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White and purple kitchen: the embodiment of creative ideas

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When you make a kitchen space increasingly are breaking stereotypes, migrated to the present from the time of, when the version of the proposal of furniture and decoration materials were extremely limited. Tired of traditional designs, Many prefer these days and unexpected cause a color. It is such an exclusive combination of white and purple surprises kitchen.

White and purple kitchen
White and purple kitchen - a combination of purity and luxury

Features purple

Shades of purple They represent the most incomprehensible part of the spectrum. They manage to combine incongruous: icy indifference and deep ultramarine plus flaming temper and head cinnabar. Incredibly far from classical ottenkanezhno-violet shades. Combining them into a pair of purple kuhnyavosprinimaetsya contrast and fresh.

Fans esoteric teachings perceive purple as the color of spiritual religion believe prosvetleniya.Odni, chtoon dobavlyaetvelichiya, others tend to give it a value of respectful smireniya.Schitaetsya, purple part of the spectrum that affects the right brain work, awakening intuition, emotions and creativity. It is no coincidence that the color of passion for experiencing nature gifted. More Leonardo da Vinci noted its beneficial effects on the ability to concentrate and thinking. Wagner created his works of genius in the room, where the purple curtains hung on the windows.

purple curtains
Luxury curtains complement and decorate the overall look of the room

What shade to choose

This darkest of chromatic colors on large surfaces is as follows, that completely purple kitchen produces a threatening impression. But lurking in it disaster give way to tranquility and contemplation, as soon as the purple promise vysvetlyaetsya.Polozhitelny felt in those spaces, where there is, eg, ilisvetlo lavender-purple.

Juicy shades are impressive only in the correct scenario prostornyhpomescheniyah day and evening osvescheniya.Dlya headset and the wall in a small kitchen Pick calm light colors, because the abundance of rich colors create the oppressive atmosphere.

Council! If your choice -etokuhnya purple, do not rush to stop at the first comer version. Treat the process carefully and responsibly, because this color is incredibly capricious.

Enormous palette violet shades conventionally divided into two groups. Feel, cold or heat radiates chosen tone, and grab him a couple, Considering this factor.

Cold blowing otpalitry with a predominance of blue, eg:

  • slivovыy;
  • Heliotrope;
  • violaceous;
  • dark purple color;
  • lavender color;
  • indigo;
  • mallow;
  • glitsinievыy.

Lilovaya kitchen
slightly cold, but very attractive atmosphere

They are best combined with the same cool color: white, pink, azure and other.

bring teplotsveta, gdedominiruet red, eg:

  • aubergine;
  • mauve;
  • Orchid;
  • blackberry;
  • purple;
  • amethyst.

They successfully combined with the hot range: yellow, buffy, carrot, chocolate and so on.

There are neutral shades, do not have their own temperature:

  • purple colour;
  • bright purple;
  • chertopolohovy.

chertopolohovy cuisine color
Chertopolohovy color is very light and does not have a bright spot in the interior

Important! Remember, that the neighborhood cool colors make a comfortable purple, and next to the warm shades it looks cooler.

Shades of purple tones create a classic harmony with neutral colors. Kitchen purple and white will help you, If you are creating at the same time calm and extraordinary interior.

The choice of furniture

When choosing furniture to follow a few important principles.

  1. By the choice of kitchen units should be treated carefully, because it sets the tone for the entire space. It is a bit overdone, and inspiring interior becomes surly and tiring.
  2. To kitchen in magenta, or other violet tones did not look defiant, choose a concise and rigorous design.
  3. If you want to get a room, to relax and contemplate the evening, Choose light cool shades, eg, pale purple color.
  4. When you need a kitchen, which will help to wake up in the morning and give energy, you fit the color with warm red notes, e.g. amethyst or mauve.
  5. For small rooms is advisable to choose white furniture, Spreading visual space. Too much any shade of purple tyagotiti conceals space. If you - a fan of kitchen lilac, simply add color aktsenty.Naprimer,purple curtains in the interior, lavender or upholstery of chairs immediately transform space, giving it finesse and flavor of nostalgia.
    Purple bright kitchen
    More light the wider prostarnstvo, so it seems to the eye
  6. Torzhestvennoi stylish on a large and bright kitchen looks purple, how andother juicy shades. Designers are advised to mitigate their expressiveness glossy texture, or by adding a neutral white tone.
  7. By choosing to intereralilovye tones with subtle hints of pink or pale lilac color, you will create in your house an ephemeral world of magic dreams. On a country kitchen looks pan with fried potatoes, but the salad of dandelion wine and violets are very relevant.
  8. It fits perfectly the combination of white and purple flowers in the kitchen in a modern minimalist style or high-tech, especially if supplemented with such an interior chrome or brushed metal elements of furniture and kitchen appliances.

Decorating the walls

  • When choosing a color scheme for the walls is repelled by the room size and the color of furniture. Regardless of, what kind of material you choose (wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster), should not resort to dark violet tones. If you want to set off so White set - add and white accents on the walls in the form of strips, vegetable pattern or curtains.
  • In the company to the white or two-color headset on the background wall Fuchsia color amethyst or add white floor or ceiling, to the room did not seem closed.
  • To create a contrasting background of bright purple headset vyberitebely color for the walls, floor and ceiling. Support active color furniture, adding apron and dining group interspersed with the same hue.
  • If cramped space cuisine can not be selected for the walls and cabinets coveted purple tone - do not despair. Gives the room space and the ease of using the white, and the mood will create "tasty" blackberry, purple or amethyst decorations: dishes, textile, fixtures, kitchenware.

Try and do not be afraid of new color combinations!