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peach kitchen: tenderness and heat in the interior

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The kitchen in peach tones - it's easy and a special comfort in the most popular room of the house. Exquisite peach gives a functional and practical kitchen elegance and a sense of slowness. In such a room would be desirable to hold a moment. Cook the dinner for loved ones - a pleasure. Especially when cooking on the kitchen peach.

peach kitchen
peach kitchen, one of the most delicate flowers

Select style kitchen

The most pertinent peach color in the interior kitchens, in the style:

  • strict classics,
  • igrivogo provence,
  • spotted country,
  • mysterious retro,
  • cool Mediterranean,
  • intricate ethnic.

Classic style does not tolerate lurid and brightly colored parts. Gentle peach color with its dimensions and tranquility will come in handy. To the interior did not seem boring and monotonous, it is worth adding a modest white or luxurious silver-pearl.

Country kitchen fills the space with all sorts of details. pots, grab the heart and other lovely rustic kitchen stuff will be balanced by a calm and warm peach color. It is better to use more shades of pink. White and beige shades give more harmony.

Elegant Provencal style does not involve a huge amount of detail. Simplicity and elegance - the main characteristics of furniture and utensils. such a kitchen expecting to hear the smell of lavender and crunchy warm bread rolls. Romance and lightness of style accentuate the shades of peach color, mixed with cream and white tones.

Cozy retro as if created for the entire range of peach shades. Unique story describes the design of every kitchen in a retro style. Furniture with antique patina, metal parts of appliances and utensils of copper gives a retro kitchen features reliability, proven over the years. Here is the place of peach color, diluted modest white and warm beige. Peach curtains in the interior of a retro look great against a white wall with blue ornaments.

The Mediterranean style is somewhat cool. Green and turquoise shades of the furniture and decor elements get more brightness, If the base color to make a warm peach. Sea breeze, Living in such kitchens, It will be warm and pleasant.

Elegant Provencal style does not involve a huge amount of detail

Bright ethnic style is accompanied by intricate details. Peach background to brighten the mysterious drawings and paintings on the walls and furniture. Highlight and shade the selected background will help rich golden hues. For this purpose, suitable, and dark wood.

Peach: psychology of color

Peach walls in the interior involuntarily evoke tranquility. Becomes warmer and cozier. This is especially true for the kitchen, because there is almost always hard at work.

The ancient Chinese associated peach color with a calm and romantic appeal. surprisingly, but this delicate shade obtained from the screaming orange, red and yellow colors. It should make it darker and show a velvety softness. Pale peach color has elegance and aristocratism.

No matter how many options to apply this color or there, they all agree on one thing - it is used there, which should prevail in a good mood and comfort.

The most successful combination

How to make your interior more attractive? If you listen to the advice of psychologists, it must be diluted peach shades of other colors. This positive effect on mood and well-being. Designers use a combination of peach color with other colors, to achieve greater comfort and convenience.

What effect on the atmosphere in the room will render the addition of a color to the basic color? Playing on the combination of colors can be achieved freshness or heat, lightness or solidity.

Light pink: warmth and comfort will have the freshness and coolness.

Orange: tender pastel shades become hotter with the addition of orange tones.

White: this color is combined with a peach in the interior of the best, giving the latter greater airiness and elegance.

Dark brown: add solidity and rigor. Abuse the dark parts is not necessary. The abundance of dark shades nullify the comfort room.

Olive: give room atmosphere mental notes.

In developing the design must take into account, that this color is active. If it becomes too much, he will "eat" the kitchen space. Peach curtains on the background wall of the same color have lost. Mandatory condition - the use of decorative elements of other colors.

Kitchen peach blossoms
The kitchen in peach tones requires special attention to lighting

Failure to use too bright blue and orange colors in the interior with a delicate peach. Next to the aggressive orange pastel peach walls become faded and lose their heat. In combination with the deep blue it will lose its unique tenderness.

Kitchen peach asks decoration bright elements. Important to remember: less bright spots, the more advantageous for all to Union.

Enhances colors of the game: dekoriruem space

Fortunately supplement interior kitchen help decorative elements. As accentuating components in kitchen design stand:

  1. blinds and curtains (peachy color of the walls is combined with white curtains),
  2. towels, tablecloths and potholders,
  3. upholstery on the furniture,
  4. ornaments on the walls in ethnic style,
  5. kitchen utensils in a rustic style,
  6. paintings on the walls or shelves.

The most notable and truly a kitchen apron decorative element acts on the wall in the kitchen working area. If you run it in a range of colors, harmoniously combined with the primary color, it favorably emphasizes and underlines all the merits background.

The golden rule of kitchen design - moderation. Too many colorful details would negate all the efforts to create a stylish and comfortable interior.

The kitchen in peach tones requires special attention to lighting. It is appropriate to cold white light. When the warm yellow light it will seem brighter, than it actually is.

With the help of well-planned lighting can visually expand the space of the kitchen. The basic principle - the location of fixtures at different levels.

Peach kitchen is cozy and attractive, regardless of style. When used in the design of this sophisticated color main well to choose related colors, do not overdo it with decorative accents and lighting set correctly.


Peach kitchen interior of the house will be the most favorite place for the whole family.