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Subtleties of design Kitchen in violet tones

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Year after year crumble stereotypes about kitchen design. Heavy classic wall cabinets and countertops replaced minimalist elements, and to replace the wood tones of purple hues come, which we will discuss today.

Modern kitchen design in purple tsvktah

design changes, but traditions remain the same, steel kitchen for families venue tips, Traditional dinner and even entertainment. Older generations are drinking tea and playing a "goat", young satisfied noisy gatherings and midnight celebration. Therefore, the style needs and is appropriate to the discussion today interior purple kitchen.

Already a smaller number of dissenting voices heard in the address of violet in the design of this room. This newcomer easily broken through barriers of criticism designers and easily broke into the holy room kitchen.

Purple in the interior of the kitchen: we use wisely

selected range, Firstly, It adds a touch of comfort and should be visually easy, the atmosphere is determined by the palette here. In an effort to turn the kitchen into a fashion abode, Do not forget about the convenience and efficiency of the use of the palette.

Enumerating the color will load space and logical, that the need to use intelligently and purple optional. Create a mix should be with an eye on the ultimate goal and to take into account, that the following "restructuring" is not imminent.

The choice of optional colors is dependent on:

  1. softness. Selectable shade should be gentle. Choose a range of not very rich, Avoid "pure" colors. If the interior of the purple color cuisine uses a considerable amount of bright colors, the room will create the effect of gravity, What you should avoid
  2. balance. Classical music stands in harmony, it also builds and kitchen design. Use neutrality in the details: purple metallic, instead of purple in the kitchen set will soften the view of the kitchen. Add a calm palette: light lilac color, purple
  3. trend. Here we are on the general design of apartment. Youth designs are based on the showiness, it is appropriate to mix with purple green, red and even black colors.

purple design
Use purple design is reasonable and necessary option

To create sophisticated, but the contrast of style, use a dark purple color in the decor. This creates a soft, but catchy design elements in transition. style line depends on your preferences. But picking a certain stylistic course, Do not forget about the apartment - because the kitchen is still part, rather than a separate island.

Playing with shades: what to choose?

The benefit of the paint and wallpaper today there are no problems, you can buy hundreds of shades, but this choice and added problems - too great a risk to choose the, that does not fit in kitchen design.

What are the colors for designers recommend choosing purple kitchens?

Pivot recommendations boil down to two categories:

  • warm palette:
    • shades lilac
    • Amethyst (soft, light coloured)
    • blackberry (saturated, dark)
  • cold palette:
    • Purple
    • violaceous (light coloured, saturated)
    • Lavender (soft, Light transparent)
    • Slivovыy (soft, dark)

lilac in the facades
Saturated lilac in facades kitchen units

note, that saturated colors should be dosed, use intermediate elements, like chairs, tables, doors or cabinets. In addition, saturated colors are sensitive to lighting, and reasonably used in rooms of large areas.

Odnushki filling the kitchen with bright shades, you simply reboot the space, which will reduce the already small room. But the worst - it's the effect of crushing ceilings, this kitchen oppresses, rather than helps relaxation. To avoid such errors in small areas, wise not to use saturated colors. Avoid the need and use of excessive quantities of weak shades. Such an approach creates alyapistost and closes a background color.

Right on target: air combination

first, which should be avoided - it's too much color field, so use similar shades of the same color - the idea of ​​not standing. Use purple curtains on the background of purple walls is at least as reasonable.

  1. Here is used the combination of, are "superimposed" on the selected background:
  2. Shades lilac supplemented saturated brown, pale pink or gray colors
  3. Saturated background color (Violet) harmonizes with milk, black and golden color
  4. Violet-purple color is complemented by the green, yellow or other warm colors

light green color
The combination of purple and light green in the interior of the kitchen

Below we consider the typical combination.

In harmony with the white

Calm and common variant, without specifics. White color complements and shades of purple, giving it brightness, bringing to the dominant position. Besides, white color fits the basic shades of purple, that facilitates the selection of colors for more details, like desktop technology.

It is important to understand, that light colors bring to the interior of tenderness. explain this: "Working" the walls are painted in the color of milk. crystal violet is used in the working area to create a sharp contrast, to create a gentle lilac same filling used in kitchen.

At the same dairy in stark contrast to the walls become purple curtains. When light purple walls create reasonably angle, which is acceptable to arrange a dining area. Using pink and purple background, Complete this table made of dark glass and pick up the chairs bleached shades, allowed to use a chair to the kitchen purple saturated colors. The spacious rooms also do not become excessive and droplet nuclearity. Possible to use in such kitchens decentralized lighting. Prefer traditional chandelier can be for many reasons: by uniform filling space, to free up space on the ceiling.

white and purple color
The combination of white and purple flowers in the design

Violet-green harmony

as nowhere else, here is important minimalist principle. Green refreshes the room, but excessive dilution he breaks the space into zones. If this is not your goal, is guided by the premise softness.

Light shades of green reasonably dilute headset, furniture and apron area. Accessories will be a logical addition. interesting, but is significantly expensive design with a transition wall color from purple to green, which is represented by a green area of ​​the window frame and complementary is purple curtains.

And again, shades of

Touch on design combined with orange, beige and peach shades. These shades create a soft atmosphere. The design goal of these shades - the absorption of the base color of aggressiveness, if it is saturated. Unobtrusiveness of these colors can use them anywhere: the color of the walls and ceiling, shades overall kitchen furniture, etc.. Choosing purple furniture, it is not necessary to take the furniture in one tone. Said color can be selected as the front portions.

Soft colors used in supplies of kitchen materials, like tablecloths, towels, etc..

Removing the article from the dry pellet, give instructions, which will help to avoid common errors:

  • In the furniture, use the precise geometry
  • Use metallic fittings in the kitchen - it animates the kitchen
  • lighten space: use in the decoration of glass or open items. As an option - apply a light purple color in the apron area
  • When lighting is poor and the lack of space, avoid bright colors
  • curb color. Using purple kitchen sets, choose soft colors for accessories. To create catchiness contrary - rich.


Originality and self-restraint - this is the key to success in a purple kitchen design. Do not forget, what is most important here - it's comfort and convenience. Dilute the leading color of soft colors and create a unique interior. Remember, that the basis for such a bold design is the principle of harmony, you run the risk of breaking the visual overload the space and create a heavy atmosphere. Purple kitchen is always stylish and fashionable.