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Kitchen furniture Ikea (IKEA): simplicity and beauty rolled into one

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Everyone at least knows very well about the manufacturer Ikea furniture. kitchen sets this company are very popular in many countries around the world. Manufacturers skillfully combines an attractive appearance with practicality and democratic value of, perfecting the quality of the materials used. Therefore, people from different walks of life are among the furniture company's products, that will suit them in all respects.

Ikea kitchen set
IKEA kitchen meet all requirements of modern life

Kuxni Ikea

Ikea Furniture kitchen has a stylish corporate design, recognizable clients. Many customers like brevity and plainness of form. The main advantage - the functionality, fussy excessive inappropriate in this case. Headsets are made multiple copies of a single standard of quality standards. Difficulties with the assembly of furniture does not arise, since each company makes furniture ensemble detailed instructions for self-installation.

If the client is not satisfied with the finished version, it is possible to order the kitchen to the individual dimensions in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Custom Kitchens are more expensive finished, but perfectly fit into the tiny room. As for the price, the furniture Ikea cuisine considered budget, but selling many models, which are expensive. But the company's shopping centers can be easily found an inexpensive set of high-quality materials.

General information about kitchen ensembles Ikea

Ikea kitchen ensembles presented in 4 rulers: Scandinavian, youth, modern styles and country. Stylistic features differ markedly, but to know the characteristics of the manufacturer is not difficult.

Features furniture in Ikea:

  • Material facades - MDF panels with wood veneer, covered with durable laminating film.
  • The facades are made of frameless technology, but their reliability can be no doubt. For strong fixation using a specially designed system of screws and dowels.
  • Material walls - standard MDF.
  • Fasteners are characterized by high durability and reliability.
  • Material legs - plastic. At first sight, These legs seem too fragile, but can withstand the load actually locker 450-500 kg.
  • Kitchen sets the standard (modules have a width 0,6 m).

Kitchen Scandinavian style
Since the company Scandinavian, respectively, they have a lot of this type of stylistics

Ordering at Ikea

Without haste to order furniture for Ikea kitchens, enjoy the company of the Service. To get started is thoroughly familiar with the catalog of kitchens and choose the suitable to, color and price model. Next - froze kitchen facilities. The site contains detailed instructions, how to do it yourself. Dimensions are recorded in a special form and proceed to the design and planning. The company offers turnkey options "turnkey", wherein all the elements are combined with each other. Included is often a high cabinet with a built-in appliances and storage space for groceries and cooking utensils.

Shopping centers provide companies the opportunity to build a computer model of the desired cuisine at Ikea. The finished project offer accessorize and technical devices Ikea. The advantage of this proposal is, that purchased equipment accessories and fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. You can purchase tables and Ikea chairs, characterized by the simplicity and elegance of form. They fit well in the dining room or in the area for a meal in the kitchen. Folding table Ikea - great for small apartments with quadrature. If necessary, the table laid, folded, it does not take up much space. Tables Ikea bribe customers laconic minimalistic design and durable material. They are equipped in such a way, it is easy to carry out as a function of the dining table, and space for work or leisure.

after the formation of the, confirmation and payment order, the customer receives a kit of parts for the headset. If there is no time to waste on assembly, You can use the services of installers. Ikea Kitchen furniture is designed to be, the buyer, even without special training independently gather the details and install headsets. Ikea kitchen with his hands the assembly did not take long, but save money.

Assembly cuisine Ikea
The idea of ​​the company is easy and simple - to collect the furniture yourself and all succeed

Advantages and disadvantages

Furniture from Ikea has a lot of advantages:

  1. The quality of the materials used.
  2. Reliable and robust hardware, which corresponds to the drilled holes and recesses in the walls and facades.
  3. The harmonious combination of kitchen units, Byttekhnika and accessories of the same firm.
  4. Easy installation. Assembling of furniture from Ikea is performed quickly and easily.
  5. The clarity and precision of size details, their complete coincidence.

The set includes wall cabinets up to the ceiling, which allow a profit to benefit from free centimeters in a small kitchen. Making these cabinets with glass doors visually enlarges the space and makes it easier, make the room spacious and light. Although such cabinets easy to find the desired object, but the contents have to keep in strict order.

Convenience different corner cupboards and cabinets with shelves and drawers, which provide free access to utensils and tableware. The product range has and accessories to store small utensils: roof rails, containers, hooks, trays, holders. They allow you to keep every thing in the place designated for it, facilitate the process of cleaning and unload countertop.

The company provides customers with the opportunity to inexpensively replace the doors of kitchen units other facades. Cash costs are minimal, and updated furniture looks cool and stylish.

Ikea kitchen
Renovation is really a great idea, because they do not have to set a new opkupat

As for the shortcomings Ikea Kitchen, here is to provide:

  1. Simple sleek design. The Art Nouveau style or high-tech these headsets look great, but in the classical interiors look like they are poor and inappropriate.
  2. A typical "recognition". Ready kitchen in Ikea very easy to identify the characteristic features. the, who strives for individuality, originality and self-expression, this solution will not work.
  3. Standard modules and flexible sizes. In small rooms just do not get to place these cabinets and lockers.
  4. Connecting strips for countertops instead end.
  5. The thin edge of the worktop (2 mm), which should be protected from water and moisture. Typically, the work surface in the paste over the edge 4 mm.
  6. Fastening to walls. If necessary, "tightly" screwed to the wall cupboard or cabinet is not so easy to move from place. Between the wall and there is no gap in suite, where hidden communication, and it is very inconvenient. Therefore, kitchen furniture in Ikea difficult to place in a small room with a lot of communication, pipes and protrusions.

Typefaces from the budget collections are 5-6 years old, then worn facades can be easily replaced. If you buy expensive furniture, it will be a long. Therefore, one chooses the best option for himself: spend money once and buy an expensive headset or buy furniture cheaply and from time to time to repair it or update.


For a typical apartment from Ikea kitchens are the perfect solution: demokratichnaya price, quality manufacture and sleek design. In this assembly Ikea kitchen does not take much time.