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New life of the old kitchen: recommendations furniture masters

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Kitchen set poiznosilsya and lost appearance, and money to buy new there? Do not despair, it is better try to make repairs of furniture with his hands. Before you begin the process, carefully inspect the furniture for damage and faults. Think, is there any sense in restoration, after all if the set formed of defective material, update the furniture with his own hands will be too expensive. In some cases, the cost is equal to the price of a new set of. Wooden furniture repaired many times. And if the restoration has gone in the wrong direction, do not despair, quite possible, that you'll have a brand-new-looking kitchen. Correctly perform independent restoration work and at the same time to show imagination, technology and ideas to help rework the furniture with their hands. In this article you will learn, as update the old kitchen furniture with their hands.

renovated kitchen
renovated kitchen, and it looks like new

Decorative how to update old headset

If there is no significant damage to furniture, but only in some places there were scratches or smudges, postpone repair of kitchen units with their own hands to better times. Here you can get decor. For these purposes, vinyl stickers or decoupage.

Girl paints set

Vinyl stickers can help to hide the crack in furniture for a few minutes and this will give her a new view. they are inexpensive, presented in a large assortment, easy to clean and can withstand temperature extremes. If you want to, that such stickers last a long time, purchase only certified products.

decoupage furniture ─ not less popular option. Select an image, which will endure. Use topsheet napkins patterned. degrease, then apply the glue to the desired location for decoupage and push it to the image. Once the glue is dry, Apply acrylic lacquer.

Methods of reconstruction furniture with their hands

kitchen sets, as well as any other furniture, It may be cosmetically put in order by applying samoklejushchejsja plenky, painting, varnished colorless or tinted lacquer. Considering that, the furniture in the kitchen is operated intensively, and the climate in the nutrition unit - aggressive, Materials used should be resistant to temperature extremes, high humidity, chemicals (varnishes, paints, film), and - environmentally friendly, because most of the surfaces in the kitchen in contact with food. Consider these methods in more detail.

Kitchen unit in the self-adhesive film
film is cheap, but very practical in all

Renovating the kitchen from particleboard

Two previous method used for minor injuries, in other cases, do without serious action.

We should stop for repairs furniture from DSP with their hands. After all, a kitchen set made of this material is popular because of its accessibility. Consider the common injuries and how to resolve them:

updated kitchen cupboard

  1. chipped. Chisel edge chipping dub and pour molten wax. Unnecessary wax pruned, giving the desired angle of the surface. Next, with a special pen and autopsied reduced texture varnish;
  2. Scratches are removed by coating them with a furniture wax. As in the previous paragraph, texture is aligned and fixed with varnish;
  3. Scrapes eliminated with a cloth microfiber, which is identical to the surface is moistened color toning pen. Mung damage along, then apply a varnish;
  4. cracks. PVA glue fill the crack. It is more convenient to do it with a syringe needle. The side of the seat slide strubitsu cracked and spoiled. Wipe off excess glue with a cloth and leave to dry for a day;
  5. Severed edge is better to replace. To this end, on the end of a new laminating edge lies on top and smoothed iron.

Self-adhesive film in the decoration of kitchen furniture

samoklejushchejsja plenka
The stores are very large selection of films- no problem finding

To repair the kitchen of furniture with his own hands is often used plёnka adhesive for furniture. Basically it is pasted over the facade of furniture. Before gluing film, prepare the surface. For convenience, remove the façades and accessories. Wipe the surface with sandpaper, degrease and prime as possible. Remove the necessary measurements from the facade.

To stick the self-adhesive film without bubbles follow the instructions:

  1. Cut film according to the obtained size. It is easy to do thanks to the centimeter scale on the reverse side. Do not forget about allowance width 2 cm;
  2. Peel 5─10 cm protective film and slowly press the decorative layer to the facade, flatten with your hand or a special scraper from the middle to the edge;
  3. Continue to unwind the tape on the furniture and glue small areas;
  4. If left unevenly, tear off and stick again.

an updated set

It does not always get it right, even adhering to instructions. If a film for furniture beds neplotno, blisters, despite all efforts, they try to smooth out the edge, pierce or cut through the middle. Then deflate.

When repairing the kitchen furniture is used and mirror adhesive film. It has a high moisture resistance performance, tolerates extremes of temperature, easy to clean, resistant to scratches.

Painting the kitchen fronts properly

painting method is used not only in the restoration of furniture, but in the event of a change of style cuisine.

Painted kitchen facade
Plus painted facades in, that changing the design, you can easily repaint them in the desired color

Paint old furniture with his own hands is easy:

  • Remove facades, then loosen them accessories and decorative objects. If you have glass inserts, remove them or cover film;
  • Clean all the elements, designed for painting, thoroughly from dust and dirt, then degrease;
  • If on the surface there are deep lesions, zashpaklyuyte their;
  • Double apply primer, suitable for facade;
  • Before use, the aerosol paint protect all surfaces, on which it can get. Pick up the can and shake for half a minute. Apply the paint slowly, observing the distance in cm 20─30. After drying the first layer, Apply one or two more. For painting, you can use a roller or brush. And even better, and that, and other. Brush suitable for hard to reach places, in other cases ─ roller. Do not type too much paint, otherwise it will flow;
  • When the façade completely dry, cover it with varnish. Depending on, What you want to see the surface, select glossy or matte varnish. He will emphasize the color and protect surface after painting;
  • Give the lacquer layer to dry. Attach accessories to the front and set it into place.

updated kitchen

Lacquered kitchen fronts and worktops

Restore old furniture with his own hands, and you can by painting. First, consider the main stages, constituting this process, and then focus on the repair of a particular kitchen furniture.

Lacquered kitchen facades
Gloss varnish looks great

Update the old wood with the help of lacquer furniture can be so:

  1. Loosen the facades of the kitchen and the table top, free from fittings. If there is a glass insert, Swear gee skotchem.
  2. Completely remove the old layer of varnish with sandpaper. The dust is shaken off or remove the vacuum cleaner, further wipe the surface with a damp cloth and allow complete drying.
  3. Evenly distribute the primer and let it dry.
  4. Apply a thin layer of varnish. If you are going to freshen up the furniture, Take clearcoat, and to change its color, buy color. After drying, apply a few layers. Mahogany furniture can be stained to reveal instead of varnish.

Council! Clay is toxic enough, so the restoration of furniture with its use should be made outside the closed room.

Features self-repair of basic kitchen elements

Repair of kitchen units is not limited to the facade, subject to restoration and other elements.

Restoration of chairs with their hands quite possible, important to make a little effort and show imagination. To get rid of the old beginning topcoat. Upholstered remove, using a hammer and screwdriver. Getting the heaviest part of the paper coating removal ─. Thoroughly sand the surface. To facilitate the work moisten it with water from a spray. Old varnish becomes viscous. After drying again walk with fine sandpaper.

Renovated kitchen
Update set itself is simply

Subsequent steps depend on your imagination and possibilities. Cover the surface with primer, and then apply paint or lacquer in two layers. Pick contrasting upholstery for seats. Remove the old, together with foam. Upholstery fabric is cut with a margin on the hem. Cut on the old standards, new foam. To seal member between a use furniture stapler. Seat put in place and screw.

Restore a chair can be a simpler way. Enough to sew a bag for him, garnished with decorative elements. Fabric selected based on their preferences. And it is better to sew several sets of covers ─ for each day for holiday moments.

with a beautiful pattern headsets

working area table top wear faster than the other elements of the kitchen unit. Apply such methods of its restoration:

  • lacquering;
  • painting;
  • decoupage;
  • wrapping film for furniture;
  • tile trim.

About the first 4 methods we have said. Let us at last. We need to work tiles and glue, which is applied to small areas of the countertop. Press the tiles to the surface and hold for about one minute. When finished trim, powertrowel neat seams.

No less exposed to damage and countertop kitchen table. Update an old table with his hands is not difficult. If the worktop is made of wood, restoration performed by painting or lacquering. Polished table can be painted or apply decoupage.


Repair of kitchen furniture is not limited to consideration of ways. In fact, there are more. But this knowledge is sufficient, to give new life to old furniture with his own hands.