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Kitchen corner with his hands: detailed guidance

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To finish a complete set of kitchen furniture for interior dining area, no need to go to the store for an expensive purchase. Диванчик на кухню with their hands - it's a way to save money, and the opportunity to participate directly in the design of personal space. Pick up the taste and design drawings with dimensions of corner sofas can be on the Internet. The assembly process does not It requires the use of expensive tools, and comply with the recommendations of bracket assembly for the kitchen will help to avoid errors and rework.

Кухонный мягкий уголок
If you decide to equip your kitchen seating area - do not rush to the store, it can be done with their own hands

For the manufacture of home-suited frame corners with folding seats. This design does not require any special technical knowledge picker. produce Kitchen Area with sleeping with his hands in the home for the layman it is not possible.

The project is the kitchen corner

Step by step instructions kitchen corner with their hands is to describe these stages:

  1. Preparatory stage. It is determined by the type and dimensions of the corner, compiled detailed drawings and diagrams. Prepared a workplace and the necessary tools.
  2. Order cut in the furniture shop, hardware purchase, fasteners, material for upholstery.
  3. marking, cut shaped parts, sticking RIBBONS, pilot drilling and assembly of the corner of the frame.
  4. sofa upholstery.
  5. Compound assembled modules.

to do couch with his hands must first make a drawing. Begin with the selection of the design space in the kitchen, which will house sofa. On it are determined by the size and configuration of the future corner:

  • The length and depth of the sections.
  • Location of the short to the long sofa.
  • The height of the upper edge of the backrest.
  • Connection type sections design: monolithic or modular.
  • The material for the frame and upholstery.

Чертеж мягкого уголка
Choosing a seating area size should proceed from the square footage of your kitchen

looking through the drawings corner sofa Kitchen their own hands, It is not recommended to choose a design without a separate corner module. Compound side sofas with one corner seating area unreliable sedlushki. The low strength of such structures are not justified by the saving of material in the form of the absence of two struts. The modular design is more reliable, it can be quickly rearranged during cleaning. Such a sofa easily change configuration with right for a left-hand. Modular kitchen corners can be placed in a corner or a straight line.

By defining the length and width of the corner, take into account the kitchen area, the arrangement of furniture and household appliances. The width of the passage, which is obtained after drawing the contours of the sofa to the kitchen plan, shall be not less 60 cm at its narrowest point.

Kitchen drawings sofa with his hands, offered by the Internet, will serve as reference for this type detailing corner sofa. dimensions, indicated in the drawings, recalculated depending on the chosen parameters of the new corner.

Scheme mounting bracket and an approximate count necessary fittings, necessary for the construction bond

Only dimensions remain unchanged, standard for all types of corner sofas the kitchen:

  • Seat height - 45cm;
  • seat depth - 50cm;
  • The length of the short and long couches - 120 and 200 cm;
  • The height of the upper edge of the backrest - 85-95sm.

kitchen corners for kitchen изготавливают из ламинированного и шлифованного ДСП толщиной 16 mm. To handle end portion edge blanks used ABS. Detailing carcasses of both sofas same:

  1. The front panel of the bottom drawer - 1 PC.
  2. side plates - 2 PC.
  3. The bottom of the box - 1 PC.
  4. Drawer back - 1 PC.
  5. Upper limit box - 1 PC.
  6. seat - 1 PC.
  7. The back - 1 PC.
  8. The support rails for the backrest -2 PC.

Bottom, rear wall and the box are made of rough sedlushka Particleboard.

Important! For sale is a PVC profile, but it is not suitable for the corner pieces, as in active operation of the couch during this edge will rip.

To the kitchen couch with their hands externally indistinguishable from a factory product, Handyman services are cutting chipboard. Machines for cutting sheet particleboard furniture are available in each workshop. In addition to the cut for their own needs, they carry out orders to the public. Master of the house is detailed drawings on the corner sofa kitchen with his hands and writes all its parts. Next on the technology firm size makes the program, which is cutting the card and calculates the number of sheets of chipboard. Along the way, given the total number of cut running meters, which corresponds to the meter cross-cut tape. The only thing, it is necessary to cut the house - it's curly Details. The feed curly list items are recorded in the form of rectangular blanks.

Shaped parts are cut jigsaw

For a fee, the firm offered to cut and shaped parts and pokleit all miter blank tape. To reduce the number of home-based work, and it is recommended to use this service. ABS glue tape on the machines is much higher quality, than manual gluing paper tape. In this case, the master of the house will not have to be milled parts and produce for this template.

Assembly lines sofas

If the master decided to make the kitchen himself and milled curly details yourself, to complete this work is recommended to follow these rules:

  • templates, which are cut and milled parts, It should be made of plywood. Structure chipboard material at the ends of the porous, so when milling cutter bearing will jump to these irregularities, and details of the line does not get flat. If plywood is not available, the pattern end of the paste over chipboard several layers of paper tape.
  • Finish the ends of the alignment parts sander do not perform. This tool can not be achieved perpendicular to the plane of the end surface of the part. Grinder will not make a flat surface,, the need for accurate edge glueing.
  • The front panel of the box is inclined. This is done for the convenience of sitting. Therefore, the lower part of the side plates cut with a bevel in 100.

Important! ABS Tape sold coated with glue and without him. Blank tape used to work on the machines, in which the adhesive is supplied from a separate container, and make the area with the help of the house will not work.

АБС лента
ABS tape for furniture

After milling and gluing tape proceed to markup and assembly sofas. When the hole pattern on the surface of the side struts should be considered, that the front panel on the box 2 mm recessed, so the center of the hole is located at a distance from the edge 10 mm. At the bottom pivot bearings packed.

Kitchen corner kitchen with his hands going through SCREW and dowels. Metal screws recommended for use in joints, responsible for structural rigidity. In other cases, use dowels. This reduces the number of through holes. Fully dowel put lower support bar for the backrest.

SCREW dowels and acquire in-store furniture fittings. There you need to buy a combined drill, that a single pass will verify aperture under the thread and the neck konfirmat. If this is not a drill, it uses two of the drill diameter 4,5 and 7 mm. The bottom of the box plug-and attached to the side uprights, front and back panel 6 konfirmatov. Corner of the kitchen is going in that order:

  • The blind holes under the top drawer in the middle of the bar side of the rack insert dowels. They skewer support bar.
  • Fasten the rear wall of the box.
  • Screw the front panel.
  • Insert the bottom of the box.
  • Bolted upper support rails at the back.

Комбинированное сверло
Combined drill on wood

The backrest and seat upholstery are mounted after. The second module is built in a similar manner.

Assembling the connecting module

The peculiarity of the backrest structure and defines a large corner module assembly labor intensity. Semicircular backrest perform problematic, therefore recommend to split the segment into three equal straight segment. In this way, rest of the connecting section on the couch consists of three narrow panels.

The support rails at the back have a gusset shape. Between the upper bar box, the lower and upper support bar mounted backrest uprights. They hold the upper corner trims. The box in this section do not, there is no bottom and front panel.

Upholstery and assembly

Make a cool area with their hands - it has stylish upholstery. Material stitched selected for its practicality and matching appearance design premises. Prior to detail upholstery foam adhered with plotnostyu38 kg / m³ . In the corner of the soft back and seat are made. Back to cut a rectangular piece of foam, wider than the back width at 4 cm. Do it with the expectation of foam bend to the ends of the parts. Seat foam cut out details on the wider 2 cm, as he wrapped only in front. To fix the foam adhesive used quick installation.


Important! to order, that the foam is not shifted, the production of several pieces of filler is not allowed

Cutting cloth piece is placed on the material and is encircled by a contour. Is then added to the resulting line 5 cm and a pattern obtained Upholstery. The rectangular piece of cloth sheathes will be more details on the width and length on 10 cm. Fabric with tuck stapler nailed to one side of the part. Then stretched uniformly and nailed on the opposite side. Similarly, a stretch stapler nailed the other side.

The seats are attached to the top of the bar box on piano hinges. The back is screwed to the support rails with metal corners. Since the backrest is tilted, corners must first bend. Cooking Area of ​​twisted sections assembled furniture coupler.


To assemble the kitchen with his hands should be dealt with in the sliding systems. For the operation of each type of sofa mechanism design is projected upon the principle. This involved trained industrial engineers, and with such a task can not cope on their own amateur. But to make a corner sofa with reclining seats simple man in the street quite a force.