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Option-transformer kitchens for small apartments

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The compact kitchen is found in most domestic homes, than I would like. And sometimes on such a small area is desirable to place all the necessary tools, furniture wall, and even put a dining table. It's hard to do it, if not already placed on the area of ​​some of the elements - and there is only a very dense their location. Or a choice of a variant with transforming home furnishings, including the relevant dimensions of the room decoration and lighting.

Kitchen transformer, The features, It will place all the necessary, even in the smallest space

Earlier attempts to increase kitchen space limited to such decisions, how to book a table for the kitchen, Small footprint, but roomy in the unfolded state. Now more options, and most of the lets not compromise with the abandonment of furniture or clutter the room. Among them - the design transformed the kitchen, dubbed for two variants of its elements placement, It is applied in different circumstances (one for cooking, the second for receiving guests). The solution includes a compact convertible furniture for kitchen, built-in sliding wardrobes and pushes on an empty seat chairs, benches and equipment.

Kitchen transformer

Furniture - not the only way to increase the space at least visually. The same function is performed and colors - bright surfaces and objects allow the kitchen look bigger. But, since white space requires constant cleaning, often choose pastel and beige shades. It is important and proper work area lighting, expanding the kitchen.

Add a place to use mirrored surfaces on the plate, furniture doors and wall.

Зеркала на кухне
The use of mirrors to visually enlarge a small space

Yet the main task of the space reduction a space-saving kitchen facilities rests with the furniture. First of all - on the table transformer, hardly noticeable in normal circumstances, and sometimes increases the size by almost half. The same purpose is pursued and embedding techniques for countertops and sinks, at Cabinets and cupboards. For convertible compact kitchen appliances required, even if it costs more.

Allows you to leave more space and design type shelving. The advantage of multi-storey shelf - placing unnecessary items in the normally unused space above the cabinets and worktops.

transforming tables

Transformers for food on the market a lot. Their views differ in size, materials of manufacture and the shape. Among such furniture is, folding tables transformers, sliding options, with round and rectangular table tops. Is the most popular folding tables for the house with two tops, concealed under each other. Use them convenient for eating, and cooking, and, covering the surface of the cloth, ironing board. Variants with transforming furniture for the kitchen-living room, when space saving is important not, and functionality, They include the conversion of the sofa into the surface of a number of cups of coffee.

Transforming tables with two table tops

By modern compact and change the size of the furniture refers kitchen table book, able to create just three options for accommodation:

  1. When folded,. Used to set the cookware and as one of the working surfaces;
  2. One open flap. It provides accommodation for 3-5 persons;
  3. Fully laid table tops. Depending on the installation, you can sit at the table 6-8 guests.

When choosing furniture pay attention not only on the size and ease of use, but also on the strength of.

Folding table in the kitchen and the other changing the location of interior items, We must withstand constant transformation.

Dining tables

To save space needed lunch folding tables, unassembled suitable for 8-12 guests, and collected - providing a place 4-6. By purchasing this type of model, worth considering, that corresponds to the large capacity and increased dimensions. AND dining table transformer, Extension to the middle or at the expense of increased parts, the folding of the sides, You have to put in the living room, as in the kitchen, he just does not fit. If you need to leave it in the kitchen room, choose a smaller size. But such dining folding tables already calculated for 6-8 people.

Обеденный стол-трансформер
Dining table convertible with a folding table tops on the sides

Often together with the size and shape changes. Round dining table transformer becomes oval, square version - rectangular. but, Unlike other choices, they are used to eating, even in the folded state.

folding table

For apartment dwellers, often eat out, Folding tables are suitable for a small kitchen. Expanding in the right situation furniture, in normal times, it becomes part of the wall. A transformation provides at 2-3 places.

modular option

Another option - furniture transformer modular type, expensive, but comfortable. In this case, a small island curbstone folded and countertop, and chairs. Compact design in the form of a square or circular island in the middle of the room takes a little space.

Модульный кухонный гарнитур
Modular table for cooking with built-in appliances

Having examined the stone, get:

  • folding tables for the kitchen;
  • seating;
  • work surface.

For true modular furniture as a part of the wall standing kitchen units. Such as a folding table cabinet with drawers - except for space for people, it may include a mini-bar or a section for food storage.

Glass tables transformers

glass folding table in the kitchen suitable for small spaces. Due to the attractive appearance and ergonomic design it serves more for interior decoration. In the usual form of such folding tables for the house allows multiple people. In addition - apart legs, Countertop descends. Furniture becomes a coffee table.


Is pushed over the table top table

A convenient variant in the presence and absence of wall furniture seats - folding tables for kitchens, slides under the countertop. They come in as additional furniture.