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kitchen sofa: which model to choose

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People at all times and on all continents tried to comfort. Soft furnishings in different times stuffed with straw, dried seaweed, hay, horsehair or wool, and even the bird down. Increased attention should be given plant fiber - flax, hemp, cotton.

Kitchen sofa kitchen
Furniture, without which it is impossible

production of upholstered furniture, displacing the spring and stuffing Sewing.

Years old 20 Furniture designers ago drew attention to the fact, that buyers were more likely to purchase sofas Kitchen. Then he found the masters, which was converted into a full-fledged kitchen sofa couch for a small kitchen, to put it in a small space. And then we developed a model of compact sofas. The shape of the first small sofas for the kitchen looked like stalls, with semi-soft seat, without armrests. At the same time there was also a corner cushioned furniture dining area to kitchen, freed from the extra chairs. Small sofas to the kitchen realized in headsets and separately. Sets of furniture with sofas, or corners create a cozy dining area.

sofa in the interior of the kitchen

Sofas for different cuisine styles and types, corresponding diverse design solutions, that helps organize the dining area, and organically put upholstered furniture in any kitchen interior.

Sofa Shop

Sofa bench produced in polumjagkogo, and in a soft design, pictures upholstered wholly and partially. Made in the style of the country, with backs made of wood, sometimes become embodiment grace, because they applied wood carving, art carved and turned parts.

Small sofa shop, made for small spaces, but there is a model and a spacious kitchen.

Sofa shop for kitchen
Little, but very comfortable island of comfort in the kitchen

In this photograph shows, that they are equipped with sofas chests, to help solve the problem of lack of cabinets. This chest is stored Kitchen Supplies, towels, dishes. If we talk about styles in interior, then in the first image viewed country music and modern, and the second minimalism and eclectic.

Corner sofas: size matters

Small sofa in the kitchen occupies the first place among the other types of sofas. Corner benches brings people more, than any other, therefore in high demand. It fits in any style, from ancient, and to modern high-tech and minimalist. corners are made

  • compact mini, and standard,
  • Whole and divided into sections.

Small corner sofas kitchen chests are available with or without.

The kitchen is the place sofa corner, that night turn into a comfortable bed.

These corners on pictures in a contemporary style.

To buy corner leather sofa in the kitchen do not need big financial expenses and a lot of space. The market offers low cost options compact angular furniture upholstered leatherette, which is nothing in itself does not absorb, and a sufficiently wiped with a damp sponge and soap or liquid detergent, to upholstery acquired original appearance.

Corner sofas
Corner models are considered to be the most practical, especially if they are with boxes

Modular and conventional sofas in the interior: straight from the skin, folding, narrow with compartment, sliding

Along with the corners, in the kitchen caught modular furniture. It is convenient, that-section units are placed around the table so, how it should be the owners of the house. Modular sofa placed

  • as a linear,
  • How corner,
  • Around the table.
  • As bed, or.

traditional sofas and two armrests also put in the kitchen. It can be both wooden benches with armrests, and all the usual books.

sofa kitchen

Small folding sofa in the kitchen will solve the problem of a berth in a small apartment. It may be a book, and one of the options clamshells, or roll-out sofas.

What You Should Know, choosing a small kitchen furniture sleeper

Upholstered furniture kitchen furniture made from

  • solid wood, (in the form of bars, boards and planks). Such furniture with proper maintenance will last a long time.
  • DPS and MDF.

Traditional modular sofa
Beautiful sofa will create a beautiful view of the room

Neraskladyvayuschayasya furniture will stand for more than a decade, provided, that it does not turn into a sports equipment or ladder.

Upholstered furniture is not loves, when her children jump. She does not like, when adults stand on the seat of a full-length, to get to the closet, hanging from the ceiling, or embarrass Pautina. Under the weight of an adult even torn-snake spring, from the children's spring break acrobatics, cross bridges carcasses, torn plywood. For these purposes, you must have a stepladder, or sturdy wooden stool.

In the role of bedroom furniture sofas made of chipboard and MDF are short-lived. To extend the life of such furniture, need during its repair. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. although furniture - not a machine, not the machine and power tools, it also requires a careful attitude, and preventive maintenance. Quickly loosened screws nest, Nuts tend otkruchivatsya, It happens, they fall and get lost. Finger joints are loose. And if not immediately resolve these problems, it will cause breakage of parts and assemblies.

If you noticed, Furniture that rocks, poorly loop, or in the course of opening something catchy, do not wait, when it finally falls apart. Arm tools, or invite the master. Current repair is much cheaper, Shattered than repair the couch.

Obivke furniture, regardless of the type of material, I do not like, when its surface put hot pots, pans, irons. Capricious especially to hot leather. Regular exposure to high temperatures destroys the topsheet material, and even burns synthetic filler.

Modular leather sofa
Leather is easy to clean

Foam is afraid of water, so wash your sofa, upholstered, also not recommended.

As a soft filler used:

  • springs (rare and mainly in the luxury furniture); Spring overlap cotton or synthetic batting, pictures from flax.
  • Polyurethane foam, aka foam. It is used as a filler in the budget and not just furniture. Polyurethane foam is significantly simplified the process and reduced the time of manufacture of upholstered furniture. Because of this synthetic material has decreased its cost.

Foam is afraid of water, so wash your sofa, upholstered, also not recommended. From hot it is compressed, Water simply destroys it.

sofa in the interior of a beautiful kitchen

The upholstery is made of:

  1. cloth
  2. leatherette, kozhezamenitelya,
  3. genuine leather (Luxurious furniture).

Used for the upholstery of sofas materials from:

  1. cotton,
  2. woolen
  3. mixed
  4. synthetic fibers.

Fabrics for small kitchen sofas on different density filaments, quality and, respectively, at the cost of. Mighty fabrics have water- and soil release properties.

A small leather sofa in the kitchen to decorate the interior and attract households. He will gather the family, in ancient times people gathered around the hearth itself.