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banquette (small sofa) for kitchen: how to choose or make it yourself ?

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Kitchen furniture It should be soft and durable, but right in harmony with style of the room. Notwithstanding the requirements of, stools in the kitchen with a back daily delight, complementing dinner with family and friends.

Banquette word comes from the French «banquette»
Banquette word comes from the French «banquette»

Kitchen stool - a piece of furniture, but the owner has the right to use it as a full kitchen element. Such a decision is indispensable for small kitchens.

types banquettes

Getting to the choice of kitchen furniture, you need to decide on its shape, material and purpose. Together, these criteria constitute the correct option, which will be functional, and integrate harmoniously with the interior space.

  1. backless. The most popular model. Optimal solution: and functional, and convenient. This furniture does not take up much space and will be a complement to the minimalist style rooms or pretentious Empire. Compact backless sofas are a great option for small spaces. They can easily hide under the table, when you do not use.
  2. backed. Such a model is familiar and comfortable. It is found in domestic headsets as corner sofas. But designers believe, that with backrest stool for kitchen is not suitable small rooms, and even some customers high cost deters.
  3. With box. The most functional model, which allows efficient use of the space under the seats. So there is an opportunity to release some kitchen cabinets, moving their contents into the box. Everybody knows, that does not happen too much space. Besides, stools for the kitchen with compartment and back produce the original form or upholstery, so as not to seem simple and similar to the box.

Stool with backrest is shaped like a small chair
Stool with backrest is shaped like a small chair

form banketki

Despite the kind of furniture, form produced diverse. So, owner selects individual size for free angle, or calculates dimensions so, banquette to freely placed under the table.

materials, of which is made

has been invented for manufacturing restrictions. The choice of material depends on the preference of the owner, desires and, of course, Finance. Basically the same is considered wood or other materials, containing it in its composition:

  • wood panels;
  • DSP;
  • plywood.

Of the three options proposed plywood and chipboard most simple and convenient in the manufacture. And use the cheapest plywood, because it will be hidden under the fabric layer. The only criterion - the thickness of no more 12 mm. It is necessary for the strength of furniture.

With regard to upholstery, its color and material is selected on the taste of the owner. Manufacturers produce stools for the kitchen with the back of the high cost of, in the manufacture of quality fabrics which are used, such as silk, or leather. Fit these stools in the kitchen or in the Art Nouveau style of the classic space.

Bench in high-tech hall or kitchen is to be made of metal, to better blend in with the overall style of the room. As the material used chrome or nickel elements, combining them with the skin or kozhzamenitelem.Tak stools for the kitchen with chromium feet underlined minimalism items.

chrome plated frame, leather-covered, It emphasizes the simple shapes and perfectly fit into the interior
chrome plated frame, leather-covered, It emphasizes the simple shapes and perfectly fit into the interior

Stools in the style of Provence are also made of wood and leather, but to maintain the style, materials are selected expensive and qualitative, so as not to reduce the price of the room.

Besides, manufacturers offer customers products from plastic. Such an arrangement is proposed for a simple and cheap, but a wide range of colors can properly complement of furniture bright colors.

appointment banquettes

As with stool, purpose benches to sit, but manufacturers have added functionality, performing them with a backrest and a box. Every housewife knows, that once the cabinet in the kitchen will not prevent, so the extra space inside dining couch or chair will only way.

A small stool for kitchen with compartment complement any interior style, It is a comfortable seat at lunch meals, and if necessary, easily removed under the table, To free up extra space. This is especially true owners of small kitchens.

Besides, banquettes on high legs combined with a bar, which are often used in the work area and dining merger.

How to choose

Banquette with storage compartment - a functional item
Banquette with storage compartment - a functional item

If you're still undecided, what style, shape, color or what material should be made future kitchen furniture, Designers are advised to use:

  1. Determine location. Basically kitchen furniture standing near the table or window, because it uses the seating. If the room is small size, Provide an opportunity, to sofa stool for kitchen hiding under the table.
  2. choice of colors. Of course, will serve as the basis of colors premises, but do not dwell on the light shades. They are not practical, and it is unacceptable for kitchen furniture. Besides, do not choose dark colors, they are not suitable for the correct solution.
  3. Style and general appearance. Kitchen set, design elements and other items have already set the style of the room, Therefore, choosing furniture,follow trends. However different in style elements can give a room a dynamic and diversity.

How to make your own banquette

If you do not want to spend the finances for the purchase of kitchen furniture, or suggested in the stores options you are not satisfied for any reason,,banquettes make their own hands
at home.

The first step in the manufacture of patience and will need the following list of materials:

  • dense fabric or leather (it is desirable to use a water-proof fabric, so kitchen furniture will last for many years, remained beautiful);
  • plywood or particleboard;
  • foam or a small amount of tissue;
  • plastic;
  • Aluminum profiles, which will serve as a solid framework for future furniture.

We also offer step by step instructions, by which you are able to make their own hands banquette:

  1. Think of the size and shape of the future furniture.
  2. Cut plywood constituent elements.
  3. Glue or bond parts derived, which form the basis of the frame.
  4. Strengthen the frame edges of aluminum rails with self-tapping screws. So kitchen stool becomes solid.
  5. Cut foam the size of both the seat and backrest, and put on top of the plywood bases.
  6. Upholstered and secure stapled edge.

If the project is scheduled makeshift furniture and a box, then the seat is mounted in furniture or a piano hinges. How visible, banquette in the kitchen with compartment to carry out simple, but it will require calculations and time. But the individual size and functional purpose of furniture will not cease to please you every day.