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colored kitchens: subtleties of combining colors

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Want to, make your kitchen look happy with saturated colors? Today, the furniture manufacturers offer buyers headset with colorful facades, which will create a festive mood. Colored kitchen - the trend of recent years

bright kitchen
The bright kitchen is always in a good mood

and their preferences. The correct way to expand the color space, increase the ceilings and smooth out defects. He affects the emotional state. The harmonious combination shades affect the room atmosphere, create an energetic interior.

Actual shades

Designers in the design of kitchens use different color combinations. This creates a custom design for each customer. Taking into account the wishes regarding materials and interior concept in general. Therefore colorful cuisine are popular with customers.

Remember, monochrome design that looks at the tiny kitchens. But in the spacious premises it lost. In this case you should supplement it with other colors.

mood of the room is determined by the base shade, which painted walls, floor and furniture facades. The rest of the details play a complementary role, and placed emphasis. Warmth and comfort premises depend on the intensity of the colors used. When you select a palette guided by such factors:

  1. light level room;
  2. size kitchens;
  3. Preferences of family members and the rhythm of their lives.

color combinations
Unusual color combinations do not spoil the interior of kitchen

In order to amplify or dampen the dominant colors are used more shades. They are used also for, to "make friends" base paints, if they are too contrasting. They paint the fine details of the interior, kitchen tables and chairs, curtains, etc..

dimly lit rooms, that lack of sun, suitable range of warm colors in beige, terracotta and yellow colors. note, These colors stimulate appetite. The only exceptions are bright, even acid, paints. The kitchens with the "southern" windows, harmonious look fresh shades of purple, green, blue. Cold tones are used, and in order, to neutralize the "hot" zone. This is true for housewives, I am spending a lot of time for preparation of food. Today, not only paint the facades of the furniture and walls of the room. Set even colored faucets for the kitchen.

When choosing a color palette note, that pastel colors are relaxing, and saturated colors on the contrary stimulate brain activity.

For kitchen design facades there are three basic colors: red, white and green. They are used on their own, and in combination with other colors.

white facades
Kitchen with white facades

white facades

White - the color out of time. He does not lose relevance and is always in fashion. It is associated with aristocracy and elegance. The design of this room paint is used for the expansion of space and light reflection. With his help, kitchen becomes brighter and brighter.

note, that an excess of white creates a sense of sterility room. It is important to its implementation, embodied in the interior and a combination with other colors.

Another advantage of this color - convenience. on the facades, painted not noticeable dust in it, divorce and even fingerprints. Furniture such colors are also frequently used in the interior design: white chairs in the kitchen, table, etc..

green facades

This color is selected to impart energy and brightness interior. Depending on the shade, He cheers up, charges on the activity or calms and disciplines.

This tone is actively combined with other shades. Green looks and as the dominant color, and as an additional. Most of its neutral shades appetite, that adds to the appeal as a paint for the kitchen interior.

This shade looks great on furniture. For kitchens bought not only the color of the headset, but the green glass table or sofa.

red facade

red facade
Bright kitchen with red facade

You want to make the interior of saturated or even aggressive? Your color - red. It is preferred by the bold and active people, who are willing to reflect his character in the design of the room. kitchen, decorated in red, always attracts attention. She involuntarily delayed glance. This also applies to furniture made in this tone. Chairs for kitchens, Table, textiles and decorative objects - perfectly suited as accents in design.

In order to dilute the aggressiveness of this color should combine it with other bright colors:

  • white;
  • ice-cream;
  • pearl gray;
  • Milk and other

Otherwise, the interior will overtax your eyes and being in this room becomes uncomfortable.

Use this color care. Its dominance in the interior excites the nervous system and awaken the appetite. An interesting accent will highlight detail, for example, red glass table. It is easy to "make friends" with other colors of the interior and give it a special character.

This shade is easy to implement in the country style interior, and such modern or ampire. Here the role played only imagination of the customer and his desire.

color Table

table with color pattern
Dining table with a color pattern on the countertop GT-315

To dilute the monochromatic interior or placed accents fit colored furniture, including kitchen tables. This is the central piece of furniture, as it was for him going the whole family. Today, modern materials used for the manufacture of kitchen furniture: plastic, glass, metal. However, the classic wood does not go into oblivion. Latest fashion trends prefer natural materials, so the stores can be found even a wooden table with glass.

Surprisingly, but the glass is now one of the most popular materials. Modern technology has made it quite durable and reliable, to make of it furniture.

Glass dining tables for the kitchen - it's not a gimmick, but an ordinary piece of furniture. They do not load space, make the interior light. Transparent glass table easily fit into the interior. Also - this is an excellent base. Such furniture is easy to give the right kind: drawing paint or applied. This will add to the interior brightness and character. Unusual accent in the interior will be a black glass table for the kitchen. He is sure to attract the attention of visitors and make room design memorable.

Glass tables with photo printing for the kitchen can transform the interior. The use any pictures as the images: from pictures with seals, to fantasy landscape.

Depending on the model table, the height of the product ranges from 730 to 760 mm. In this case, it can withstand loads of up to 50 kg. The stores offer not only classic square and rectangular models. If desired, you will pick up a round glass table in the kitchen. The choice depends primarily on the size of the premises. Classical models are suitable for tiny rooms, but round - for spacious kitchens.


Furniture - this detail of the interior, continued his style, supporting the overall concept. Therefore, these tables are widely used in the design. Glass is easy to shape or structure. For this purpose use sandblasting or matting. With these technologies and others are made, for example, tables of glass with a pattern for the kitchen.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured - this product will decorate your kitchen and will serve you more than one year.