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Choosing kitchen sets Ikea: secrets producer

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Kitchen - a special place. In this room the family gathers for dinner, and discuss the news. For each family kitchen - it is an integral part of the design. Because in addition to a functional purpose, it should be in harmony with the finish and look presentable. Therefore, the choice of furniture should pay attention to these two factors.

bright kitchen
Furniture in the kitchen white, apron and the wall of orange color with each other in an original looks

Today, you can choose headsets for every taste. Furniture made of various materials. Due to the range you can choose the desired color, Design and concept. Leader in the manufacture of sets is considered IKEA. For many years, this organization produces kitchen sets, developing new models, improves production technology. Furniture for Ikea kitchens in great demand due to the quality and durability.

But despite the wide range of, select the appropriate Ikea kitchen complicated. When selecting people forget, it has to be practical and functional, and then to a beautiful. What to look for, how to choose a kitchen Ikea, prompt article.

Ikea kitchen set


The main priority when choosing - is manufacturing and material costs. Everyone wants to buy a cheap, but high-quality and durable headsets. How expensive, and cheap kitchen in Ikea are made of finely-dispersed fraction (MDF). The main advantage of this material - the strength and moisture resistance.

corner kitchen
Furniture with classic blue handles,kitchen decorated with beautiful hangers for details

When choosing a kitchen in Ikea worth paying attention to the advantages and disadvantages. Only after analyzing the pros and cons, you can make a choice, whether to purchase headsets from this company.


  1. Reliability facades fixing. Company for fixing facades using dowels, which ensure the reliability of mounting, so that the door is not unscrewed and fall away.
  2. Scaffolds made of strong material, thickness 18 mm.
  3. facades. buying ready-made Ikea cuisine, should pay attention, facades that are very light, thereby reducing the risk of detachment from the base facades. Lightweight facades does not affect their quality. Developers have achieved these results thanks to the absence of a framework in the front parts.Furniture for Ikea kitchens
  4. Durability. This applies to sliding mechanisms. Often sliding drawers jammed or broken gear. The company guarantees the quality of the components of the sliding mechanism. It is worth noting, retractable design that are made to order, therefore, they are durable and quality.
  5. smoothness. The doors and drawers do not creak when opening.
  6. Support. Furniture contains about half a ton of weight. Hold a weight allow high legs made of plastic. Plus the use of plastic feet - is the ability to set the furniture on any floor. Unlike metal or wood, legs are not forced parquet, laminate or linoleum.

Gray and white kitchen
Furniture for kitchen, insert in the middle of pink looks unusual

The benefits of true wide range: small, Corner kitchen in Ikea and longitudinal are popular and demand because of the design and even the possibility of installing a small square room.

Before the release of the new model, Furniture tested for impact load capacity and hot temperature. Therefore, buying a headset, you can not worry, it spoiled by the influence of water or exfoliate after contact with the hot surface.

But in addition to the advantages, Ikea furniture kitchen has its drawbacks:

Ikea kitchen

  • If facades made of high-quality fine-dispersion fraction, the rear wall is made of a lower quality MDF, which does not have heat-insulating properties or moisture resistant. Because of this, The material to deteriorate and it is necessary to change.
  • Small lifetime. In this case, it all depends on the price. Cheap Ikea furniture for the kitchen is able to serve more than seven years. In expensive sets minimum service life equals 10-25 years.

How long will "serve" the furniture depends on, how to use it. If you do not exceed the permissible load capacity, regularly cleaned by special means of household chemical goods, do not use abrasives, it "serve" more than the specified service life.

Ikea Furniture

Designs Ikea kitchen sets: Tingsrid corner option for small spaces and other

The company produces furniture, able to satisfy any interior needs. For rooms of small size produced a mini kitchen Ikea. For larger spaces are selected angular headset. The company sells both inexpensive kitchen in Ikea, and costly. Therefore, each person can choose the desired option on the basis of his financial security.

boxes sliding
boxes sliding, very convenient for different things

Cheap Ikea furniture kitchen in appearance is not very different from the expensive models. And this is another plus. The main difference in the price is the quality of materials. But it does not mean, that the low cost of preparing a low-quality. Just off the kitchen is more expensive, longer service life.

Kitchen furniture in Ikea is available in three styles of interior:

  • Scandinavian.
  • Youth.
  • Country.

Therefore, you can buy a headset, to Ikea kitchen interior organically fit into the style of the room.

Ikea kitchen wood

design Benefits:

  1. Cabinets for kitchen Ikea differ simplicity and convenience. Despite the standard forms, Furniture looks classically. Built-in kitchens IKEA have many drawers and wall cabinets, that allows you to "hide" them in a large number of products, glassware and household items.
  2. Fast assembly. Collect facades Ikea kitchen with rear walls of furniture can even novice. Easy to assemble structure caused. Each headset attached assembly instructions, therefore, does not necessarily cause a professional to do.
  3. The range of accessories. In this two-plus: First - you can purchase additional accessories, second -can change the old hardware to the new without sacrificing design.

mini kitchen Ikea

If necessary, change the facades of the headset. After all, in the event of change the color or texture of the food does not have to buy new furniture, enough to get new facades and put them in the place of the old.

The disadvantages and popularity. Kitchens are performed according to standard norms, therefore, they do not differ exclusivity.


conclusion: whether the quality of price

Producer Ikea kitchen occupies a leading position in the global market. The company provides a wide range of models for various areas of kitchens. Headsets have a good bundle, quality parts are used for their manufacture. A significant drawback - a lifetime. In the low-cost models, it does not exceed seven years. But if you follow the rules of use, regularly clean furniture, it will last longer. If you want to make it "lasts" more 25 years old, you'll have to select the headset from other manufacturers.

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