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dining group: the secrets of the correct choice of kitchen furniture

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Kitchen - an important place in an apartment or a house. In this room is going to the family for food intake, discussed news, and the food is cooked. Therefore, the interior of the room should inspire. Creating a room design needs to be clear to plan the location of all piece of furniture, because they are important, not least of kitchen units. And special attention should be paid to the dining room group.

Dinner Zone
Dining oak original looks in the kitchen

Eating set for the kitchen - a set of furniture, intended for eating. In other words,dining group for the kitchen - a table and chairs, which serves as an alternative to couch.

Composition of the group

Dining group for the kitchen

Dining group consists of:

  • table.
  • chairs.
  • stools.
  • sofas.

Dining Sets Kitchen made of different materials, They have different designs and colors. But one thing unites them - they serve as a dining area, without which imagine our life very difficult.

styles interior

Today, popular dining groups in a modern style. They fit perfectly into the interior modern style, complement any decoration and are harmoniously combined with new headsets. Set furniture Japanese-style set in the eastern interior. Tables and chairs in high-tech style can help add originality room. They carried the advantage of glass, so look elegant. objects, made of wood, It fits well into a country style, and furniture made of metal and glass favorably emphasizes the color of finishing the interior, because it does not attract attention.

dining group for the kitchen

When you select should take into account the size of the premises and the number of family members.Dining group for small kitchens mean square or rectangular table with chairs or stools. The kitchen small size in order to save space set bar, which simultaneously serves as a work area and dining.

The coincident with kitchen living room looks favorably oval table. Chairs for dining room and kitchen are selected on the basis of the interior space. Combining styles undesirable. Therefore, if the living room is made in the style of the country, and the furniture is chosen corresponding. This style looks organically dimensional table of dark shades, wooden stools for the kitchen with carved patterns on the legs.

regarding the number of, you can note, if space enough, it is best to purchase a group of eight people. In these sets there is a table, can accommodate not only family members, but guests. If necessary, purchase additional dining chairs in case of an event or a holiday with lots of people.

Beautiful furniture
Beautiful furniture, antique chic look in the kitchen


It plays an important role and placement of furniture. When leaning against the wall, you lose two to four seats, so the best option - it is when dining set for the kitchen is located in the center of the space. A good accommodation option in the corner. But in this case it is necessary to take into account, that table with stools for the kitchen is placed at a distance of not less than one meter from the wall. This is the distance you need to sit down at the table comfortably.

To conserve space placed a soft corner. It allows you to "win" a couple of extra seats. In the center of the corner of the table is placed, and chairs are placed around it, which are formed under a bottom or retract as necessary.

Dining group for the modern kitchen

To choose a table for small and large kitchen

But if the chairs and stools are replaced with a seating area, replace the table can not be the subject of other.

Today the tables are sold in different shapes:

  • round.
  • oval.
  • rectangular.

Round devoid of sharp edges, and therefore safe for young children. During a round table fits more people, He looks organically in any design. Design round tables imply the possibility of folding. This advantage allows us to expand it if necessary, and at uselessness gather back. This design saves space.

Furniture for kitchen

Oval aesthetically pleasing look and classically. But they are relevant only in the spacious rooms.

Square - a perfect solution for a small area of ​​the room. this table you can push the wall to save space.

When you select should pay attention to the material. Kitchen group should be in harmony with the set and finish. Otherwise kitchen group Kitchen will stand out from the interior, and not look appealing. If the headset is made in black and white, and the table and chairs, it is desirable to choose these colors.

orange furniture
Orange furniture in classic style is perfect for the kitchen

The choice of chairs: classic and modern variants

When selecting chairs draw attention to aspects such:

  1. Convenience.
  2. Material.
  3. Three-dimensional.
  4. Form legs.
  5. The presence of the backrest.

For small rooms is better not to choose chairs with protruding legs. They take up space and bring inconvenience: for them it is possible to catch or hit. These chairs are not recommended, if the house is small children are present.

The main factor in choosing - convenience. On an uncomfortable chair will not want to sit, will get sick of spin, etc.. Comfortable chair - a chair with a straight back. Availability of armrests is determined at the request of. But it is worth remembering, armrests that interfere with making food.

Chairs in the color space

Stools are suitable for small kitchens. They easily fit under the table, so do not take up much space.

Choosing a kitchen corner

Now sold as cheap dinner groups for the kitchen, and costly. Price depends on configuration, Design and manufacturing of material. Alternative chairs and stools - kitchen corners.

Lunch groups with sofa Kitchen sold complete with table. All items are made in the same design and the same material.

Furniture dark
Furniture of dark color with a beautiful pattern well-suited to light apron

Many people prefer to buy soft corners because of their advantages:

  1. Convenience. In addition to the seats, corners at the bottom there is a box for storing food, cereals or utensils.
  2. roominess. On the corner of freely placed three to five people. This is a great option for apartments, frequented by guests.

In commercially available soft dinner groups with a round table. But this is not the best option. corner design does not allow to move up, a round table will be uncomfortable due to its shape. Therefore it is better to purchase kitchen dining group with a square or rectangular table.

How to make a dining area

stylish dining area

A dining area - an important area. Therefore it is not enough to buy a modern group dining kitchen. They need to draw properly. The beautifully decorated area appetizing, desire to drink tea, or just talk.

She is shown with:

    1. The flooring and walls. Excellent combination - laminate and decorative stone. Travel along the floor or laminate flooring, and the place of eating decorated artificial or natural stone.
    2. household items. They are the decorative pictures, suspension, souvenirs and other.
    3. lighting. Area allocated abundance of lamps and fixtures. The ideal location of furniture - the window. So in the zone gets more daylight, accordingly reduces the need for additional lighting needed.
    4. septa. Dividing elements allow us to zoning. Separate the dining area of ​​the working, It may be false or low partition wall.


Dining group - an important element in the home and interior. It is particularly necessary in small kitchens, because the table, belongs to the group simultaneously can be used as a surface for meal preparation and cooking to the product.