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Kitchen furniture with their hands: drawings and assembly steps

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Many masters of all trades have a desire to make the kitchen drawings and diagrams furniture their own hands. But it is worth remembering, that it requires expertise and a certain practice. Having a working knowledge, you can do the kitchen is not only drawings, but also furniture.

Plans for kitchen furniture
Outline of kitchen furniture modules with bevelled ends

purchase furniture, accessories, fasteners is not a problem, the main thing - drawing with dimensions, which will follow the further stages. Taking into account the advice of experts and especially kitchen furniture, you make a kitchen and other furniture with his own hands without the help of a specialist, and this article will help you learn, some drawings of kitchen furniture are and how to make them.

Sketching and metering

Make the kitchen with his hands not difficult, when you have the room measurements and a sketch kitchen units. As an example, we took a rectangular set, drawing is the easiest. Location of such furniture is in a rectangular type room or kitchen-studio, combined with living room, there it looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

After selecting this type of cuisine you should know, that arranged the furniture and items will need a certain sequence, so the room will be a free space and the rational use of working surfaces.

The sequence alignment:

  • Refrigerator standing near a window away from the radiator.
  • Work table with table top 50 cm.
  • gas or electric cooker.
  • Another worktop to a working surface.
  • washing.

Chertёzh kitchens 1800h3000
Drawing furniture to the size and approximate location

Adhere to the following sequence is necessary in the event that, when the same place for cooker hoods and downspouts Sink.

This design makes it possible to place a dining and work area, saving space. therefore, sketches kitchen sets to the size necessary to make as accurate as possible.

Council: before, how to make the kitchen look closely drawing, to doors and window, when they opened, We do not interfere with the working area and sitting at the table.

When the U-shaped option plan do not put a plate in the center of the headset next to the window - it will close the access to the plate, and in the open window burners will blow wind.

How to make measurements

Making drawings calculations kitchen with his hands to observe the accuracy of each centimeter, So, it affects the result of a further. pay attention to:

  • The length of each wall, which will house lockers.
  • What height. It is used to the maximum, the upper cabinets put those instruments, which are used less frequently, and in the lower most needed, so that there were always at hand.

Drawing 3300h2100 cuisine
Making the right picture - it is half the battle

The next stage - a detail kitchen drawings, in which you need to specify the scheme of each shelf and cupboard. There are standard sizes, which is used in the manufacture of furniture, if you want a different plan kitchen, we suggest you make drawings of the cupboard with his hands.

standard options:

  1. Floor cupboards and worktops are the same height 85 centimeters.
  2. The best depth is considered 45-55 centimeters, it depends on, any communication in the house along the walls.
  3. In width range varies from 30 to 80 centimeters. The smaller size makes when visiting shelves, and when a large swing doors.
  4. Floor cabinets may be of different sizes, but when it comes to washing, then make a cabinet width 80 centimeters. If the kitchen is very small, make it at least 60 centimeters.
  5. The wall cabinets operate in two ways - identical with floor, or 10-20 centimeters shorter.
  6. Depth of wall cabinet - 30 centimeters, height 65-47 centimeters.
  7. Standard padding Base cabinet from the wall 65 centimeters, it depends on the growth of the hostess.

cuisine drawing 2500 mm
The basic rule in the manufacture of furniture is the ability to split everything into separate parts

Council: If you want to highlight the kitchen and make it non-standard, drawing food with their own hands - something, what you need.

After that, made all measurements, transfer them to paper. Kitchen circuit should be of the measuring equipment, you put together a suite.

We expect the size of furniture

The correct calculation of the size of the future of furniture is an important step in the, which can not be ignored. All drawings for the manufacture of food with their hands, calculate separately and move onto the paper for further manufacture.

An important point - the drawings kitchen units, especially that, which established an oven and hob, so it checks should responsibly.

Each item of furniture, pay special attention to - the side walls, the rear panel, door and racks. When installing drawers with pull-out, should be considered, where to put accessories, and drawings of furniture with his own hands must display them thoroughly.

For the dining area will need to table a drawing with the necessary measurements. Consider detail mount of main units. This will require:

  • robust worktop;
  • wooden plate;
  • legs;
  • corners;
  • Bolts and screws.

Detailed section diagram shows, where each element is fixed. First, on the lower part countertop using tools fasten the wooden plate, This is necessary in order, to design a well-kept. Then fasten the corners at the edges, to them - legs.


If you do the table more than once, you can not look for schemes, and take the drawings of the table with their own hands and make a, which is more like.

Council: when the subject you ready made furniture, check it for strength, poshatayte. It must then be, so that in the case of loose elements of the cabinet is not crumbled along with the contents.

Drawings of kitchen furniture with his own hands to help people, which can not be employed by a specialist due to lack of funds. Find many suitable examples are in the pages of the construction sites on the Internet. If you can - ask for help to a specialist, it will take less time, but make your wallet thinner.

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