiful kitchen


  1. Between the cooking surface and the condenser installed extra countertop.
  2. For convenience, the upper cabinets mounted microwave and oven, and in the lower washer.
  3. Place oven is located at eye level.

When choosing a headset take into account the number of guests in the family and involves a process of. Clearly define the target destination of each of the domestic appliances.


Acquire "ready" built-in kitchen is not necessary. It is better to order. So a person will be able to determine the size of future Headset, choose the color and design, pick up equipment and to harmoniously combine finishing room with built-in furniture.


For built-in furniture is better to choose an electric hob. So reducing the risk of melting the next table tops.