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The final stage of repair - assembly and installation of kitchen furniture with their hands

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The design chosen? Headset and we booked it on the road to your home? You are already wondering, "How do I mount the kitchen?"And you do not even know where to start? Then get acquainted with our recommendations.

Walnut furniture
Walnut furniture, wardrobes go well with the kitchen table and chairs

Assembly kitchen units - a laborious step, which involved professionals from store. Often their services cost customers dearly, so there is an alternative - to do business on their own. This does not mean, you without any assistance will be to collect the overall design. You can seek help from a friend, who have expertise. Installation of kitchen furniture without the assistance will take longer time, than the professionals.

On the Internet you will find many articles and video reviews on "Assembly of the kitchen". You can arm tips, take the necessary instruments and get down to business! For each individual interior items no instructions, but there is a common technique.

Kitchen set

What are the required fasteners and tools

Before assembling the kitchen their own hands Make full gear right tools and devices for the fasteners. Most fasteners are complete with furniture, but it is better to stock up the required amount of advance.

Assembly and installation of furniture for the first time can be a time-consuming process with the waste of nerves, and extra trips to the store will not contribute to the process.

furniture assemblers

If you have a wonderful toolbox, then remove from it the following devices:

  1. drill, two drill diameters 6 and 8 mm, drill (when demand - an adapter device) and corresponding drill;
  2. Screwdriver will fit any, attachments to it;
  3. Jigsaw or hacksaw - without them you do not get cut off a countertop;
  4. Allen key (There is absolutely in each set);
  5. aids: square and level, roulette, hammer, pliers and a knife-cutter.

With a complete set of all the actions will be clearly and quickly. By fixing elements include nails, screws, hooks, frame, loop (better buy their own silent and avoid slamming doors). This arsenal there specializing in store.

corner kitchen
Corner kitchen with original red handles and with beautiful cupboards

Correct assembly of kitchen furniture

Before, begins kitchen installation, remember the basic rule: rasp and customized furniture ordered is not necessary! If something does not fit, it is an assembly error, try again after a detailed reading instructions. All cutting tools are designed for mounting devices. You will only have to follow the instructions for each item. Each type of furniture has its own characteristics, if they are taken into account, the furniture assembly will be held on the "cheers".

Assembling the corner cabinet

Installation kitchen with his hands starts from the corner cabinets. Assembly instructions corner of the cabinet - the most difficult, and therefore it is recommended to start with this subject. Proper installation angle - half the battle!

assembly kitchen cabinet

Beginners typically arise complexity:

  • table corner snug to the wall and is joined to the pipes for sinks;
  • installation of washing or extraction requires the correct hole and compliance with safety rules;
  • water summing, sewerage, power supply unit;
  • They do not function adequately doors and drawers;
  • there is "extra" parts;
  • discrepancy with other worktops and cupboards.

Build your own kitchen after this action may seem difficult and discourage the desire to continue. Watch out especially for docking, but do not cut the end of. In the case of inconsistencies, you can contact the manufacturer, It may be the factory and marriage, do not rush to take the jigsaw. Corner cupboard under the sink mount without rear panel, so as not to interfere with the drainage system.

Furniture in the kitchen svetlolgo color
Furniture in the kitchen bright colors blends perfectly with the beautiful sex

Installing the base (floor pedestals) with legs and adjustable feet

Phase - easy, and it seems after the cupboard under the sink. Collect three the verge of, fit thereto "bottom" and legs.

Consider, that the main point in the assembly of floor cabinets - hardware countertops. That is, the side faces - flat, otherwise the "cap" does not lie. The height of the cabinets - the same, as well as for corner cabinets.

Instructions for assembling furniture, which stands on the floor - total. It includes three main points: mount wall panel, doors or hinge for boxes, installation countertops in the kitchen with his hands, and the possible installation of legs. If no further details, the "bottom" is mounted above, so as not to touch the floor, and the joint at the end of the skirting close up, so that dirt does not fall into the future under the tables.

installation pedestals kitchen with his hands

Setting the stamp (wall cabinets)

After the floor pedestals await you hanging lockers. With them the works no less. For this type of work will be necessary linkage and fixing material. They determine the accuracy and safety of the installation.

  • the distance between the top and bottom edge of the hinged tables - at least 60 centimeters, otherwise you will train with discomfort. Better - guided the growth of the, who cooks. Measure the distance from it and adding up the height of the stamp, draws a line for mounting;
  • fasten lath (bus) adjustable suspension;
  • awnings use only adjustable;
  • poveste a stand on the bus, catching for her hooks (determine the amount of their own, at least - two);installation of wall cabinets kitchen furniture
  • if the cabinet is not exactly hanging (or further from one side of the load will be lower), it podreguliruyte 2 bolt tightening or loosening;
  • Begin with the installation of furniture with corner cabinets. If the wall is uneven, angle is not 90 degrees, then use the bezel;
  • facade (door) mounted after the final mounting cabinets to the wall;
  • after installation fasten tops ties, to address gaps.

Stamp feature installation is, that focuses on the fasteners to the wall. If you install the apron between the floor and the tables, it also takes into account: the lower bound is mounted cabinets is strictly at the junction with him.

Modern design solutions provide for the installation in suspended cabinets point additional illumination system. Take care of the correct holes in the right places. With the power supply should not be any inaccuracies.

The main point at this stage - stand with a hood. Familiar with the detailed instruction of its installation. The technique itself is reminiscent of the installation of the cabinet under the sink, only the first set hood, mounted cabinet and fixed to the wall. Keep, so as not to damage the pipe, not drill cables, etc.. Mount cabinet with hooks, do not leave the "hang" on the hood.

Dinner Zone
The dining area is ideal for kitchen cabinets

Mounting cabinet with drawers in standard sizes

Kitchen cabinet with drawers - a floor locker, Tops of this type do not, because it is inconvenient to use. But their assembly and installation is left in the end, as a simple matter. The assembly of the drawer - a simple. The method works the same with them, as cabinets - to collect three sides and secure with screws. Then insert and mount the bottom wall facade. On the walls of the facade make the markup, tighten the screws and install the slot sleeve. At the bottom corners of drawers attach the roller guides (on the pedestal - the front part of the sleeve, on the box - the rear portion of the sleeve).

Kitchen cabinet Box sometimes requires the installation of handles. You do it using the level, and then attach them. The main condition - reliability, can be solidly screwed screws!


Fixing the doors with their hands

The final moment of the kitchen assembly and installation - fastening doors. Initially, make a mark on the inside of the panel hinge-fixers. Keep, to install the cup was on a pedestal, and mounting plate - on the door. Attach the first installation to the door at the desired level, then to a designated place on a pedestal. Several times, close and open the door, to check the functionality of e, in case of failure unfasten, re-look at the instructions and analyze errors.

fixing doors cupboard

Assembly kitchen furniture is considered ended, when all parts are functioning properly. The final stage - the installation of the baseboards and Technology. If everything is working properly, no discomfort during cooking, then you coped with the case of "excellent"!


Setting the kitchen with his hands - the cheapest option, but not always winning. Without experience, you do harm to kitchen sets and spent for the restoration or replacement of parts. Get down to work, when confident in their own abilities. When is the installation of furniture, and even before the process, Consider material Headset. Elaborate design items are best left to the professionals for the assembly of the present.