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Kitchen cappuccino color: Secrets of a cozy room

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Riot of colors, visual appeal, ergonomics - features a modern kitchen, where there is no place to continue typicality, numerous standard cliche and Kohler. So popular and visited place deserves elaborate and innovative approach to the design of its decoration. warm, saturated shades to help create a cozy atmosphere and maximum comfort for the inhabitants of the house. Cappuccino color in the interior the best way to do the task, turning the room into a place for relaxation and getting aesthetic pleasure.

Kitchen cappuccino color
Cappuccino - perfect tone and color for the kitchen facilities

A few words about the color of cappuccino

It was named in honor of the popular Italian drink, as a mixture of strong coffee - espresso with milk, whisked into a thick foam, cappuccino color - one of the beige shades. Additionally, in himself, he can include yellow and gray notes.

From the point of view of psychology, this color or warm, neither cold, it is rather a "gastronomic" shade, defiant, like all chocolate tones, pleasant association, emotion and uplifting. The main advantage color coffee milk in the, that it does not inhibit the psyche. everyday, returning to their walls after a hard day's work, when you look at the room in these colors, You will visit the peace and tranquility. Like orange and lemon yellow cappuccino awakens the appetite, making the web is aesthetically pleasing. From which it follows, that the design of the kitchen tone - one of the most advantageous.

Beautiful kitchen
Slightly chocolate color really always drawn to the kitchen

Beige color in the interior we subconsciously associate with elegance and classic, and cappuccino, It is his darker shades, add some spice and aristocratic room.

When making your interior, consider, The combination of colors cappuccino cuisine rooms with a large area suitable with darker tones, permeating the space a sense of warmth and comfort. For small kitchens beneficial tandem with cream, milky beige, sand helps to visually push the wall.

Features of this color

Opted for coffee and beige color scheme, pay attention to a number of its features:

  • shades, components of the color of cappuccino on a subconscious level positively affect mood, and this is reflected in the inhabitants of the house, because the kitchen - the place, where the large part of the day.
  • Such a design does not entail a tangible financial cost, does not require the involvement of a professional designer, as the necessary furniture and decoration materials for kitchen Cappuccino pleasantly surprised by its price.
  • Interior design in a similar color palette has also practical benefits, drops of water and all kinds of dirt on furniture fronts and kitchen apron on the background can not be seen.
    Kitchen color of coffee with milk
    Against this background, hard to see small drips and drops of water
  • cappuccino color cuisine acquire an exquisite gloss classics with hints of light spice, while remaining fashionable and do not become obsolete.
  • Versatility coffee beige allows a wide range of finishing materials, without requiring the careful selection of hues. They all look great, harmonizing with each other and the space without overloading, Unlike a beige stolid. In your kitchen can be a cappuccino-colored curtains, wallpaper, laminate, furniture, ceiling, sex and any accessories and all of them look presentable and elegant. set gloss kitchen the color of coffee with milk is very nice, it refract the sun's rays, and the room is brighter.
  • Kitchen sets and other furniture such tones is not a rarity in the domestic market, pick out something really for a short time and without any effort.
  • Another plus of this "delicious" shades - versatility, it fits in an elegant classic style, refined Provence, straight high-tech and ultra-modernist. Only need to correctly pick up the materials and accessories.
  • Kitchen gloss cappuccino color, as well as matt, made of any finishing materials: MDF film outwardly indistinguishable from natural materials, plastic, painted wood, Acrylic worktops and aprons.
  • Color cappuccino cuisine combined with any shades, especially with neutral and pastel Kohler, smoothing out even the "flashy" shades, It allows you to create monochrome designs. Professional decorators are called not so many colors, which should not be used with this kind of beige. These include dark blue and poison-green.

Light brown kitchen
Light Brown perfectly combines with other shades

Combination with other colors

Get beautiful and stylish kitchen decoration It becomes possible only with knowing what color the color of cappuccino combines the most advantageous:

  1. Walls, painted in the colors of coffee with milk, in harmony with the natural, "Earthy" tones, straw, color natural stone.
  2. The use of decorative elements bright red, rich yellow, lime flowers It makes it possible to dilute the beige brown interior.
  3. Stylish combination is a natural green
  4. Kitchen Studio cappuccino filled with comfort after adding pastel pink notok.
  5. The combination of yellow - one of the most eye-catching solutions.
  6. kitchen gloss Cappuccino in conjunction with orange and salmon shades would look cheerful and fresh.

Kitchen Decorating cappuccino: furniture and not only

Showy contrasting combinations furniture sets, wherein upper tier cabinets light, almost white, as the foam of this delicious drink, and the bottom - dark.

Playing with all possible combinations of floor covering, Wallpaper, registration window space can turn your kitchen into a real paradise, an island of tranquility in this restless world.

However, contrasting combinations are not standard, monochrome design kitchen sets cappuccino look no less stylish.


As mentioned, coffee-beige hue is versatile and provides tremendous opportunities for experimenting with color and texture, it all to face.

The walls in the kitchen cappuccino color
The walls in the kitchen a pleasure to absorb light furniture

In the selection of the background should be taken into account unless the size of the room, remember large areas go dark shades, in tone looks pale beige furniture and dairy with them. This range gives the interior elegance, drawing attention to the environment. Small kitchen impressed by a light brown wall, shaded chocolate furnishings. A similar color scheme is suitable for interior decoration in the style of a French cafe, turning it into a cozy bistro, where it is so nice to gather with friends over a cup of coffee.

Floor and doors

For the flooring the most commonly used flooring or laminate waterproof cappuccino, imitating natural timbers. Cwet laminate on coffee-dairy food varies from light beige to chocolate, but it is desirable to select a shade darker tones steamed furniture set.

Cappuccino in the interior of the kitchen is not only used on the walls and furniture, harmonious look interior openings, designed in a similar color scheme. cappuccino-colored doors in the interior combined with any elements of the situation. Availability of glass inserts make space "breathing" and "air", It fits almost any stylistic decision.

In the classical design of the kitchen is used the principle of identity, comprising colors under the floor covering and the door leaf.

Cappuccino door to the interior are not lost, designers are advised to adhere to another principle - Contrast. Established furniture set should be a couple of shades lighter or, or darker door leaf.


Cappuccino decorated kitchen with the help of various elements: curtains, mirrors, paintings, useful household items, figurines.


Curtains are selected dairy, light beige and pale brown tone. The second obligatory element of window openings in the kitchen coffee with milk - pots with herbs, They breathe life into the surrounding space pastel, give a feeling of freshness and spaciousness. cappuccino-colored kitchen is stylish and fashionable.

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Мне тоже такой цвет кухни нравится, и как мне кажется, что он подходит под любой интерьер. Еще я люблю, что бы в доме было, как можно больше натурального. for example, у меня кухня из массива дуба. Покупала на фабрике Бобр. Прямо одно удовольствие на такой кухни находиться. А за счет того, что она производства российского, она еще и по цене вполне приемлемой.