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How to create the perfect kitchen furniture yourself: instruction for all

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acquire kitchen set It can be in the store, or make to order. If you are comfortable working with wood, you can create furniture the hands at home.

Kitchen furniture on their own
Kitchen furniture alone can make almost any man

It should determine the materials, of which the furniture is done. Pre-prepared tools, and executed the project of furniture. When planning the design take into account the dimensions of the room.

Furniture Set the strength to design and assemble the finished parts from anyone, who has carpentry skills and know how to use screwdriver. Let's find out, how to make kitchen furniture.

homemade cuisine

Which tool will need?

Простая мебель their own hands It is performed with the help of special tools. Prepared measuring device, drill and other tools.

By using the screwdriver mounted furniture fittings, and twist the screws. This tool saves time on assembly. Curler SCREW used Allen key. It is recommended to buy a screwdriver reversnuju, which is equipped with several nozzles.

Chosen different diameter drill. With an awl made nadkoly under the drilling site. For measurements selected square and tape measure. Grinding ends chipboard performed with sandpaper.

drill holes are made at help chipboard. Furniture making themselves with their own hands for the house using a hand router and an electric jigsaw. Selected rubber mallet and stationery knife.

Tools furniture maker
Tools furniture maker - a standard, that almost everyone has a home

Pre-finished material. MDF is used for facade. Plywood is used as a basis. Home furniture with his own hands made using wood. This material is considered to be expensive.

What is in the draft?

Before making furniture for the home, you must perform a sketch and drawing. With self-creating structures are taken into account characteristics of the premises and the selected high-quality materials.

The project will help to create special programs, which even laymen apply.

kitchen of boards

This constructor allows you to plan the appearance of the product and to assess the design.

produce kitchen furniture will help project, in which the following parameters will be taken into account:

  1. The selection of style options.
  2. Color selection, shape of the facades and materials.
  3. Selected additional elements: decorative items and table top.
  4. Placing dryers, drawers and baskets.

Measurements room for drawing drawing

room measurements
For measurements Treat very seriously

Making the closet with his hands, starting with the measurements. Determine the height, depth and width. Levels are measured by the walls and floor covering. If you create a corner suite Gaugeable angle depth.

On a piece of paper the size and dimensions of the room are applied taking into account the future furniture straddling technology.

After performing the drawing is selected headset design and color palette.

Preliminary drawing will allow to make the kitchen with his hands.

Features cutting material

Cutting materials is recommended to have professionals. Because it is difficult to saw equal parts self. In this case, the list of parts, and is determined by which side of the glued edge.

It takes into account the value of the facade and the size of the main parts: cover, and bottom walls.

Together with wood stove, acquired hinges for kitchen furniture.

You can be stuck on the edge band of particle self. This will require a melamine edge, bead, knife, skin and iron.

First heated iron, then treated with sandpaper edge. Then, the sizing. After the iron, detail of the roller presses.

Then the edges are cut edges.

sawing material
Jigsaw is very easy and pleasant to work with furniture

Selection of facade elements

If you are doing it yourself furniture, the facades are ordered in special institutions. The value has a cost. Elevations discount standard sizes, but may be performed on individual needs and.

It is important to match the color of the facade designs. selected color, that mimic natural wood.

Fasteners and accessories

Selected wooden furniture Furniture and fasteners. We calculate parts. As the fasteners needed screws, metal corners, nails and evrovinty.

selected accessories. In the selection of loops, worth considering, which way the door will open. Use templates for furniture hinges. Inside the cabinets provides ventilation and lighting techniques.

For doors applied aluminum fittings. corners and special sticks used for mounting shelves.

By housing the shelves are fixed with dowels or nails. Are used Gas Spring for furniture, which represent hoists.

Guides with different closers dearness.

Mounting accessories
Here's an amateur , Choose what you know

How to assemble furniture?

After preparing all the pieces performed home furniture with their hands. At the end part of the elements is glued edge. Markings formed on the hole drilled in the housing. The openings on the facades of carefully milled, it has not turned through-holes. The depth of the hole depends on the thickness of the material.

Built on the principle of going boxes. For horizontal surfaces mounted vertical. After assembling the cabinet, he filled shelves and drawers.

using a level, screwed on roller guides and furniture gas lift.

Next, the mounting rails and holders shelves. Hinge mounted door leaf.

make cabinets, using adjustment of doors. Tips on: gather kitchen himself, recommend installing facades least. Door mounted in the open position. This procedure is done in pairs. One person holds the facade, and the second hole drills. Then a loop put on the screws.

Completed the process of assembling the installation of external handles. In this case, the through-holes are made.

The legs are mounted on the assembled product and inverted.

assemble furniture
Assembling of furniture should be neat occupation, important not to damage the appearance of the headset

Special attention should be given countertop and connecting parts of kitchen units.

Make furniture with their hands is not so difficult. Worktop mounted after the assembly of the bottom row. This part is mounted with screws. On the surface of countertop cut hole washer and plate. To do this, is marking pencil.

After mounting of the lower tier, set top. The distance from the table top to the bottom of the upper cabinet must be at least 600 mm.

Which option to choose countertops?

make the kitchen furniture of high quality materials. Noteworthy worktop. It is a functional and decorative element, which is made of different materials.

  1. The working surface of granite characterized durability and resistance to hot conditions. This material is not picky about the care. Products are suitable for any interior.
  2. Marble products have a smooth surface, which is convenient to roll out the dough. It is considered one of the expensive materials.
  3. Furniture made of artificial stone is reliable and hygienic. The surface resistant to moisture. Tabletops are made on 90 % quartz and susceptible to mechanical damage and dirt. When mounting hostility ground and become invisible.
  4. The standard thickness of the acrylic countertops - 12 mm. The material has durability and low weight. The cracks in this material is easily processed and polished protecting adhesive composition. This material is combined with plastic, metal and wood.

The table top looks good, when it is massive

From stone countertops is better to use light colors options, because on a dark table may be visible scratches.

Artificial stone countertops have many advantages. From this material make kitchen furniture, as it is considered to be environmentally friendly, pliable and durable.

The surface of the wood have an attractive appearance and a smooth work surface. From this material runs built-in furniture with their hands. Bumps in the wood is easily corrected. They are treated with special oils and are stripped. Running meter for the kitchen of this material will cost 2000-6000 rubles.

Laminated countertops are popular. The surface of the product is resistant to damage. It does not require special care.

Laminated products imitate marble and wood products.

Table tops of chipboard possess the following qualities:

  • possess moisture resistance;
  • composition of formaldehyde does not exceed the permissible level;
  • decor is both simple, and very original;
  • affordability, countertops cost 500-1000 rubles per meter.

Countertops made of concrete painted, polished and polished. The composition of material includes beautiful stones or seashells.

Table top made of concrete
Countertops made of concrete to make a home

The original design of different products made of ceramic tile. Such material is not resistant to chipping.

The working surface of stainless steel have a smooth surface. These products are used in modern interiors. Benefits include high temperature resistance and dirt. Such material is easy to clean. Besides, Steel is hygienic and can last for a long time.

What are the nuances of the installation suite of furniture you need to know?

Installation suite of furniture is done in-house. Knowing the nuances of the installation work, you can simplify your work.

Prior to the installation of finishing work in the kitchen should be completed. Furniture is installed on a level floor, next to the dry walls.

Following knowledge will simplify the work:

  1. Furniture assembled with extreme element. The bottom row is set with the level. The surface should be smooth - it is easier to mount countertop. Cabinet mounted evrostyazhkami.
  2. Worktop fastened with screws.
  3. After installation, the bottom row are installing the upper tier.
  4. The back wall mounted canopy, on which are mounted cabinets.
  5. If you intend to hood, it is mounted in the least.

Each element is marked and stacked next to the installation site. This approach will not get confused and do not lose details.

Using quality materials and special tools, facilitate the installation work. set, made by hand, perfectly fit into the interior.