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Kitchen color scheme affects your mood: successful combination of secrets

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since repair, you are primarily determined by the fact, some want to see the room. Define the overall concept and color cuisine solution. When the design of the room is taken into account its specificity. In this case - it's cooking. Therefore, the premises are in the production.

color kitchen
The correct choice of color will emphasize the selected style and the general atmosphere of the house

suitable colors for the kitchen decorated in natural colors. They will create a harmonious space, aesthetically pleasing and contributes to the realization of its functions.

How to choose the right coloring for the kitchen

Personal preferences play a crucial role not choosing. Evaluate the color gamut on the basis of its practical and functional qualities. note, that the dominant color should not be too annoying and aggressive. For saturated and bright colors accents suitable role, that complement the overall style of the room, give it an individual character.

Color kitchen solution

Interior mood determines the color of sex decision, walls and ceiling. Dominant colors affect the mood of the person and his health. The comfort of the room depends on the colors of psychological stress, in which it is drawn up. Therefore, when choosing the composition of the family is taken into account, the rhythm of life of residents, room size and its level of illumination.

note, the different shades of color can completely change their impact on the interior. Soft light green color, suitable for "stay warm" room, as beige supplement Cold range.

orange kitchen
Kitchen with orange flavor, filled with the illusion of light and the sun at any time of day

Young and energetic people, that the kitchen spend a minimum of time, choose bright colors in the interior. They prefer the modern style with glossy surfaces, chrome accents and contrasting combinations. This design charges cheerfulness, It adjusts to the movement. However, for a long time, Spent this kitchen, weary residents.

Calm and reasonable person prefer to make out the interior with natural colors and materials. He emphasizes the solidity of the hosts, creates soothing atmosphere.

room size

Choosing a color kitchen solutions largely depends on the room size. This is due to the influence of hues on the visual perception of space. Create a harmonious interior will allow a few rules:

beautiful kitchen

  1. The tiny room is inappropriate to use the dark tones and bright colors. They will create a depressing effect, overloading the interior.
  2. Harmonious look in a room pastels and bright colors. This will enable visually expand the boundaries of space and make it easy and elegant.
  3. A good addition to the color gamut of the premises will be items made of wood or materials imitating his. They will add to the interior comfort and warmth. In this comfortable kitchen and cook a family dinner, host, and chat over a cup of tea.
  4. But for large rooms, conversely, pick dark colors. Rich colors make the interior a dynamic and lively. Excessive use of cool colors in this room looks faceless and sterile.
  5. Design solutions for this size kitchens include a conditional division of space into zones. For dining part fit soft shades, more items of decor and textiles.

blue kitchen
Blue color visually expands the space and gives ease

Form premises

Another aspect, taken into account in the selection of colors - a form of premises. The presence of niches and architectural excesses greatly complicates the process. The best option for registration is considered to be a square room. It allows you to translate any design, use a variety of colors and materials.

When making combination use of rectangular Improvement dominant colors, to visually divide the space. combination of identical colors suitable for narrow rooms, to avoid crushing experience in the kitchen.

yellow kitchen

combinations: the best colors and combinations in the interior of modern dining room

It is very important to choose the right combination of colors for the kitchen. To do this, go and shades of one scale, and contrast. Plain room looks boring and monotonous. To smooth out the effect of combining light and dark shades, add accents, using interesting furniture, decoration, textile.

beautiful color cuisine solution

Designers used for decoration of kitchens and combination of opposite character colors. To do this, implement them in a variety of interior elements:

  • Against the dark walls or tiles harmoniously looks bright kitchen, bright furniture;
  • Furniture in soothing colors and dark suit to complement light walls;
  • Set neutral hues accentuate wall decoration. Due to this, the focus is on the wallpaper with a pattern or design;

In the interior look for natural colors - a perfect solution of the walls in the kitchen. They create a cozy atmosphere, which comfortably spend time.

spacious kitchen
The choice of colors for this kitchen, emphasize various combinations

The psychological effect on the design of the walls in a small kitchen

shades, used for interior decoration, have different psychological effects. Depending on the color intensity, and its amount is increased in the interior and the degree of its impact. Therefore, designers are not recommended to abuse the bright colors in the design space. Preference is given to the natural color gamut.

The choice depends on the nature of the premises, his style. If the room is provided bright objects, they should be diluted with matt surfaces in light colors. This will give the room elegance and harmony, maintain a balance between saturated and pale colors.

cozy kitchen coloring

The choice of material and the creation of color: options with the wallpaper and not only

Picking colors, you can go to content. In practice, this step is not always easy to implement, as the production of standardized furniture, and find the desired hue or texture on the headset is not so easy. Therefore, when developing the overall concept adhere to a set of rules:

  • Determine in advance the type of household appliances and its design;
  • Choose a kitchen set the desired color prior to repair, as this may cause some difficulties;original food coloring
  • Clever design dining group and other furniture in advance;
  • Floor space consist of rigid, water resistant material. Their color is selected for one - two shades darker, than on the walls;
  • Focus on the colors available, since rare shades difficult to implement and furniture, and construction materials.

To assess in advance the design of the room and work out the details, use special software. They allow us to estimate the future and replace the failed moments before the start of repair.

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