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As with a solar kitchen colors to be always in a good mood

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Equipping the kitchen, we think over the smallest details, making room, where the whole family spends a lot of time, comfortable and as convenient as possible. Not the least role in the organization of kitchen space plays the selected color palette and the psychology of color in design. After all, scientists long ago proved, that colors that surround us affect mood, appetite, become a source of energy feeding, help bring your ideas to fruition, arrange the necessary accents, emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of premises.

solar kitchen
The kitchen is made in sunny colors

For living rooms and bedrooms often choose bright colors, but the kitchen - the place where you can afford it. Do you want to start each day in a good mood, receiving for additional morning coffee Freshness? Then the solar kitchen - the perfect option for you.

Psychology solar color

Our everyday life is often not enough light and heat, especially keenly felt, when the window gloomy weather and no foliage, and with it the desire to improvise, make decisions and act. Address the lack of sunlight and return to your home in a good mood helps kitchen, decorated in yellow.

This color activates digestion, It stimulates the endocrine and immune systems, even a positive effect on the overall condition of the person, because it provokes a surge of strength and energy.

At the same time it is yellow - one of the most difficult colors of the spectrum, an incorrect balance in the interior can quickly become boring and start to bore. Therefore, it is important to properly organize the design of the solar kitchen, using only the correct ratio, and combinations of shades.

Correct selection of color solutions

Options for addressing

Solar palette filled with light, dark room with windows, the north side, thus you compensate unfortunate geographical location of their home.

If the temple food, so is a hot, the south side of the sun, and is a frequent guest in the house, We encourage use, or other multi-faceted spectrum of color, a soft pale yellow tone.

Visually push the space, make it spacious and bright, to create the illusion of sunlight the solar presence to help the yellow paint in the interior, but it is better not to use them to the kitchen set, and the walls. Ceiling, formed in this color, Optical See above, than reality, but it is necessary to maintain the curtains and decor details similar colors.

Making solar kitchen design, it is important to correctly use the combination with other Kohler, an excess of yellow will overwork, and over-excite the brain of your household, create a distinct sense of falseness.

The following combinations are considered successful:

complete harmony
Harmony and style in a modern interior

  • Warm yellow tones with warm shades of orange, brown and red, and cold (amber, citric) with blue, gray, sirenevыm, silvery;
  • For contrasting combinations suitable boiling white, red, the black, Gray, bright purple;
  • It looks great soft monochrome combination with shades of yellow or adjacent colors palette - khaki, sand, creamy;
  • Successful, and neutrals combined with warm shades of green, brown and beige.

Make the design a harmonious and cozy, turning your kitchenette in sunny corner, There are several ways:

  1. Due to the interior, wherein the yellow and orange colors are used, as well as their colors
  2. Giving the walls of the corresponding color.
  3. Complementing the interior of neutral colors, décor in yellow palette.

The interior in bright colors

Due to the properties of yellow kitchen furniture, Made in similar colors, It looks a little more natural size without excessive massiveness. Due to the compatibility with other basic colors - blue, white, black, in practice widely used combined headset, when the color of the upper and lower cabinets varies. Do not forget the golden rule - upper cabinets should be light lower.

Kitchen with breakfast bar
Kitchen room in yellow tones

Stylish and fashionable look lacquered, glossy facades, they are suitable for high-tech kitchens. The ideal solution for interiors and country-style retro matte surface will drawers and cabinets.

Flatten so bright interior walls will help with small patterns or plain, and there is no significant difference in the light-dark contrast or they will.

Solar walls and ceiling

If you have there is a desire to bring solar notes in the kitchen interior without changing the headset, remarkable and also less costly option is to paint the walls or ceiling of the yellow.

Embodying conceived design of the solar kitchen, it is important not to overdo it, the brighter and richer your chosen shade, the smaller the area occupied by them. Lodging in Yellow, eg, dining or work area, tabernacle (kitchen apron made of glass), turning it into a stylish accent.

With yellow walls favorably combined with wooden furniture and natural colors, and white, as well as the headset in the following colors:

Add the green paint
Green paint in the form of chairs

  • Green and its shades;
  • The black;
  • Anthracite;
  • White;
  • Blue;
  • Silver and gray.

Coloring yellow ceiling, walls and furniture made out in other colors, otherwise your interior will be too overloaded. That he did not look, as something existing in itself, compulsory supplement it with respectively colored upholstery, curtains or a tablecloth.

highlight key points

revitalize the interior, let the sun it can be less dramatic ways, than replacing furniture or repainting walls, just connect your own imagination and sense of taste, making a few decorative elements and accessories.


Yellow chairs, upholstery, ceiling chandelier, paintings on the walls in yellow within and even dishes help make the interior tune with bright colors. AT 2016 year relevant curtains, made of natural materials: linen, cotton, sateen. Main, dominant background in this case must remain neutral colors. Solar kitchen - it is fashionable, stylishly, beautiful.