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Kitchen and design elements in a yellow color: 4 designers are advised to

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Scientists have long proven color affects our well-being. Green acts calming, Red energizes, Blue has to reflect, and yellow is uplifting. He makes a note in the summer every interior, evoking pleasant memories of warm sun, ripe fruit and bright colors.

Zhёltaya kitchen
Yellow - the best remedy for a gloomy weather

Variants of using a yellow color in the kitchen

Thanks to its powerful energy yellow color in the interior can significantly affect any space, changing its structure and geometry. For this reason, it should be used with caution, preventing "overdosing". It will be enough to make a lemon or ocher individual elements, to compensate for the lack of light and give a view of the kitchen cozy.

kitchen facades

The easiest and most effective way at the same time bring in a dark room lightness and good mood - it zhёltaya kitchen with facades of lemon or golden canary-hue. If you make more facades and varnishes, the reflective effect will enhance coverage. This is an excellent remedy for apartments, converts facing north. Kitchen yellow color is perceived differently depending on the color and background solutions.

  • Kitchen canary yellow on a background of white walls and floors without bright lighting looks dull and dreary.
  • Kitchen lemon yellow color shades, in front of, advantageous look with neutral tones, such as gray, beige or white.
  • If you want to get the feeling of a sunny day on the beach, it is appropriate to opt for the facades of pastel shades combined with an ash-blue walls.

corner kitchen
The spacious kitchen is filled with light from the large window

  • The modern interior fit disturbing acid facades, which combines with chrome finish.
  • Classic style dictates the choice of amber, golden, mustard or cream combined with natural light tones of the walls, floor and ceiling. This combination will emphasize the warmth and generosity of the interior.
  • Glossy hard facade combined with matte color, so the kitchen walls should be just plain and perfectly aligned, that there was no feeling of discomfort.
  • To get extravagant kitchen, easily combine warm pear shade facade with black and gray color scheme of the walls.
  • If you ordered Design kitchen corner yellow, but are afraid of too much effect, select for other parts of the modules, more peaceful, tone. Then the room will cause only positive emotions.

Important! Lighting can greatly change the yellow color. Using this pattern, to achieve the desired color in the interior.

Walls, floors, ceiling

Kitchen design in yellow color implies not only the canary furniture, but also the ability to use, eg, lemon color in the interior, choosing it for walls, floor or ceiling. In this case, it is important to remember the seven rules.

Kitchen window
Tulips on the table as a continuation of colors

  1. Use golden pear tones on the walls, on the floor and the ceiling should be sparingly. Too large surfaces, eg, completely yellow wall or floor, suppress and cause irritation. The use of dark color and a negative impact on the physical condition of the person.
  2. A good solution is to dilute the yellow walls in the kitchen other colors. for example, you can put an apron of green tiles, add brown wooden panel painted in tones of saffron or only one of the walls. The mood of the room immediately becomes less aggressive.
  3. Yellow interior dictates one more principle: The more space, the more dilute should be a shade of walls, ceiling or floor.
  4. For rooms in a modern style, such as high-tech, choose cold, acidic shades, for example shartrez or lime.
  5. Classic cuisine more suitable calm, creamy tones: beige, pale yellow, cream, mustard, ecru.
  6. Remember, that the "dirty" colors make us melancholy mood. Avoid them!
  7. When the paint applied in two or more layers of her shade becomes much brighter.

Important! When choosing colors for walls remember, that any paint on a vertical surface looks darker two tone, so always choose the lighter of the two favorite colors.

Yellow with gold
bright, a spacious room with an island in the middle

elements of decor

Bright and juicy color can impressively underline the little details. If you want to make the kitchen design in yellow tones, it is not necessary to order furniture Tangy lemon shade or make walls. Enough to pick up the yellow curtains and chair covers, put on the table a bowl of lemons, and on the shelf - golden candlesticks. Yellow tableware for glass door locker wake appetite, and Amber chandelier or sconce become your own little sun.

Combining yellow with other colors

Yellow interior has beneficial effects on appetite, It stimulates mental activity and absorb negative energy. But these assertions are valid only in the case, if the kitchen in yellow colors is harmonious combination with other colors of color palettes.

Important! In conjunction with other colors yellow shades expressively cold look in combination with blue, purple or gray, and warm - red, brown and orange.

To choose a good combination of yellow tones with others is quite simple. Here are some of the most common options.

Yellow kitchen with green apron
Style country meadow on a sunny day

  • The most advantageous combination is considered to be yellow-green kitchen. This choice of color scheme conjures up thoughts of spring, calms and raises vitality, especially rainy autumn and frosty winter days. The floor or the lower part of the furniture, formed in emerald, It reminds of green lawns. Hanging lockers lemon hue cause association with blooming tulips and daffodils.
  • A common variant is now color combinations - yellow-blue background of furniture combined with amber walls and azure tiles remind about vacation on the seashore. Yellow curtains in the interior will create the illusion of a hot southern sun outside the window instead of a dull November rain. To smooth imbalances of warm amber and cool white decor elements cobalt.
  • For dynamic and extravagant natures perfectly suitable black-and-yellow kitchen. To this interior does not look bleak or too shocking, it is recommended to treat very carefully the number of black elements, and even add to the black and yellow background with a few white spots. The result is an incredibly harmonious color combination. The black color adds depth, and white - purity. Their strict becomes more comfortable thanks to the combination of solar heat honey shades.

The combination of yellow and black
Reflection of light at the glossy surface of the facade

  • The large and bright rooms advantageous will look golden brown kitchen. Furniture and floor color of dark chocolate effectively accentuate the yellow curtains on the kitchen quiet, as shafranovogo, hue and the same wall. Close in tone color combination looks very harmonious, and the presence of gray accessories add expressiveness and eccentricity.
  • A win-win in the kitchen will be a canary and white color combination. And all because, that white can be great to combine both cold, and warm colors. This combination is best suited for classic interiors and soloist are white, corn and only present as a color accents, enhancing the effect of freshness and joyful mood. Well suited is a combination of colors for kitchens, requiring visual expansion space and further purifies.
  • Elegant and at the same time comfortable solution for very large kitchen will be a combination of warm tones (pear, shafranovogo, golden, honey) neutral beige color. In this combination, the overall tone is set beige, which runs Furniture, walls and partially textiles. Sunbeam here touched only some elements of the interior: fixtures, crockery, curtain finishing.
  • When there is a desire to make the kitchen the most invigorating and at the same time the most warm, choose interior combination of tangerine and red. One of the colors must be more muted. for example, if, instead of a bright red color to take Bordeaux, the kitchen will look luxurious and refined. Its depth will give a calm atmosphere, and tangerine will make a note in a dynamic environment.

When drafting the future interior remember, that yellow - the color is too active. Therefore, when choosing a color scheme, give preference to food colors neutralizing shades partners or choose quiet and bright colors.