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Sirenevaya kitchen: Exquisite design secrets

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Lift your mood and add a touch of positivity to help bright and saturated colors in the interior. Energize and friendliness of households able to sunny and cheerful colors of the kitchen - it is here spend most of the time family members.

Sirenevaya kitchen
Lilac kitchen draws your attention every second

Lilac color - cool design

lilac modern kitchen

Bold and original people are encouraged to give preference to purple flowers. This original solution for creative people with exquisite taste and ready to experiment. Lilac in the interior It serves as a source of inspiration and positive mood. This relates to a cold color tones, so he, as a base, It makes the room a feeling of freshness and vigor. Lilac interior has a positive effect on the mental and emotional state of family members, in the room, improves appetite. This color scheme captivates at first sight.

beautiful lilac kitchen

Ceiling, walls, through, apron in the kitchen

From design to perform kitchens sirenevom flower, worth remembering, that times of light top and dark bottom for a long time stood aside. Today, the selected color is allowed to use:

  1. ceiling. Stretch ceilings in the interior are very popular. They serve as a bright accent in the design and visually enlarge the space. But, if the repair is carried out in lilac shades, worth remembering: the lighter shade, better reflects the effect stretch ceiling. It is therefore proposed to make the ceiling lighter, than the wall. It is recommended to do more artificial light sources, especially in cases, when the multi-level structure of the drywall sirenevom flower
  2. wall. In this matter there are no restrictions. A wide range of materials for repair can select wallpaper, tile, apron any shade. Drawn wall by paint or wallpaper. Allows the use of colors from lilac to purple. But it is worth remembering, what bright hues looks advantageous, because visually enlarge the space and do not require additional artificial lighting. Recommended and the combination of colors. It is proposed to use neutral colors: cream, white, Gray, beige. for example, walls, performed in tandem with white lilac, breathe easily and tenderness, look brighter. White softens the base tone, so that the design is not overloaded.

glamorous purple kitchen

Furniture and facades of the headset in a variety of styles

Over time there is a desire to refresh the interior room and bring in new elements. Update color of the walls, ceiling, replace the curtains - it will not be difficult. Replacing the furniture - a complicated question, and considering the cost of high-quality headset and a dining group, also expensive. therefore, choosing furniture, it is recommended to decide on the style:

  • Minimalism. The style involves the use of a minimum number of elements. Nothing extra, only headsets with lockers, are closed, and with open shelves, which exhibited dishes, made in a tone interior. Minimalism does not provide ryusha, bull, extra napkins. Kitchen in a minimalist style allowed to combine no more 3 colors.lilac kitchen
  • High-tech. reminiscent of minimalism. A distinctive feature - the presence of gloss, gloss, reflective surfaces, metal accessories and other accessories. Hi-Tech has no limitation in combination of colors.
  • Provence. The style involves the use of peaceful, pastel colors. Therefore, the use of white recommended, beige and pink to purple kitchen design. Provence can not stand monotony, therefore, the design must be present additional pattern. It is recommended dining group or set with images of flora.
  • modern. Sirenevaya kitchen, Modernist, offers tranquility and the lack of aggression. Set in this style is a mix of lavender color with such shades like beige and gold.

lilac inexpensive kitchen

Decide on the style, proceed to the selection of furniture material. kitchen sirenevogo the color looks with suite, having facades, decorated glass. It allowed as a matte, and transparent glass. It is recommended to give preference to a headset with open shelves, on which you can place the bowl of Bohemian glass or crystal. It will provide a refined taste hostess.

Advantageous to look in the interior and natural wood furniture, decorated with chrome fittings. It is recommended to opt for a headset of regular geometric shape, without tender kinks and curves.

The cozy atmosphere is created thanks to the color scheme of furniture. for a room, formed in mauve colors medium intensity, It recommended to choose color furniture plums, amethyst, lilac or lavender. If the room is dominated by bright colors - are invited to choose the set of light gray, beige, vanilla, olive or pale blue.

elegant lilac kitchen

How to combine the lilac color with white, black, beige, purple, dairy, pink, metallic, yellow: combination rules

Motorists familiar with such a thing as "standard equipment". And in the design there is a basic set of colors. One of the colors allows you to select a cold lilac, and the other - to balance the tone, add a drop of heat. It invited to consider the popular methods of combining lilac color with other shades.

The classical approach to the combination of colors - a combination of magenta and white. This way you can play on the contrast. stands out, that is the basic tone. Additional elements of the interior can be different colors. Choosing for her room such an option, worth remembering, that white are visible traces of kitchen activities.

dark purple kitchen

At the beginning of the article mentioned, that purple - a cool color. Dilute it and serves to smooth out using warm colors. It is recommended to mix with peach, lemon, golden, cream or beige. These solutions are not only combined, but do not need additional sources of artificial light.

Lovers of extravagant decisions recommended to combine with green. Such variant interesting and unusual. Such a decision does not apply in areas with poor lighting.

Glamorous tandem acts with lilac pink. Such an option prefer young mistress. Pink-purple color gives romantic room.

Emphasize the details of the interior is offered with the help of black. This combination produces a solid and strict atmosphere. Black-violet solution is recommended for high-tech style.

Lilac-white kitchen
Lilac and white kitchen looks rich and spacious

Psychological aspects magenta colors in the interior: wallpaper, blinds, tile - all important

From the point of view of psychology, considered color possesses therapeutic properties. He shows people of creative professions, as it improves mood, enhances creativity. Violet has a positive influence on the emotional state: It causes a feeling of joy and optimism.


It is not recommended to be zealous with this color, otherwise it will cause depression. Contraindicated similar color scheme and in the houses, where people live, mental disorders or alcoholism. All shades of purple exacerbate such problems, causing anxiety.