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Sofa Kitchen: Design tweaks and settings

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Kitchen - is not only a place, where food is prepared. There are meetings with friends, family evenings. Women use the kitchen space as a place of rest and watching TV. So why not build this place properly, giving it the warmth and comfort? maybe, someone would, that couch or chair - is not the furniture, which should be located in a small dining room. However, compact sofas are very popular, they are often placed in the kitchens of any size. the main thing, to choose the right shape and material.

Sofa Kitchen
The sofa is very comfortable furniture for the kitchen

Furniture for small kitchens

sofa for kitchen selected on the basis of floor space. For small rooms is better to use a mini kitchen, sofa or sofa with a box for storage. The latter option is preferred, as the effective area increase due to additional storage. Equally popular corner sofas. Often they are at the bottom of the niche, in which I put a lot of things.

mini sofa Kitchen

Small sofas even the pull-out mechanism can be equipped for kitchens. In this case, it will be an extra bed for guests. With such a common dining room furniture a bit and turn the bedroom, and in the living room.

Small sofas for kitchen take up little space, are cheap. They are comfortable and practical. Stay on this furniture is much more convenient, than a normal chair. The favorable location for the kitchen units - window area. Compact sofas kitchen complemented by a table and chairs sometimes.

Kitchen furniture must meet certain requirements. Namely, have quality, practical coating, washable and durable. The coating should not lose the look, its service life must be at least 8-10 years old.

Sofa kitchen with chairs
Sofa should be primarily of high quality material

Sofas for a small kitchen must be resistant to wear. The configuration of the furniture should not cause discomfort when sitting. Comfortable seat and backrest will accommodate guests stay in the house owners. After all, communication - are positive emotions, which are important for the body tone and good health, which in itself is a guarantee of longevity. Here's what brings such a simple and minor detail of the interior as the kitchen sofa for kitchen.

A great option for a small area - Sofa Shop. The backrest in this case fastened directly to the wall, a seating place looks like an ordinary shop, equipped with soft seat.

When choosing the sofa is important to focus on these indicators, as the height of the dining table, the width of the wall opening, selected to accommodate ottomans. Better to choose the couch person, appreciating its appearance and options on site. If the purchase is carried out through the online store, the size will have to check more carefully.

mini sofa

corner sofa: design, parameters, and not only

Kitchen corner sofas for a small kitchen are very different from their counterparts shape and size. Their designers often use in their projects to create coziness and comfort in the kitchen area. Laconic furnishings sociable, absorption of food, that, in general beneficial to the well-being of the owners of such furniture.

Corner sofa small size fits perfectly in small-sized dining "Khrushchev" buildings. He takes a little space, leaving plenty of room for other furnishings. Models equipped with comfortable shelves, niches and boxes at the bottom of, which will store a lot of things, not littered with the already cramped space around. Corner sofa Art Nouveau - a simple silhouette and straight lines. This model does not contain fanciful elements, but with all simplicity it looks stylish and elegant.

Corner sofa Kitchen
The angular shape itself is very practical

Furniture of this type have in the corner along the longest wall. Minimum criteria corner ottoman - 110 x 110 cm.

The storage box will be located many little things, who are so often needed during cooking, but take up a lot of space. The boxes are placed packets, cover, jars, winter preform, cereals. Even a small box will be a good helper for housewife, able to hide a lot of useful things.

Kitchen corner sofas have a further advantage in the form of a berth. If guests stayed up late, you can invite them to stay, berth will be equipped in seconds. The disadvantage is, that the small size of the Ottoman, a place to get only one. But in extreme cases it can accommodate two people and.

sofa Kitchen

The most practical material for kitchen sofas

Upholstered furniture for kitchen and living room in spite of a certain similarity of very different:

  1. filler stiffness. At the dinner table you can not sink into soft cushions and seat;
  2. back position. The back is sitting at the dining table should be straight man. Therefore, in the kitchen sofa back it is at right angles to the seat. Additionally, it can be equipped with pillows, do not allow to bend back.
  3. A small seating area. This is because, that a wide seat may not provide a convenient posture during lunch.

corner sofa
the main thing, not to sleep, and it was convenient to eat

Corner model must not necessarily be L-shaped. It can have equal settings on both sides. Better to choose a sofa with legs, for, to easily extract the dust from under him. When choosing kitchen units should be guided by another series of parameters:

  • quality metal systems above. Furniture on the metal base is much longer;
  • If the model contains wooden elements, be sure to pay attention to the natural wood it or not. Synthetic materials should be avoided in the kitchen;
  • the filler should retain its shape.

With regard to the stylist, here it may be advisable to choose darker shades. Padding should not be too brand. In the kitchen the risk of indoor pollution is much higher, than in the living room. Optionally to corner sofas kitchen were completely dark. Coloring can beat differently. Black stripes may be on top of the seat backrest and, in those places, are most overwritten and get dirty.