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Small sofas for a small kitchen: the perfect solution in the interior

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If the kitchen is not a Khrushchev birdhouse size and a half and a half, then it necessarily in the evening the whole family. The kitchen is warm and cozy, here it smells, and here you can share the joys, discuss their concerns. Therefore, most homeowners aspire to create in the kitchen the same comfort, as well as in the living room.

A small sofa in the kitchen
Sofa neatly fits into the overall picture of the room

And not the last role in the creation of comfort given to soft or softer furniture. But, in contrast to the living room, here does not attempt ambitious and expensive. in front of, upholstered furniture kitchen compact. it

  • Mini-sofas,
  • corner sofas,
  • Sofa cabinets,
  • transformers,
  • modular sofas .

Mini sofas kitchen distinguished by one feature - the seat height, since it is assumed, that he will rise at the dinner table, its height is not less than 43-47 cm, while the height of the upholstered furniture for the living room does not exceed 35 see fit.

A separate category - built-in sofas, they are made to order. Besides the basic function, This furniture has an additional task - hides a piping, or other devices. Sometimes attached to the wall and does not include a berth.

Small sofas kitchen in tandem with a dining table form cozy dining area. Therefore, plants manufacturers are increasingly producing sets of furniture for kitchen, combining a small sofa or mini-corner, with a table and stool. Headsets combine colors, style, materials, from which they are made.

A small sofa to the kitchen table
When the furniture in one style and color scheme with the room - it looks harmonious

Chests, closets ... in the couch

Rational use of the living space is not only important in small apartments, but spacious. Therefore, the trunk under the seat - a significant plus for upholstered furniture in the kitchen.

  • On compact models seat, with piano loop, It works as a trunk lid;
  • Other models are special platforms with springs;
  • Third sofas models are equipped with a kitchen drawers; Deep drawers are mounted on wheels, and free ride on the floor.
  • There are also models, combining a sofa and a snack bar.

All the above-described structural elements are equipped with equally, mini-sofas, and corners.

Sofas kitchen without bed

In the kitchen are placed sofas and sleeper, without him. Kitchen furniture fitted by

  • leatherette
  • upholstery fabric.

Upholstered furniture in the kitchen - daily. And to, Upholstered furniture last longer, it is desirable to cover the blanket, or sew removable covers. After all, the covers, and bedspreads can always wash, or replace.

Small sofa
Light a good option, but it is better to make capes


Mini sofa classical form consists of a seat, back, two armrests. He might be

  1. soft, on springs or puffy foam,
  2. semi-soft, filler with a thickness of not more than 5 cm.
  3. tough (Sofa Shop). These sofas are equipped with removable mattresses, pillows.

Mini sofa has a length of no more than one and a half meters and a depth of seat 45 cm. The kitchen interior is also fit

  • sofas, benches without armrests,
  • or sofa couch (with one of the truncated armrest and backrest).

Dining Area

Corner sofa to the kitchen with dining table forms a dining area. It has design options:

  • It is a one-piece construction,
  • Extra consists of two units to each other.

The seat can be:

  • lifting
  • too heavy.

Sofa corner in the kitchen
Dining area with table and chairs - what else is needed in the kitchen

modular sofas

The first modular sofas appeared 30 years ago. Modular furniture is a bundle of pristavlyat to each other independent sections, each of which is autonomous and is functional by itself. Despite some extravagance and Futurism, they won their consumers. Their main advantage lies in the practicality. Of the modules is made bed, corner, long sofa. They are arranged as individual puffs. This property is of modular furniture has been used in the organization of the dining area. After all, the individual modules allow to place himself and area, and around the table.


Buyers prefer furniture transformers. Folding furniture mini couch, couch or corner turns into a full-fledged, and even a double bed.

Transformers different mechanism of converting the sofa.

Click-klyak and fold-out book (principle of operation is identical to the opening mechanism);

true, click-klyak captures seat and back in an intermediate position, allowing you to give them a position of zero gravity. With regard to the reliability of the opening mechanism of the loop-books , quality and durability they are not inferior to modern, and its right to exist proved, being exploited by 30 years or more. varied upholstery, filler, but the loops were placed earlier.

Kitchen convertible sofa
transformer system is very popular nowadays

Withdrawable mechanism with the romantic name "dolphin" is used in the mini-sofas, couches and corners, making all these kinds of upholstered furniture in a double bed.

Sofa clamshell made on a steel base, retract. On top of the steel structure with the lamella or grid is laid a mattress, which may be on springs, or with a thick polyurethane. These models allow enough and exploit ourselves every day.

This series includes a sofa bed with a clamshell mechanism of transformation "Accordion", although it opens slightly differently, like an accordion bellows.

All models fold-out mini-sofas require space, so they are only installed in large kitchens.

important Notice: selecting a transformer for each day, note, what materials it is made frame. Quality sofas are made of timber, boards, plywood. Furniture, manufactured from chipboard, certainly cheaper, and is suitable as a guest option, that unfolds from time to time.

By- his interested in this transformer, day which forms a dining area, and at night it turns into a cozy bedroom. This sofa can stand equally well in the room, and in the kitchen. Table retracted back and serves as a support for the back cushions. A table legs form arm rests graceful. When folded, it turns an ordinary sofa, and it gladly sit.

Night from under the couch roll out hidden inside the bed elements. Worktop plays the role of the head of.

Plants manufacturers are increasingly producing sets of furniture for kitchen, combining a small sofa or mini-corner, with a table and stools.

A small sofa to the kitchen in tandem with the dining table to form a cozy dining area. And in conclusion, let me make a comment too cleanly housewives, ready namyvat all around.

Penopoliuteran, which serves as a filler most modern sofas, afraid of water. Therefore, never clean the upholstered furniture, do not allow the absorption of moisture into the.

If you feel, the fabric on the furniture still strong, but dirty, better invite masters. He will lift you all the upholstery, and after washing and drying again obobet furniture of the same cloth.


Foam - a relatively durable material, easy to fit in the manufacture of furniture, and it is also easy to change to a new one repair with a constriction. Not capricious in operation.