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Proper installation of kitchen units - the key to a long life of furniture

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You have already purchased kitchen set, and he goes to you? Then it's time to think about installing a large furniture. You can use the services of professionals, but at the same time to pay them a good sum (assembly cost is 6-10 % the price of the product). The figures are introduced into the customers horror. There is a free version - for installation kitchen units their own hands. In this case, there is a risk of damage of the interior of objects, but if you do the things right, it reduced to a tiny percentage.

Installation of kitchen units
Installation of kitchen furniture is not easy, but you can do it yourself

When buying sets check with the manufacturer or seller of the presence of the instructions for the installation of certain items. If any, the assembly process will not work and do not take away a lot of time.

Not always you will find descriptions of the assembly of a particular furniture, articles and videos from the Internet just will mislead, because the masters show their individual technique, which seems strange novice in this sphere. In this article, we'll reveal the universal and simple rules of kitchen furniture assembly, We will tell about the basic nuances during assembly and installation, advise on how to avoid common mistakes.

kitchen set

What you need to do first

The key to successful business - proper preparation. You start it during the alignment of walls and floors, and finishing at a final. Before installing the furniture electrical work done in the right places, test them for performance, to resolve the problem before installation work. Check ventilation and drainage device. Take your construction waste.

not important, how many times you previously measured room, After the repair, do it again. At the store, ask again to calculate the dimensions of sets. If brought headsets not "fit" in the parameters in the room, the vendor will not change. Check whether all the missing parts for assembly, if something were missing, please contact your dealer.

Kitchen unit in the assembled state
Kitchen unit in the assembled state is different from the picture, if they themselves are not able to collect, then invite the master

collect the kitchen without the right tools you do not succeed, so take care of the presence of a full set of accessories, because this is an important moment of the preparatory phase.

Prepare a screwdriver, fretsaw, Circular, drill, dust, building level, pliers, hammer, operation hairdryer, clamp, sander, files, etc..

The assembly according to the rules of furniture

Installation of interior includes a pair of stages: assembly and immediate installation.

Sborka- most time-consuming process. Collect kitchen have, observing all the rules and regulations. It is a must for beginners. If the furniture is installed incorrectly, then it will have to be dismantled and re-repeat actions, but you break the strength of the structure.

Correctly assemble kitchen help our step by step recommendations. This process is important to perform under strict algorithm.

Installation of kitchen units

Fixings furniture assembly and installation of the loops on the kitchen facades carried out before the rest of the installation work. These preliminary steps facilitate the upcoming work. If the floor is uneven, Align the feet using a spirit level.

Mounting of the lower portion

Mounting of the lower portion
Furniture assembly done carefully, so that nothing is broken or scratched

Start with a corner stone, where is the car wash. If the kitchen floor is uneven, then starting the installation with the highest point, This will help building level.

Is bottom nightstand just, There are two variants of this process:

  1. sort and refine the details, mark the holes for fasteners, predrill and seal parts together. Be very precise in their actions, Avoid displacing any parts of furniture.
  2. Gradual fixing of all parts. In this case, you can mount them to correct and change in the process of.

Select the suitable method and start action. Collect a set of lockers, which should stand at one, then the other wall, to avoid chaos in the room during work. follow, you to have the desired part: bottom - 1 thing, back wall - 1 thing, two racks and two side walls.

Start with mounting the main conduit and connects the bottom floor tumbochek-, side panels and worktops. Then attach inside polkoderzhateli. Collect boxes with a set of roller guides, which are mounted on the sides of cabinets. You can now be connected to the rear wall of the finished structure by means of small nails or a staple gun, insert boxes. Similarly collect individual tables and high single cupboards.

Remember, that the saw blade is designed for trimming worktops. Other details can not rasp!This is your fault or factory marriage!

The table top is laid on top. If it consists of separate blocks, then use special connections.

Laying countertops
Laying countertop requires painstaking

Pull-out cabinet provides the following assembly technique. Sami boxes before you mount (connect the side parts, attach the bottom of a stapler and a pen on a facade). Then, on the sidewalls pedestals apply markings to install metal guide, attach sliding elements.

Assembling the upper portion

Installation tops harder, than the previous milestone. Pre is very important determine the height, where you will make Mount Headset, because it affects the usability of the kitchen. Standard provides a standard height 50-60 centimeters.

Installation of kitchen units

The first step is to fix mounting rails, It comes complete with a suite or sold separately. The first device module is attached to the cabinet, the second - to the wall. Before this is done counting, follow, that the wall was flat. To help in the building level will. Methodology "linkage-bracket" significantly increases the accuracy and speed of operation, because they do not have to constantly hold. Modern sample have adjustment screws to adjust the position of the headset in the front-back and up and down. Therefore, the uneven surface of the room - is not a problem!

Wall cabinet collect similar, as well as outdoor: Mount the "box", connect it to the bottom and the top of. A special process - installation of facades. Mobility door using a special attachment. Each item must be in its place, do not let their shifts and cutting.

Assembling the upper portion
Assembling is performed in the upper part of the end of the process

Set furniture

This step is not less diligent, than previous. But if every element in place, you complete all work within an hour. You do not even have to use the help of others.

Properly install kitchen help to the following rules:


  • start the installation of furniture corner base cabinet, because of him absconding eyeliner water;
  • arrange the rest of the tables in the order, along one wall, and then - the second (if z-shaped or n-shaped configuration);
  • outdoor furniture 'linked' to each other with screws or Furniture screed (the latter option is more robust and user-friendly, It does not harm the interior items);
  • hinged on the bar hang lockers, also start from a corner, and then set alternately every wall.

To check the quality of their work try to open cabinets and drawers, Use socket and sink. If there are no problems, you done your job.


Mounting and installation of kitchen furniture - a laborious process, first it will seem impossible, but step by step algorithm to help in this matter, and the long-awaited set will be operated comfortably and correctly.