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How to equip a small kitchen: 10 design secrets

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Every housewife dreams of a spacious kitchen, where there is a place for the necessary utensils, household appliances, comfortable furniture. But reality dictates its own terms, providing us with 5-7 m2. As in such conditions make the interior both beautiful and functional? complex problem, but solvable, if you know some of the design tricks, allowing to rationally organize a small space.

luxury kitchen
Small room - this is an opportunity to work your imagination

cardinal redevelopment

A simple and effective way to turn a close the kitchen in a spacious room for cooking and eating - it's not a visual extension of the space, and real. And this is done by means of total or partial demolition of walls between the kitchen and adjoining bathroom.

small kitchen

In this case, the space is zoned, Using interesting solutions for small kitchen:

  • separation cooking zone by using the bar or Peninsula with fitted cupboards;
  • choice of lightweight shelving for the border zone living room-kitchen;
  • the division of space thanks to the flooring and the color scheme;
  • use of kitchenette, placed on the border living room and kitchen;
  • practical solution would be sliding partition;
  • zoning function is performed architectural elements: columns or beams.

combining space, use non-standard solutions for a small kitchen. Just create an arch between rooms, without removing the partition.

Council! Before the demolition of the walls do not forget to get permission to redevelop the organization concerned.

bright kitchen

Choosing the right furniture

Before you choose a ready-made solutions for the kitchen, consider, that obtained as a result of space must combine functionality and convenience. Pieces of furniture and equipment should be in place and does not interfere with.

The main factor, allowing you to select the correct solution of the interior - it's the size of the room. Before buying furniture you should clearly understand, that place where. So the first step to, to realize the unusual design solutions, It becomes a thorough measurement of the width of the walls and ceiling heights, distances to the door and window openings.

How to Put-in kitchen

Having carefully considered the size of the room, be engaged in planning. With the vast amount of information available without any problems to do it yourself. Shops and salons offer cuisine options, ready to satisfy the most discerning buyer. There are even so unusual cuisine, the design of which is surprising the unprepared buyer. If you are not confident in their abilities and want to have the original solution for a small kitchen - contact a professional designer.

small kitchen improvement

For a small space, there are not too many options on, how to pick a good location kitchen units. Island or double-row method clearly does not fit. So we have to choose from three variations: linear, L-shaped or U-shaped interior solution.

  1. If you allow the dimensions of the room, the layout of the furniture along one wall looks better. The space expands, and creates a complete dining area. Kitchen sets for the small dishes to such a method of arrangement the designers often choose.
  2. When the L-shaped version is an important factor - make full use of the corner space. Unusual solutions in the interior suggest placement in a corner sink. For corner cabinets manufacturers, whose priority - nonstandard furniture, offer convenient retractable shelves.
  3. Much less as a solution for a small kitchen is found to use a U-shaped headset accommodation, since this variation takes the extra space. However, if we use such interesting solutions in the interior, as a shell window, you get an acceptable and innovative option.

small kitchen

The right solution for the triangle

If you choose to unusual cuisine, original versions, it is necessary to take into account the important point. For convenience, the hostess, and the functionality of the room three elements: washing, refrigerator and cooktop, arranged in a triangle shape.

  • Rectilinear method involves the installation of the cooking hob and washing on the same horizontal. At the same place for a refrigerator choose from that wall, where the front door is located.
  • Fancy kitchen with L-shaped placing headset suggest the only possible position of the refrigerator - the opposite wall, though it is not the most convenient option.
  • The last of the possible variations, in the form of the letter "P", It allows you to choose how the triangle layout. Fitted hob middle dictates placement remaining two elements opposite to each other. When placing the shell window stove and refrigerator will be placed along one wall. When the angular position of cleaning the refrigerator and cooktop as close as you want.

The difficulties with the placement of furniture only are pushing fantasy. They encourage reinvent the design of the kitchen, interior whose decisions are sometimes the most incredible forms.

Council! Giving space to creativity note, that the transformation of the triangle in the line - this is not the best option from a functional point of view.

Small red and white kitchen

The secrets of creating a kitchen interior

Create both practical and interesting solutions for kitchen help knowing a few secrets.

  1. Fully use the angular space, placing wardrobes or corresponding configuration is equipped with retractable shelves.
  2. Original small kitchen will benefit from the use of the sill as the additional working surface.
  3. Provide storage for dishes and kitchen utensils drawers. Book a table unusual for a small kitchen, where these boxes will fill the space under the sink.beautiful little kitchen
  4. The upper part of the headset must occupy the entire height of the ceiling, to avoid missing any one centimeter usable space. Besides, This solution will raise the ceiling, visually increase the volume of the room.
  5. facade shade chosen in the color of the walls. This method hides the massive furniture. With this solution, one may choose a deep and rich colors, even for a small kitchen.
  6. Glazing doors make furniture easier, a kitchen - spacious. However, in the cabinets must be order, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. They serve the same purpose, and open shelves. Such solutions for the kitchen Add Room of lightness and freedom.
  7. Glossy surfaces reflect light facades, and unusual small kitchen is spacious.yellow suite
  8. Dining Sets and other furniture for a small space, choose an easy and graceful: table with glass top, plastic chairs with thin legs, elegant bar stools.
  9. Folding tables and chairs, as well as other multi-functional items such as mobile coffee table for intimate kitchens are particularly relevant.
  10. Do not choose headsets, decorative elements. Your option - a simple interior of the kitchen, concise and elegant shape, devoid of intricate decorations.

Color in the interior of the small and very small kitchen

Color solution for a small kitchen - the most important factor after the arrangement of furniture, affecting the perception of space. Correctly chosen colors for the kitchen will make even tiny room visually lighter and more spacious.

practical small kitchen

  • Choose furniture and walls bright calm colors: beige, light gray, hourglass, creamy white. They reflect light and expand space.
  • Prefer monochrome, adding bright accents with accessories.
  • Cozy dark kitchen will warm golden-beige tones, complemented by an orange or green.
  • Sunny room looks spacious and light, when it performed in cool white and light gray shades.
  • Unusual and fresh look pale lilac or blue-gray kitchen.
  • For tiny kuhonek contraindicated in dark colors, inappropriate contrasting combinations shades. They are visually narrow space. But the bright and stylish accessories will decorate and enliven the space.

Khrushchev in the kitchen

Make kitchen space much as possible with the right design of the vertical parts: wall, curtains, facades.

  • The longitudinal drawing to visually lift the ceiling.
  • Transverse stripes make the room visually wider. However, this technique only use in kitchens with high altitude.
  • If desired, make a wall with patterned wallpaper and do not choose a tile with a large and bright ornaments. Stay embodiment with a fine pattern unobtrusive. A better solution for cramped kitchens - plain walls.

small cozy kitchen

Original light combination

To a small kitchen look spacious and bright, it is important to the harmonious combination of several components. An important element of the interior - a light script.

You should use daylight, without closing the window is too dense or heavy drapes.

Comfort room give various combinations of lamps:

  • expressive lamp over dining group and lights cabinets;
  • central lighting and LED perimeter lighting;
  • Ceiling spots in combination with illumination of the working zone;
  • Hidden LED ceiling lights, complete with original sconces on the walls.

Council! The principle of selection of lighting - design simplicity. Ornate and massive chandeliers and sconces look in a small space is cumbersome and inappropriate.

brown kitchen
Make a cozy kitchen - this is the most important task

helpful, interesting, custom, original and unusual recommendations for design

At the organization of close kitchen space a few tricks save extra centimeters.

  • Expand the space will help mirror, placed in front of the window and on the wall above the table.
  • Glossy tiles of light shades on the apron or to the floor covering reflects the light, making the kitchen bright and spacious. Additional broadening effect makes use of a contrasting color in the form of diagonal bands.small kitchen in bright colors
  • Swing door, and even opening into the room, conceals part of the premises. Replacing its folding or sliding one, curtain or arch, you will free additional space.
  • Use the space between the upper and lower tiers of the cabinets to accommodate railing. This method allows you to place a significant part of kitchen utensils, freeing shelves and drawers.
  • Extra work surface can be obtained, placing over the sink cutting board.

Make a beautiful kitchen!