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Kitchen column-foam interior: Secrets mini warehouse

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Kitchen - a room, in which a woman spends a lot of time. Therefore, it is the desire - to create maximum comfort, comfort and convenience in the arrangement of furniture. Prerequisite arrangement of space is the creation of the free movement area. Bulky volume furniture can stand in kitchens with large areas. Most often it is a house with individual layout construction. Most of the standard apartments have large kitchen areas. For them, the ideal option would be compact, multifunctional furniture. This includes cooking column-case .

Kitchen column-case
Column-case - a great option for convenient storage of kitchen utensils

Wardrobe column

Wardrobe case for the kitchen in a different column called. The furniture is made and offered for sale of different types of.

The most common distinction - the number of doors:

  • single leaf;
  • bivalve. Such kitchen cabinets column may have a symmetrical arrangement dverok, and can vary in their number and size. Originally looks staggered arrangement of niches.

Another option - the mechanism of closing doors:

  • normal, swing;
  • sliding;

Racks for convenient storage compartment, metal tableware: pans, pan, buckets.

Drawer column pencil in the kitchen
Pull-out shelf is good, which is part of the headset neotmlemoy, which means it is in style with basic furniture

Another difference canisters - the material manufacturing.

  • The most durable option - natural wood. This road, but practical choice;
  • Loudspeakers for the kitchen made of MDF. Material relates to budget, with a neat kitchen operation pencil will last long enough. It is important to check the methods and mechanisms for securing doors, walls and shelves;
  • Foam on the cuisine of chipboard. When selecting such a material it is necessary to consider extra stiffeners, to support the weight of a niche kitchen utensils and appliances.

Design changes and design doors:

  • closed;
  • open;
  • glass.

A container for kitchen column with original decorated doors completely changes the type of headset. Behind closed doors dense facades can hide kitchenware and housewares. For glass doors - put beautiful objects, interesting things: tea sets, sets of commemorative mugs and wine glasses. On the glass door a clock.

A separate type of furniture - corner. Outdoor cooking container for a food rises in space, which often remains untapped, empty.

Outdoor kitchen case for the kitchen
Floor-standing kitchen island pencil often serves to create a dining table

In addition to providing hostess new tanks, he will make a stylish kitchen, change room. Design Corner cabinet canister allows you to set swivel shelves, rotating boxes. the, it is rarely necessary, will go into the kitchen column, other items will be located near.

A special place is occupied by furniture pencil case with a built-in appliances. The development of various equipment complicates the design of kitchen sets. many people want to, to the kitchen had everything.

Council: make a narrow pencil case cupboard, which will help solve this problem. Location dishwasher possible at the bottom of the canister. And the facade remains Furniture, he becomes the door of the kitchen assistant. You do not have to touch the door machinery, then remove the furniture front, a technique harmoniously set as part of a kit.

Often housewives bought cupboard under the oven is built. The bulk bulky equipment harmoniously joins the suite, becoming a part. Clearance is performed by the client. Pencil case under the oven may have an open niche, able to close the oven door furniture.

technique, built-in kitchen with a pencil case, just pick up in a single color.

Kitchen set
Kitchen set to be part of the overall design

What are cupboards

Tasks, are able to perform to the kitchen cabinet pencil case, diverse:

  1. storage of utensils. Wardrobe case with shelves for kitchen allows you to conveniently place the cookware sets. Additional sets for guests, not used constantly, will be accessible. And in the column of shelves for dishes in the kitchen can be as, as required mistress. They can be installed (change) height and other dimensions of dishes.
  2. Storage Appliance. Gradually, in the economy increases the number of necessary equipment: electric and hand-held devices. Not all of them are set statically, for permanent use. Part of it is rarely necessary: before the holidays, solemn event. They are convenient to be located in the pencil case. Most often, the hostess left them in sales packages,. They are compact stand on the shelf of a kitchen cabinet, if necessary, are removed and are used. Meat Grinder, juicer, Blender will not disturb kitchen design, hidden, but at the right time there will be on hand at the mistress. In the manufacture of flooring for the kitchen cabinet speakers to order, calculate in advance, what equipment will be located in the pencil case. Picks up a niche for coffee makers, microwave ovens and other, commonly used devices. They do not interfere, do not take up extra space on the table. wires and electrical outlets disappear in the depths of the furniture.
  3. storage preservation, food. In the lower parts of the canister is convenient to arrange the narrow niche withdrawable Bottle. This may be a wine bar, ordinary liquid for sushi, various oils and spices. Pencil saves space in the fridge.
  4. Storage sanitary care products for the kitchen. Do zealous hostess always accumulates a large amount of dishwashing detergents, countertops, instruments, wash. All of them can be hidden in the bottom of the narrow part of the canister, thought through this narrow or box or a separate compartment. There will lie neatly wipes, towels, aprons.
  5. Closure pipes and other plumbing devices. Cabinet height from floor to ceiling allows to hide therein pipe, passing through the wall, counters (eg, Appliance gas sensor). This embodiment is possible due to a partial lack of the necessary places of the rear wall. Pencil allows you to keep a uniform style kitchen, hide all eyeliner and other necessary technical equipment.

Kitchen case with storage system
traveled as a shelf storage system is suitable

Dimensions of kitchen canisters

The main advantage is the size of the furniture. It can be optimally narrow in depth, and width. Original furniture design saves floor space. By internal shelves narrow pencil case closet to the kitchen roomy enough. Dimensions are selected to the size of the room. Packaging - the easiest way to change the look of kitchen furniture sets. they are narrow, so they can create harmony within the entire set. The main thing to consider combining the harmony of all the details in one complex.

Interior design in small kitchens

The classic version of the location-canisters cabinets - on the edges of the kit. If you set the corner, the foam becomes more and corner cabinet. Initially, the columns were the source module, begins and ends with a set of. Today, the approach of designers changed. Strict alignment of cabinets in depth and height leaves.

Council: order foam height, that does not match a kitchen set. Then it will increase the amount of illusion in all areas and put more kitchen utensils.

When the canisters are located in the window, the height of the cabinet pull the window surface. Will increase the space lighting. Sometimes the cupboards go deep into the headset, has just set. Another option, when the foam acts as the general device and installation of furniture. Modern trends are moving away from flat cabinets, stretched in a line with identical dimensions in depth and height. Steel common variants of boxes of different depths. for example, lower part coincides with the countertop size, and the top is much narrower, equal to the upper hinged structure.

For small rooms is offered original Design kitchen furniture, where several cabinets, canisters. They operate in a single color background or with a contrasting color. Designers are advised when ordering canisters, consider their functionality in advance. Then it becomes clear, what size do open niche in the closet, many closed compartments required.


Kuhonnыy Penal - versatile and unusual. It will be the cost-effective solution for small apartments, When every centimeter of space. variety of items, products and technology will find its place among the cabinets and a set of cells. small kitchen space will be comfortable, original design in the style of the entire set will add beauty to interior design. You can buy a pencil case separately, put on a facade fotoplenku, then it will be even and original decoration.

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