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Photo printing on the kitchen facade - modern solution for design

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Home decoration focus was for centuries - people tried to bring comfort to the house with the help of small things. Today, every day the field of design presents us with new options for transformation of the house, from which at times dazzled. To avoid confusion, let's talk about today's popular decision for the transformation of the kitchen - printing on the front.

Photo printing on the kitchen facade
Photo printing makes the room more interesting

Photo printing on walls - the application of technology

To begin with we shall understand, What is the kitchen facade - is the outer surface of the kitchen cabinets, which, both on the facade of the building, first glance falls.

Photo printing on the kitchen facade

Some time ago, the design of the furniture was paid not much attention. Cabinets were purchased ready-made or ordered specially, but few people thought seriously about, that can be applied to kitchen furniture drawings, ornaments and even a complete picture. Today this is possible thanks to printing.

Printing on furniture fronts - a patterning using special equipment on the surface of kitchen cabinets and even refrigerator. In this case, you do not have to worry about the material, from which the furniture is made - there are several ways of drawing the image. You can choose the most suitable for you.

The polymer film

Popular and affordable option to transform the kitchen furniture - self-adhesive film with photo printing. The process of creating the material is simple - image, which you plan to place on the facade, using special software prepared and applied to the polymeric film, which has adhered to the surface of the furniture.

The polymer film on the kitchen facade
Using the polymer film can create individual atmosphere

It is compared with the equally popular photo wallpapers and airbrushing. The meaning of these technologies is one - to make the kitchen a comfortable and unusual. However, the polymer film differs from other technologies method of application and advantages.

  • The low cost of the material makes it possible to acquire a self-adhesive film with a segment of the population;
  • Making the picture takes only a few days;
  • Printing on adhesive tape is resistant to chemical and physical effects, so do not be afraid to wash it;
  • Variants photos and drawings to decorate kitchen facade incredible, because the kitchen will be the individual design element in the apartment;
  • You can create your own image or photo, to put it on the plastic film;
  • As the image is applied to the film, it can be placed on flat surfaces, and the curved.


WLAN allows you to create unique effects in the kitchen, that are sure to have a positive impact on the family's mood. After all, every woman knows, how important it is to have in the kitchen is not only a good technique, but also a pleasant environment around you, than and different dishes with photo printing on the facades.

But apart from the pros, this technology has drawbacks. The polymer film - a material destroyable, it is easy enough to damage the sponges and rough excessive force when cleaning dirt. Also, with time on the material appearing scratches and bubbles, which detracts from the appearance. It means, that the original appearance of the coating to retain the seal on 2-3 of the year, then drawing needs to be replaced. In spite of this, samoklejushchajasja plenka Laser Print remains the most popular method of applying a pattern on the surface of kitchen furniture.

There is another way of printing on the kitchen facade - UV printing.

UV printing on kitchen facades
UV printing can make the material and drawing a unit

UV printing

UV printing performs the same function, and that the polymer film - it helps to transform the surface of the kitchen cabinets beyond recognition, but in a different way. Using UV printing pattern is applied directly to the surface of furniture, because this technology is also called direct.

As well as printing on self-adhesive film, UV technology has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. For printing on the surface, a special UV printer, refilled ink, which when exposed to radiation polymerize and form a strong coating. This is both a positive and negative side printing, because such a complex process affects the cost of printing, making it less affordable.beautiful drawing on the kitchen facade
  2. Paints, used when printing, are resistant to sunlight and mechanical manipulation, because you can not be afraid to damage the coating during washing. With proper care, kitchen with photo printing preserve the color and brightness of up to 15 years old.
  3. With this technique coating pattern can be converted to almost any coating, whether it is a metal, plastic, MDF, wood or glass.
  4. UV printing is applied only on flat surfaces, t. it is. on the cabinets should not be bending.

But in spite of the range of benefits, facades with photo printing for kitchen using UV technology are rare, but this technique is constantly being updated and is being replaced by new technologies come.

A few design ideas

After studying the material characteristics necessary to consider it a design value.

Design printing
Design printing may even be the most extraordinary, This fact, plus

Kitchen areas are different, respectively as the Design, and an interior need to choose based on the size of the room.

A few tips, how to choose a picture for the kitchen facade.

Council 1. For small spaces do not choose large drawings. They will attract attention to themselves and even more visually reduce the room. Prefer repetitive pattern or discreet landscape, in this case, food economy with photo printing will look more spacious.

beautiful printing on the kitchen facade

Council 2. If your kitchen is located on the shady side, Choose bright colors and designs for the kitchen - it will make the room lighter and warmer, even on cloudy days. And for rooms on the sunny side rationally prefer a calm and cool pastel tones.

Council 3. Kitchen design with photo printing should overlap with the decor and style of the room. For example, sakura image on the kitchen facade suitable for the room in Japanese style, and drawings of vases with flowers serve as an element of style of Provence.


Devote as much time as printing the pattern selection, because it will radically change the atmosphere and appearance of the room, which is important for any housewife.

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Мне нужно нанести фотопечать (либо пленку) на кухонные пленочные фасады глянец,цена за квадрат,и если можно контактный телефон и адрес
2017-02-07 16:56:20
Можно ли у вас купить две дверки 40/70 with photo printing