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Upholstered furniture in the kitchen— This cozy and comfortable

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Remember the nursery rhyme: this is a chair, sit on it, it is a table, him to eat. It is impossible to imagine without the dining table chairs. Even if on the one hand stands the modern furniture, on the other side of the table is required to put chairs or stools.

Beautiful kitchen
High-quality soft corner for the kitchen, which will serve you for years to come

So the chair and all the, on which sit, polulezhat, lie, and even faints, It refers to the concept of upholstered furniture.

Upholstered furniture in the kitchen

In this way, upholstered furniture - is

  • all sofas
  • couches,
  • ottomans,
  • Ottomans,
  • corners,
  • bed,
  • chairs,
  • footstools etc.

And since this article examines the semi-soft and soft furnishings for kitchen, the ottoman, beds and ottomans are temporarily excluded from the list. For those, who lives in his own house, kitchen area and they have no less than in the living room, dimensions of upholstered furniture is not important. But there are not many lucky. The majority of Internet users live in standard apartments, village houses, which if allowed to put upholstered furniture, then with the prefix mini: mini-sofa, Mini-corner, couch (it also translates from French, as a small bed).

This sofa transforms the kitchen into an additional living room

upholstered furniture, which is made for the kitchen, distinguishes, seat height from the floor. If the furniture in the living room requires a low landing, and it designed coffee tables, the people in the kitchen sitting at the dinner table, so the seat height is the height of the chair - 45-47 cm. This fact should be taken into account, choosing soft furnishings for the kitchen.

What furniture is in the kitchen

The furniture should be not only durable and functional. It should please the eye, be interior decoration. Kitchen not less deserves, that there was a beautiful furniture in it, in harmony with the cabinet furniture and appliances.

Furniture in the kitchen

Chairs and stools

Chairs are divided into

  • soft,
  • semi-soft,
  • And hard, with wooden seat made of plywood.

Semi-soft and hard chairs, and stools - this furniture of every day. Soft chairs - an attribute of luxury living. Their seats are performed on springs, a thick foam.

Kitchen stools made of laminated chipboard (tough) or upholstered with imitation leather with foam (semi-soft).

Table with chairs in this embodiment in the present turn in a comfortable dining area

"Fainting" couch

Kushetku, at one time called for fainting furniture, insofar as, couch is an essential feature of ladies' boudoirs, and women, "Falling" into a swoon, We are trying not to fall past the couch. They thus throwing hand, they thought, temptingly, and with a hint.

Elegant couch and now has not lost the ability to decorate a girl's room. This furniture is practical and functional. Manufacturers have developed a couch-transformers and sliding. A modern styles made in, original couches are perfect for the kitchen.


Mini-sofas Kitchen was born consumer demand. The need for such furniture is dictated by the dimensions of the premises. Mini sofas complement dining area, reducing the number of chairs in the kitchen and stools. This kind of upholstered furniture is produced

  • in the classical form,
  • shaped benches, that is, without armrests,
  • with individual seats of pillows, or monolithic seats.
  • At high carved legs, or with a stand-chest.

upholstered furniture in the kitchen

Sofas are upholstered with synthetic and natural fabrics, or imitation leather.

Variety of models without number.


Still, the first place among soft kitchen furniture takes a corner. It is compact, cozy, on this corner sofa is placed more people. Corner sofas manufactured, as

  • modular,
  • fold-out drawers,
  • transformernaya,
  • wicker (country style) and so on. d.

Soft Corner Kitchen gathers in the evening the whole family at gatherings.

Kitchen Area
Soft corner - very convenient, practical and inexpensive way to equip your kitchen

Mini-corner with his hands

Do you like this soft kitchen furniture for a small kitchen? You want to put exactly the same stylish small corner in the dining area? May be, not exactly the same. Here are possible options, the nuances. Confuses you a semi-circular shape of the drawer? it, just the most simple.

For registration forms require a box plywood 3-4 mm. But this is only for curved forms. The remaining parts are made of solid plywood thickness 15 mm: bottom, seat, back.

so, need to work

  • 1 thick plywood sheet 3-4 mm;
  • 2 sheet with a thickness of plywood 15 mm;
  • 2 foam sheet 3 cm. Seat plank foams into two layers;
  • 1 foam sheet 1 cm (for finishing box);
  • 1 m.50 see leatherette, similar brown;
  • 2 meters leatherette, or tissue, similar beige;
  • 2,5 chrome meter tube diameter 15-20 mm;
  • 20 Sanitary clamps appropriate diameter hose;
  • 4 the size of the loop 4-5 cm.

upholstered furniture in the kitchen

We cut out details and collect box

Do you remember, probably, that the height of the seat in a soft kitchen furniture should be about 47 cm. presumably, feet height - 10 mass media 2 see allot seat. so 45 — 12 obtained 35 cm. This is - the depth of the box. Three millimeter plywood can be sawn on a flat strip 35 cm. From standard veneer obtained 4 the same band, which will be used to trim the box.

How to meet the 2 thick plywood sheet 15 mm. The depth of the seat is taken on the basis of 40 cm, back part height 35 cm. One side of the bracket is carried out in 150 cm, second - 100 cm. connecting bracket - 40 × 40. two strips remain out of this piece of 10 cm, save them. Useful in the ribs.

Start with a box: Cut the bottom of the calculation 143 cm in length and 37 width. Round line cut stencil, or likeness compass. Carpenters use a nail, pencil and ribbon.

on the kitchen

Stiffeners will serve drawer frame. Of the remainder of the cut plywood plank of width 10 cm. Only lines turns these boards cut the width of 5 cm. In this way, you should have:

  1. 10×31 — 17 PC. These strap on 2 cm shorter, because on top of him to screw the horizontal bars (the scheme 2 indicated by yellow lines);
  2. 10 x33 - 2 PC. for mid-corner;
  3. 5x 33 — 4 PC.
  4. 5×31 — 1 piece for mid-corner;
  5. 10×40 — 4 PC. for horizontal jumpers;
  6. 10× 45 - for the middle bridge.

This corner will bring additional niches for storage - a folding seat

Figure red rectangles shown, the location of the stiffeners. Yellow line - a horizontal bridges. true, the diagram shows only one part of the seat and a corner, on the short part of the box, these components are arranged similarly.

thin veneer, which is designed for boards screwed to the base edge (bottom drawer), wrapping a bottom, stiffening rib, therefore screwed on the same line with the lower edge of plywood, and additionally 2 screws lock box aboard each bar (stiffener). In this way, strap attached to the bottom, the walls of the box and on top of an additional horizontal bars, is set for added strength and stiffness, because the rear vertical slats will be fastened back (Scheme specified circles).

corner in the kitchen

Each box bottom screw the legs. All three parts inside the box are joined together by bolts and nuts, and hooped, as a single structure. connecting boxes, TEN track, that the bolts were screwed into the ribs. If required, add strips of width 5 cm. But as an option, designs can not connect. For compounds corner required 6 legs, individual sofas - 11.

Before you start working with foam rubber and material, Collect all the wooden structures. Make, that all the elements are made correctly, and final assembly will not create problems.

Then all the front of the drawer okleyte thin (1cm) foam. Fabric for upholstery or artificial leather cut out on 8 cm wider, by 4 cm on each side hem. Secure the material is first in the middle of the box: up and down, then move with a slight interference fit to the edges. First one, then another.

It is very convenient in modern models consist of individual blocks

On thin plywood material can fix GlueGun. Brackets use undesirable, because they pierce the thin veneer, and outside will pierce and tear the skin. Thick plywood can work stapler.

The seat and back

Seat protrudes slightly over the box. This corner will turn out with a spacious trunk, if the seat to fix the front wall hinge box. Two loops to fasten stiffeners, put plywood box seat, align it. Rear seat should recede from edge on 1 cm, and not be in contact with the backrest tubes. Mark the location with a pencil, where screw the hinges to the seat.

upholstered furniture in the kitchen

Three-inch foam seat carved on 1 See larger plywood. Glue the foam in 2 layer, 6 cm. Padding here seaming. To this end, on the seat shape is cut out pattern and the strip width 10 cm, that sew the pattern to the main. Stitched Pouch fits on top, and nailed the bottom stapler. Do not forget to sew the strap handle, who also arrived in the middle, from the back. Holding the handles, you will be easier to open drawers.

Finished seats are bolted to the loops. But the middle is not fixed, it is inserted into the, and is squeezed on three sides. To it also arrived from the handle strap. removing the middle, you can use the interior of the corner.

For sufficiently backrest 3 cm of foam. Glue the foam to form and material obtyanite.


Backrest mounted on chrome tube. In hardware stores sell furniture chrome pipes. Cut tube by 50 cm. The clamps drill holes for screws. Screws secure the clamps on the first box (the scheme 2 fixing location indicated by circles. To properly locate, Swipe to the line box. Insert tube and secure it with a screw clamp. Then mark the location of the clamps on the backside, and also tighten them. Insert the back and lock.