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How to self-assemble kitchen set for the weekend: 5 the main assembly steps

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the purchase of new kitchen units accompanied by assembly. It is required to hire professionals surcharge. An alternative to this process - an assembly kitchen units independently. You will need a set of tools and knowledge of technology installation work. Independent work will save money.

kitchen set
Kitchen set can be assembled by, if only instruction was

What do I need to check and do before assembly?

himself collect kitchen not so difficult. Modern fasteners facilitate the assembly process. Set necessary tools are in each home.

Before the arrangement of the headset you want to align the surface of floors and walls. Furniture is going, when the walls are painted or papered.

 kitchen set

To assemble the kitchen furniture with his own hands the following conditions are required to perform:

  • Communication lines and electrical wiring must conform to the plan of placement of furniture;
  • the design of the kitchen allows for the possibility of electrical disconnection without dismantling the furniture designs;
  • it is recommended to comply with the rules of the installation of power outlets when connecting cooktops;
  • Electrical sockets are mounted at a distance of 10 cm from the countertop surface;
  • the installation should take into account the location of wiring, so as not to damage it during drilling;
  • hole for ventilation is located at a certain distance from the hinged shelves, connected to a gas vent;
  • deviation flooring surface from the horizontal plane is not more 5 mm.

A man checks the floor flatness
Check the floor flatness by using a special instrument - leveling

to collect kitchen set their own hands, You need to prepare the following tools:

    1. Perforator required for fastening elements to the concrete walls.
    2. Screwdriver with a set of bits.
    3. Jigsaw with saws used for cutting holes in the worktop.
    4. Level and roulette.
    5. Hacksaw and a hammer.
    6. The set of furniture is often supplied hex wrench.
    7. Drill and screws.
    8. Staple gun with staples.
    9. sealant.

    In order to collect the kitchen need to free working space of unnecessary items. Furniture components are exempt from the packaging.

    renovated kitchen with his hands

    Prepared means for the assembly of furniture with his own hands and fittings.

    Before you perform the installation of kitchen units, should determine how to install:

    1. Corner modules are installed in the first place.
    2. The wall panels are fixed first lower row of modules.
    3. If the wall is tiled, the first mounted hinged design.

    Plan kitchen furniture
    Plan kitchen headsets need prior to its assembly

    What are the stages of the assembly is?

    Instructions for assembly kitchen will allow assemble furniture on their own. Observing the installation technology, you can mount the set as soon as possible. kitchen assembly begins with the installation of cabinets. At the same time going mounted and floor designs.

    The installation process consists of several stages. Wall cabinets are mounted on the same principle, and that the lower structure. But there are differences.

    Not performed the installation of drawers. The facades are made during installation of the wall mount.

    Assembling the floor elements and wall cabinets

    assembly instruction assumes consistent performance. First mounted and hinged floor structure. Often used as a floor element cabinet.

    Installation consists of the following::

    kitchen with his hands

    1. prepared sidewall. For this guide drawers are assembled with screws.
    2. For fixing panels, the holes are inserted special Chopyk. These details make it easier to build housing. The second panel is put on the fixing member and pressed.
    3. The panels are tightened with screws and Allen wrench. Then the holes are covered with plugs.
    4. The floor elements on top of the established two planks, which is attached worktop.
    5. Fits rear wall using brackets.
    6. By using the screwdriver on the floor mounted cabinets legs. In some cases, instead of legs used linings of plastic. When installing the level applied.
    7. Hinged design equipped with wall mounts.

    Wall cabinets
    Wall cabinets should be as correctly assembled, since they are the main furniture dish

    Installation of kitchen furniture begins with thumbs, cupboards or canisters. Mounted side member, which is the basis for communication. It bore holes for the various cables and pipes.

    Floor elements are connected by means of screws or furniture coupler.

    During the work, a special hardware:

    1. DIN rail mounting is used on durable enclosure to the wall surface.
    2. The adjustment screws allow you to adjust the location of the kitchen design.

    Before assembly checks for fasteners. In some cases, use "under the press" hinged design, which do not require additional fasteners.

    Intersection ties are used for connecting elements together.

    headset assembly

    Mounting sinks

    scheme kitchen assembly Headset provides mount sinks.

    In this case, the installation is carried out in several stages:

    1. To mount the sink in the countertop cut holes. after marking, cutting a hole is made using a jigsaw.
    2. When cutting the place under the sink is glued to the surface of masking tape, then sawed-off piece will hang on it.

    Install kitchen simpler, if you are using a standard wash, not built.

    Installation in the kitchen sink
    Installation is still dependent on the type of car wash

    Features installation of wall panels and table tops

    Such an assembly sequence comprises countertop mounting and fastening of the wall panels.

    Produced countertops markup. Work surface should be attached to the wall. The gap disappears skirting.

    Scheme assembly of furniture with worktop consist of the following::

    1. With Jig saws off superfluous elements, and worktop to fit the size.
    2. Assembling the corner kitchen with his hands It involves the use of metal straps, which is mounted on the end of the operation panel and covers the gap between the elements.
    3. End plate elements are near films covered by special, and in other places of furniture edges.
    4. Worktop mounted using screws.

    The wall above the work surface closed wall panels. To set up the kitchen wall plugs are used. They mounted panel.

    In such constructions are cut holes for socket.

    To improve the quality of furniture, all joints treated with a special sealant.

    The assembly mounted constructions

    In order to collect the kitchen you need to carefully take measurements. To fix the hinged construction is measured 500 mm from the surface of the countertop.

    Headset drawing with dimensions
    Who is friends with the dimensions of the furniture properly gather

    Next, the measurement of attachments, and notes line for mounting.

    1. Mounted bracket for suspensions.
    2. Cabinet mounted on slots. In this case, the hooks cling holes.
    3. It is necessary to collect a corner kitchen cabinet in the first place. If the wall has a roughness, it applies bezel.
    4. Suspended structure secured by ties.

    Mounting Drawer

    Correctly assemble a corner kitchen to help mount drawers.

    In this case, the following actions:

    drawer of kitchen units

    1. Of the three panels are going frames using Chopyk.
    2. The grooves fiberboard sheet mounted, which serves as a bottom.
    3. The facade is attached by means of special ties. In this case, the screws are inserted into the front side, and fastening the ends of the side panels.
    4. By the bottom of the drawer guides with rollers attached.
    5. Boxes are inserted at an angle into the guide. It is worth checking the ease of movement of construction.

    Collect the most simple furniture. It is recommended after installation to check the functioning of all structural components.


    The space between the wall and the worktop is closed special skirting. To this end, the surface of the wall using dowels mounted guide, which is covered by a decorative plate.


    After installing a suite of furniture made hood assembly. Design is located at an altitude of more than 70 cm. Ate gas stove, you will need to pull back around 80 cm. The duct device is mounted.

    To wash summed sewer and water mains. Mounted socket for household appliances, that connect.

    Almost all kitchen sets are mounted on the same principle. The study regulations and the availability of tools to help assemble the structure on its own. Assembly makes it possible to additionally check the structural strength and the accuracy of its installation.