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Ikea kitchen corners: ideal solution

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known Ikea company of For several years it produces stylish furniture and accessories home destination. Traditional sofa corner form - this is not a typical instance of this company, but, Consequently, find similar in the retail chain is difficult. A reason for the lack of conventional options of furniture brand Ikea is in the principles of operation of this company, It performs the task of saving space in the house and compliance with ergonomic style.

Swedish manufacturers claim, that the kitchen area should be comfortable, not cumbersome

so, kitchen corners for kitchen Ikea - a set all kinds of cabinets and cupboards, shelves and drawers comfortable and sparingly arranged in a small space of the Soviet "Khrushchev".

Terms of creating your own project

Many like outer beauty products company Ikea, and they do not think about the materials, of which is adapted to the kitchen area Ikea. All the details reported in the product catalog, they all have a description and a list of the raw materials used. a lot of effort will be wasted on the creation of its own project of kitchen furniture. In people with "hands and head" it is a process will cause a slight voltage.

Swedish manufacturers claim, that the kitchen area should be comfortable, not cumbersome. IKEA catalog offers dozens of models over the whole and separately on a single detail Headset. And if the buyer wants the individual model, then it is possible to order the purchase of. The official company site provides a free online version of the constructor, freely used by anyone interested in to create an individual project. Given the already existing in the kitchen area of ​​furniture, possessing free space dimensions, you can simulate individual kitchen Kitchen Area Ikea. Raw materials for the frame and the color is represented by a wide range of choice and to any. And in the process of selection of raw materials, you can control the cost of kitchen units.

The final step is to analyze the design of their own time spent, effort and finances. All this combined is compared with the price of the headset from Ikea. And then you will notice, it is wiser to do, acquiring a set of tailor-made for your company.

Provided by a small period to create a designer kitchen, branded accessories and external "expensive" look, and, respectively, comfort in use.

Corner kitchen option

Location dining area in one of the corners of the kitchen allows you to free up space in the working triangle. The shape of the kitchen Area Ikea is: round, Mr. prominent, P-prominent, etc.. Corner sofas from Ikea are first, 2-or more parts, are hinged, sliding and climbing. Seat relative positions at different angles, it depends on the shape of kitchen space.

Before you start planning, it is recommended to consult with the future mistress of this space, and find out her wishes.

Kitchen Area
Kitchenette from Ikea

For a complete version of the kitchen corner, as the most sought after species, company Ikea offers a huge assortment of various elements, suitable for creating individual original headset:

  • Kitchen cabinets Floor - comfortable small design sizes, easily amenable to combining and combining (one on one, standing next to, in the form of "hills" and so forth.).
  • Wall cabinets and cabinets - the main element, without which it is almost impossible to set the issue of harmonious pots and pans (crockery, tools and so on.)
  • Built-in closets for household appliances - availability of all sorts of niches for installation of kitchen appliances. Purpose - protection technology of fat and dusty plaque and concealing unsightly appearance of the rear wall, items, Dangerous for kids and livestock;.
  • Cabinets or panels a great height - narrow elements and parts of furniture, perfectly embedded in the remote places of the room.
  • drawers, door, handles and other fittings and accessories - components in a huge range of Ikea.
  • Sofas and chairs - there is freedom of choice, It is permissible to acquire a large sofa to the kitchen with a sleeping place, or make his own, having bought the original and stylish fittings and finishes in Ikea.

selection of material

The company offers Ikea kitchen corners, made from conventional particle board. Last, in turn, covered with veneer (It depends on the design and details of the destination: oak dark and light tones birch), and finally - processed by multiple layers of certain nail furniture.

Ikea catalog provides comprehensive information on the model of interest (to characteristics of a full list of parts used). As an example,, apparatus and structure of the base cabinet corner form from Ikea:

  1. The door is made of chipboard, water-repellent treated veneer and lacquer. Such processing enables lacquer exploit this item headset in a high humidity and evaporation. This element of the headset, you can choose in the catalog and available in the trade network IKEA, and can be made with their own hands, given the description of the product.
  2. Furniture fasteners (a loop) - a huge list of used fixtures, It recommended a complete set of metal accessories purchased at retail showrooms Ikea, as the self-made leads to a roughness in the appearance of the kitchen area and the absence of security guarantees in service.
  3. The shelves slide type made of chipboard, metallic material and melamine film. Again, the choice is up to the consumer, It depends on the willingness and ability. And as an aid - official site of Ikea and consultants.
  4. Frame cabinets headset is made of chipboard, MDF or solid wood. In the case of chipboard, then processing, similar to the doors. Frame of solid wood will result more expensive, special, if used expensive wood. Corner made of wood weighs heavily. Operating period it averaged about 20 years old, and then be repaired or replaced.

Corner from Ikea
Corner from Ikea, cheap and nice

Kitchen corners in Ikea have the following constituent elements in the structure:

  • The frame is made from raw materials, a similar frame of cabinet Ikea furniture
  • seats. Since the products of the company Ikea is characterized by ergonomic design, exhibited as compliance with standards in the manufacture. Seat depth up 50 cm, it is enough for comfortable seating. Such resolution is optimal in small kitchen spaces. In the event of a spacious kitchen this size may be increased. If you - the owner of the large kitchen, the depth may be expanded. Seats are hard or soft, according to the customer. backrest cover material corresponds to the material seat. It is recommended to finish the back seat and similar materials.
  • Backrest bracket is manufactured as a frame. It is recommended to perform the back of medium hardness. Excessive foam layer does not increase the comfort of the seating, but on the contrary, harm to health through a curvature posture. Therefore kitchen sofas Ikea manufactured with an average thickness and softness of the backrest.
  • Chairs and stools as an alternative sofas. This is an economical, but not a comfortable option. To avoid scratching the floor legs of chairs is recommended to buy special covers on them

Benefits kitchenette with sleeping

Sofa to the kitchen with a sleeping place - comfortable and stylish element of modern kitchen furniture. He advocates additional space for sleeping and innovative design solutions in the kitchen interior. This is important in small apartments, "Khrushchev".

Folding corner sofas Ikea comfortable enough, because when folded they take up minimal floor space, and spread out - a spacious bed. Ikea sofas in the correct selection of turning dimensions create a unique design.


Purchase one-piece version of the kitchen (a complete set of cabinets, shelves, sofa, chairs, etc.) - comfortable, but financially costly. The combination of the individual parts, offers retail and production company Ikea will help create the perfect kitchen for even the discerning buyer.