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Narrow sofas Kitchen with sleeping: taken, and now you can sleep

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Each person spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Therefore, the creation of comfortable conditions for the natural desire. Correctly and tastefully furnished - a pledge of comfort.

Narrow couch for the kitchen with a sleeping place
Narrow couch for the kitchen with a sleeping place will be a great home furnishings for the hospitality

More recently, the kitchen used only chairs and stools. But the narrow small sofa sleeper adds comfort, because it is more convenient to any chair, also has a built-in box for the storage of various items. But it is not easy to choose. The hardest part seems to selection models for small spaces. Position it better in front of the furniture or window.

Often, there is another problem - the insufficient number of beds in the apartment for a rest or sleep. This is especially true, when the house guests. But it's not a problem, когда есть узкие диваны для kitchen with sleeping.

Narrow couch for the kitchen

types of sofas: narrow, direct, shallow

Sofas kitchen divided form and a method for acquisition. In form they are:

  • direct narrow and wide;
  • corner;
  • semicircular.

Narrow sofas easily placed anywhere in the kitchen, the main thing that allowed the size of the room. You can put a sofa and direct, but this option is ideal for large rooms.

corner sofas Kitchen with sleeping are located only at the corners, allowing you to save space, that is suitable for small or narrow room. This sofa is an interesting and profitable discovery.

Corner sofa sleeper
Furniture does not occupy much space, and even a lot of practicality

Semicircular models have nothing to boast in addition to the original design. They are only suitable for areas with a large area, because it does not allow full use of space.

According to the acquisition method of sofas to the kitchen with sleeping share:

  • purchased ready. When you are buying a favorite sofa, the right size. But there are difficulties. It can very different look in the interior of your kitchen, that in stores.
  • Made-to-order. Here are possible options. The first - to leave the house specialist, To set the stopwatch. And the second - you are doing yourself a model sketch, with dimensions, color and upholstery material, and treat him to manufacturers. Such a method of acquiring reasonable.

It should be noted, it is preferable to kitchen corner sofa Sleeper, since it is not only compact, but also it has a place to place on the night when guests need arise. Although, with reference to such corners, can not say, which is very comfortable for them to sleep, since they are produced of medium hardness (as the carriage shelves), but for 2-3 time acceptable.

design sofas: Folding options sleeper, book with compartment 120 cm

Sofa sleeper
Form and functionality - the main attributes of the choice of furniture

For a small kitchen preferable to direct a narrow sofa bed. And here are possible options:

  1. Narrow kitchen sofa, which did not take place. This may be a model, which is produced the straight-backed, and the width may be different. Another option: compact couches Kitchen Sleeper, retractable or folding design, they are well suited to a regular sleep. If the room is small is better to choose a model without armrests, This will save some space. Although such models applied hinge mechanism system, which quickly breaks down, Consequently, often do not need to lay and collect a sofa.
  2. Small sofas Kitchen with sleeping, which are used at night, as a place to sleep. They are also suitable for sleeping, but require much more space, since they unfolded correspond to the size double bed. therefore, this option is not suitable for a small kitchen, although you can order a model with one bed.
  3. Mini sofa sleeper, the best option for a small kitchen. They are available with a reinforced frame and without springs, since it can simultaneously sit a few people. Mini kitchen sofa sleeper use, to make room, so it is best to place it near the window.

narrow couch for the modern kitchen

Materials and drawings to work with his hands

The service life of any sofa depends on the materials, from which it is made, workmanship and that, what will be its operation. Kitchen-settee, matter what material it will be sheathed. Natural padding should be practical, that is, as its original appearance longer can be saved, and in addition, it must be easy to clean, if necessary. Of course, important, to corner sofa in the kitchen Sleeper in harmony with the interior, coinciding with colors. Such requirements are met leather and leather substitutes. This material is not afraid of water, odors and dirt, easy to clean. But the cost model in leather is much higher.

Sofa Kitchen
Pillows create comfort for sitting on the couch

No less important for the appearance and service life of the sofa has a wood, from which it is made frame. So that the wood does not lose its appearance under constant moisture exposure, it should be treated with a special composition. It is better to choose a model, when the narrow couch to the kitchen is equipped with a metal frame.

As the material for filling the seat cushion (pillows) Use tight foam or polyurethane foam. The material should be easy to restore the original shape and be tight.

design: Loft and other styles

Furniture manufacturers increasingly prefer polyurethane foam (PPU), as it is on the technical characteristics superior foam.

sofa Kitchen

Compact sofas to the kitchen equipped with a sleeping place in different ways. The first option - it is a sofa. The remaining pieces of furniture need to pick him or vice versa, sofa to pick up the table and chairs. In this case, it is difficult to collect the necessary items in the same style.

Much more advantageous second embodiment, when a set is acquired, including a corner kitchen with a sleeping place, table and chairs. In this case, the furniture in the same style is a harmonious continuation of the kitchen interior design, creating comfort and coziness, which actually sought.


Modern manufacturers produce a large number of different models, so select a narrow couch to the kitchen or the corner is not a problem, only need to define the style, size and individual preferences.