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Kitchen area with a table: 3 the best option in the form

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Before you buy a soft Kitchen Area should understand that, a complete version of a set of furniture for the dining area more successfully fit into a room.

Kitchen Area
Beautiful coloring corner is perfect for your kitchen

Which model to choose

Kitchen area with a table, which are commercially available, are shown in three modifications, regarding the form countertops:

A kitchen area with a table

  1. Round table. Kitchen corners with a round table will fit harmoniously into the room a square or rectangular shape. In terms of practicality round table - a variant of the shortened configuration of the sofa with the modules of the same length. The disadvantage of the kitchen with a round table considered the instability of construction and the lack of comfort for all seated at mealtime. Round kitchen, which follows the shape of table tops, solves this problem, but its cost due to the complexity of manufacturing is much higher than the cost of conventional parts.Kitchen area with a round table
  2. rectangular table. Serial sofas kitchen with table and chairs equipped with rectangular tables. It is recognized as the most practical, because it looks equally good in a square and a rectangular room, but unlike his round table can be positioned close to the wall. This design is stable, and L-shaped corner sofas rectangular table - is a logical addition.
  3. Small square table. The compact kitchen with a table and stools - a good choice for a small kitchen. In contrast to the round table, for people, sitting on the edge of the corner sofa, it will be convenient to take food. Kitchen corner with pull-out so often equipped with tables transformers, which have a square or rectangular shape in the folded state.

Important! oval table in the kitchen is not set. These models are considered furniture for living rooms and large dining rooms. Kitchen corners with an oval table in the stores are rare. Such models are custom-made for individual designs. For kitchen made rectangular table top with rounded edges.

A kitchen area with a table

A separate group - kitchen corners with a folding table, area in which the table tops varies due to the sliding mechanism:

  • Sliding tables for kitchens. countertop size is increased by inserting between the two halves of the sliding additional panels. The maximum increase in the area - 50%.
  • Table-book. This is a common model. Its main advantage is, that the transformation is performed in seconds, and the area countertop doubles. Unfolding resembles the process of opening the book, which gave the name to this mechanism.
  • there are models, in which the unfolding is not intended to increase, and reducing countertop. These models are assembled in a compact cabinet, which decomposed at the side sections, wings, if necessary.

A kitchen area with a table
Kitchenette -good combined with table and chairs

How to choose a quality furniture store

To choose a quality area to the kitchen with a table, We need to pay attention to such external signs:

  1. In the corners of furniture shops supply the kitchen and the enterprise, and private workshops, in which there is no strict quality control and which operate using artisanal techniques. In the factory models edge tightly adhered to the surface without gaps. The makeshift conditions master machine alternatively used for gluing ribbon irons, or hair dryers construction. Uneven heating results in incomplete sizing or overheating, that leaves whitish stains on the front side of the tape and glue damage.
  2. Details curled corners, screws and confirmee. The degree of embedding hats confirmand said about the professionalism and quality of the master used tools. Too recessed bonnet reduces the retention of particle board, since it has higher density outer layers. In too recessed hat will not be retained decorative caps.Kitchen Area
  3. Interior parts of furniture fabric requires experience and skill. Hand of an experienced master can be identified by uniform stretch fabric, the absence of folds. Specialist carefully and make the back side of the part, where the brackets are filled with the same pitch, and upholstery material evenly trimmed and tucked. In place of high-quality products fabric fastener closed decorative inserts and strips.
  4. If a Corners for kitchen have curved lines, should pay attention to the quality of treatment of the bending portions. Straight incisions are made on the machines, do not allow the appearance of chipping laminated cover. Waveform performed manually. on, Which tool to use and how faithfully took the master to work can be seen in the number of filled chips on the surface of the laminate on the curved sections. The product is made of wood should not be vypadnyh knots, putty defects. Qualitative lacquer does not sag, roughness.
  5. Laminated chipboard vulnerable to the ends. Therefore, PVC tape serves a decorative and waterproofing function. The high-quality products tape adhered around the perimeter details. This also applies to the lower ends of the side plates. Their lack of protection will lead to a swelling of chipboard from moisture during wet cleaning.

corner in the kitchen

Placement in the corner of the kitchen interior

Angular sofa Kitchen with table selected in accordance with the idea of ​​design of a kitchen interior, the specific size of the room, location of other furniture and household appliances. To comfortably use the kitchen after installing the corner and avoid disharmony in the interior, designers offer the following rules:

  • The dimensions of the kitchen area with a table should not exceed half of the free space. Place to choose a corner, so it does not interfere with the free passage of, and retractable kitchen table was free to unpack. Pay attention to the position of the window. it's desirable, to a person sitting on the couch with his back against the window.
  • corner location affects the back-type selection. In that case, when the sofa is situated close to the wall, allowed backrest height to the level of a seated person blades. to corner, arranged with a separation from the walls, it is recommended to choose a high back.corner in the kitchen
  • corner color chosen by the rules of color mixing in the interior. It decided to combine the sofa upholstery facade headset and wall color, a housing with a floor covering material.
  • The harmonious interior corner sofa with table repeating geometric forms and style of kitchen units. If the side shelves headset made with curves, the table and the side corner of the rack do with smooth lines, no right angles.
  • Material facade headset housing and bracket must be of the same type. Despite the high degree of imitation wood texture, laminated chipboard and natural wood combined bad.

Kitchen facilities in the interior
The interior of the kitchen in light tones of oak is perfect for the kitchen

Beautiful hand-made kitchen furniture lever kozhzamom

To obtain a set of furniture for the dining area, which would be fully consistent with their own needs, not necessarily get around dozens of furniture stores. Kitchen facilities can be made to. This is possible thanks to the availability of raw materials, accessories and ease of assembly technology. Domestic yourselfers use furniture workshops services, which produce cutting parts and gluing tape miter. At home, they only perform marking of finished parts, pilot drilling holes and assembly. Therefore, the kitchen with a table with his hands - quite feasible idea.

modern kitchen

Soft sofa sleeper in size for a small kitchen

Depending on the model, make a detailed drawing of a corner detailing. It is calculated by the amount of material required:

  • laminated chipboard 16 mm;
  • polished rough chipboard 16 mm internal parts;
  • foam rubber 20 mm. Thicker foam cut knife problematic.
  • material for upholstery;
  • PVC or ABS edge.

designer kitchen with table

foam rubber, material for upholstery and fixing elements independently buy, and cut pieces of chipboard ordered in a furniture shop. Quality chipboard cut out at home using a jigsaw or hand miter saw will not work. The cost of such services to a minimum, but in a workshop at will to cut parts of the machine stick the tape.

After that, all parts and materials delivered to home, proceed to markup and assembly. This will require such tools:

  • Drill.
  • Roulette, metal meter.
  • Stapler with a set of staples for upholstery.

Partitioning parts in accordance with the thickness of chipboard. Standard thicknesses - 16 mm. End hole is drilled in the center, and on the plane layout make the distance, equal to half the thickness of chipboard.

Important! At end-drilling holes is important to ensure that, to drill submerged strictly parallel to a plane blank, otherwise it will be released on the surface details.

To trim the size of the foam pieces cut and paste it. After that, the seat and back of the adhesive qualities material, and all parts are twisted.

Soft kitchenette
Soft kitchen - convenient and practical

How to make easy, glass, from an array of table and chairs (stools)

To take countertop chipboard, plastic coated. For the legs use the metal supports or cut out from the laminate shaped rack. If you use a wooden beam, to do harness. They are cut from the same material, used to make the countertop. Start by tying collect furniture drawer side, and her legs are fixed. Countertop bolted to the piping with the help of furniture parts.

For the manufacture of table-cut books 2 same countertop and connect them with card-loops.

To make an oval table for the kitchen, buy ready tabletop or bought in a workshop.

stylish space with a table in the kitchen

What is the best set from the manufacturer Parma , Stolplit

Selection of kitchen furniture is based on the principle of convenience. In that case, when the family maintained a tradition of joint kitchen gatherings, the kitchen with a table perfect for creating a cozy and comfortable environment. But if the hostess is more important than space and the ability to quickly perform cleaning, preference is given to the table with stools. On housewives choice is influenced by the material and dimension of the problem. Soft package will pull a lot more money from the family budget.


Having decided to establish the kitchen couch, not necessarily a long time to seek out your favorite model in stores. Manufacture of furniture with his own hands - an interesting activity and simple. Even in the case, if the result of the work will be far from ideal, he will get a lot more love from his owner, than shop "uninspired" product. Kitchen area with a table - practical, simply, conveniently.

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