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Kitchenette and advice from a professional to assemble

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For a budget self-assistance kitchenette needed drawings and circuit assembly the sofa with his hands. Such a solution to the problem of the interior arrangement may seem a daunting task for a newbie, but enough to learn a couple of nuances, to make a full-fledged functional furniture with his own. It is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this method, as well as the installation of the technology and the principles of drafting, to evaluate the drawings of kitchen corners.

Beautiful kitchen
Beautiful kitchen decoration of any kitchen

Pros in the manufacture of kitchen corner with his hands

Repairs in the kitchen connected with the renovation. Regardless of whether you are buying a ready-made model, are manufactured according to individual sizes, or do it yourself, Design a new building project includes drawings and food scheme. A clear demonstration of placement of objects, and they occupy space allows to consider the best option interior.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen finished drawings with dimensions As for dining and Groups. It may include a table with chairs or soft kitchen. Soft cozy sofa like many, but the cost of current models does not suit everybody. In this case, the furniture can be made independently.

To determine the optimal parameters of the product you need to consider cuisine drawing in detail. This step may take a while, but the next corner will satisfy your needs.

The correct dimensions - an important component of cutting

Benefits autographic manufacturing of furniture are as follows:

  • budget savings (you need to pay only for the materials used, design and installation, as well as a number of trade margins, used in furniture stores are excluded from the cost);
  • selection of optimal properties, type and cost of materials;
  • size adapts to available area;
  • adjustment of parameters to suit individual needs: seat depth, backrest height, the length of the sofa, etc.;

Drawing of kitchen units
Drawing a small kitchen unit

  • unique design and originality;
  • arrangement of additional storage systems, etc..

Derive the drawings and size kitchen corners with his own hands is not so difficult, as it may seem. In addition, as a basis we can take ready-made projects, adapting them to suit your conditions.

The material is selected based on the available budget and the expected characteristics of furniture. Ideally used wood, but some parts can be replaced with DSP. Drawings kitchenette made of wood with their hands reflect the number and configuration of the required components.

corner of the kitchen

The seat is soft and voluminous. To do this, take the foam and upholstery. Kitchen fit such coatings:

  • Skin - a natural, "breathable" material. Good to clean, durable and pleasant to the touch, It has an expensive look. Disadvantage - the high cost of.
  • Leatherette - not dirty, is water, easy to clean. The downside is the air-tightness and cracking over time. This is a cheap alternative to natural leather.
  • Flock - a fabric impregnated with a protective. Such a surface can be washed and cleaned, pleasant to the touch she kozhzama.
  • Matting - has a coarse woven structure, It looks original, but can easily get dirty.

Leathern sofa with upholstery
Soft and voluminous seat leather

Can be considered any kind of upholstery: tapestry, jacquard, velours, etc.. The choice is largely influenced by the external fabric appearance, its operating characteristics, prospects and cleaning costs.

Each element of an individual project is thought out in such a way, so that from it could make the most. To make profitable sofa folding Seats and back with tables for storing things, Shelves on the sides, angular boxes etc..

The drawings and diagrams

In order to make drawings of the kitchen corner with their hands must be defined in advance with the product model.

kitchen corner drawing

For standard dishes available such options:

In most drawings for manufacturing kitchen corner sofas imply the existence of two different sizes, interconnected auxiliary insert.

kitchen corner Drawings prepared separately for each section. You also need to create drawings of parts with dimensions. They are necessary for cutting the material and workmanship of the finished product.

As an example, consider the corner sofa drawings for kitchens. The project consists of three parts: long and short sofa plus insert. Drawing kitchen corner with the dimensions of the parameters will contain such:

Two sofas with insert
Long and short sofa plus insert

  • total construction height;
  • seat depth;
  • the total width of the sofa;
  • length of the product;
  • seat height;
  • backrest height.

This general parameters. In general, the dimensions cuisines circuit with such elements comprises:

  • two sidewalls;
  • niche, consisting of a front panel, and bottom wall;
  • seat strap;
  • directly seat;
  • stop bar for the backrest;
  • upper limit;
  • back.

beautiful kitchen

scheme assembly kitchen corner It should display dock space available and the attachment elements. They are represented by metal corners, piano hinges, konfirmatami and shkantami. The main emphasis falls on the sidewall. Stand seat does not fall to the bottom. If you expect a large load on the sofa, mount auxiliary ribs under the seat, as well as on the bottom level and secure pedestal legs in the middle of a niche.

The simplest model of a kitchen corner can be collected as follows:. If there is a pedestal or rear cleat, initially you need to build a framework of particleboard. The seats are screwed to the support legs, and the sidewalls are interconnected. Folding models only fixed on one side on the piano hinges. Backrest attached to the seat and also interconnected.

Scheme kitchen corner
Scheme of the most common kitchenette

Variants of wood with sleeping soft spot

Sofas in most designs are made up of long and short meter module - about 50 — 70 cm. In rare cases, adjusted seat depth. This fact must be considered in the design of the connecting section. When the depth of the main sofa in 40 cm and a height 80 cm corner size is adjustable 45 cm.

Edges used Particleboard, which have an external output is required to be processed ABS-edge. Note, that you bought EAF must have a uniform structure and thickness, does not flake or crumble in sections.

If a dining group will stand against a wall, We need to provide for the presence of the notches on the back side under the plinth. This will place the furniture as near as possible to the wall.

prepare drawings dining table with his hands simpler. This includes:

  • tabletop;
  • support legs;
  • Tsargush.

Here are a few schemes available designs, which can be made at home if you want to own.

Details for kitchen corner
The set of parts included in the kitchenette

The table must fit the parameters under a sofa corner, i.e. the free passage left between the seat and the structure. For a small table top does not make sense to do 4 legs. Then settling flat cover, which is fixed on a central support. Bottom support often bolted to the floor. This will prevent the drop table or slacking.

When a dream to do something with their own hands, the flight for unlimited imagination. You can make the product simpler budget, you can add a "highlight" in the form of an unusual design element, design, decoration. And you can do a complex multi-function product of expensive materials, eg, with extra bed, which is sure to come in handy, if unexpected guests descend.

homemade kitchen

A good solution - covers for sofas corner with his hands. They make it easy to care for furniture, since they can be removed and washed if contaminated. This additional protection for upholstery. They are sewn from thick fabric and fitted with ties or Velcro. It can be as solid cape, and selective. The latter covers the most easily soiled areas: armrests, seat, the upper part of the backrest.


Home-made kitchen furniture for dining group - it is completely solvable task. It is important to choose high-quality materials, that the design was sound and served for you as long as possible.