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5 real advice on the design of kitchen units

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kitchen - this place, where every woman spends a lot of time. That's where the whole family, there are quiet evenings in a small circle of close friends. Therefore, the requirements to the situation in this room the highest: convenience, functionality, beauty.

Very chic version of the headset

Tips for kitchen design, that fit all

first, what reflects the hostess - a general stylistic orientation flat, Design kitchen furniture. The kitchen should please the eye. The market offers headsets and accessories, seasoned in a variety of styles. Consider the most common ones.

  1. Nouveau - a popular modern style. Among its distinctive features - simplicity, elegance, smooth lines. it unusual kitchen sets bright colors and unusual geometric forms.
  2. Classical interior selected hostess, who value comfort and do not forget about status. Tree, thread, gilding, bright pastel colors - signs of this style.
  3. Kitchen in the style of Provence - tender, comfortable, full of pleasant trifles. Furniture processed antique, patterned tiles, textiles with floral prints.
  4. Country - a simple and a bit rough style. High-quality furniture, natural materials, unpainted wood.
  5. Minimalism - simplicity in everything. Strict geometric shapes and restrained colors, at least bright accents.
  6. Hi-tech - a look into the future. glossy surface, the abundance of metal parts. The color scheme of strict, but with bright elements.

But sustained style - not a guarantee of success. The kitchen is sure to be comfortable. This is achieved by thoughtful arrangement of lockers, working surfaces and utensils.

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style
Style should be kept in all elements of the room

Location in space

Kitchen in modern apartments can be divided into 2 type - small and very small. How to fit in the limited space of the dining and working area? Plate, a sink and a refrigerator are so-called working triangle. The distance between these zones should be minimal. Therefore, the corner kitchen - this is an option, allowing optimum use space of the room.

Contemporary design of the angular kitchen units efficiently uses the kitchen corner. Located in the corner of the sink is compact, and it allows you to make the countertop already and save space. This option will help even in a small kitchen place convenient dvuchashevuyu washer and dryer.

Expansion of the working zone

A popular solution - use the window sill. His expanded and used as a dining table. The design is usually fixed, but there may be foldable and retractable options.

Another solution - the transformation of the sill to the working surface. Installation of sinks. If the window located high, some of it can make the bar, and if low - window sills bench.

Order the expansion of the sill can be the master. But if you decide to do it yourself, then consider some nuances. Wide window sill might need backup, and if under the window located Battery, the worktop necessary ventilation openings.

In kitchen with a window sill
Option with the windowsill considered yaochen popular

Compact - our all

Furniture for a small kitchen must be compact. But this is not necessarily achieved by reducing tables, chairs, narrowing countertops. On the hosts come to help manufacturers, issuing convertible furniture and built-in appliances.

Dining table slides into the kitchen, freeing up the necessary space. Bought folding chairs.

The modern design of the kitchen units is to use built-in appliances. For these purposes, the lockers are equipped with all kinds of racks, shelves. Built not only on large appliances - washing machines and dishwashers, oven, but and Microwaves, Multivarki, Food processors. For appliance provides access to a power outlet.

Reisling - a convenient and beautiful

push the drawer, take a shovel, push the box ... Unnecessary movements easily avoided, if you use the vertical or horizontal railing.

This metal tube, is located above the working surface. By means of special fasteners attached to it a lot of kitchen accessories:

  • knives and spoons, portioned, shoulder blades, şumovki, scissors;
  • shelves with spices;
  • cookbook;
  • potholders and towels;
  • Tossed, colanders, pans;
  • Deep stewing pans, small pots, cover.

kitchen railing
Appliances and kitchen tools must also be stationed in an appropriate style

Visual effects

With some design techniques can visually enlarge the room.

  1. Small rooms do not tolerate clutter. If you do not want, that the kitchen looked like a storage room, then turn down to a minimum number of open mounted shelves.
  2. Prefer not to squat wide things, and elements, skyrocketing.
  3. Strict laconic façade expand room. No fine pattern and ornament.
  4. Cooktop with two burners frees work area.
  5. Microwave hide in a cupboard or hang it on the wall.
  6. Light colors visually expand the kitchen, and thanks to the bright accent she will not resemble a hospital ward.
  7. Foldable or outward opening door frees space.
  8. The mirror will give more light. Horizontal will make the room wider, and vertical - above.
  9. Discard the massive chandeliers to spotlights.
  10. Diagonal tiling light colors will also increase the space.

Custom-made furniture

Design kitchen furniture - a popular service. Ordering furniture on a special project, You can realize all the ideas and fantasies. If the kitchen is small or non-standard layout, then no individually-calculated plan and does not do.

buyers usually deters the high price. Custom furniture can cost the same, how and factory, but the difference is small.


Now you know, how to use simple techniques to make a comfortable kitchen, save and visually expand the space.