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White-brown or chocolate-bright kitchen: cozy options

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Kitchen in chocolate milky experiencing a renaissance. Designers are again widely practiced her play. It is suitable for various sizes of kitchen, studio apartments. Popularity adds diversity of natural materials, used in finishing, design.

white and brown kitchen
White and brown combination is very nice to perceive

White brown kitchen different strengths. it is non-marking, bright, but so pale, so as not to strain the visual perception. The combination of two shades: yellow and red at the same time nourishes the vitality, It helps to relieve tension, feel the comfort.

Beauty white - brown kitchen

Brown kitchen with the addition of white tones - the universal variant of registration. It is chosen by the mistress of large and small apartments. He is able to look stylish, elegant, even with minimal financial investment. Themselves to the use of a color, tk. they are close to human visual perception.

Kitchen in white and brown tones can be easily reproduced by yourself, without the participation of designers. To do this, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Rich brown shades are designed for large rooms. In a small area of ​​light or use conditions chocolate tone.
  2. Kitchen chocolate small size should be well publicized, otherwise it looks bleak. But the excess color when enough light leads to a sense of gloom.
  3. Affordable option - chipboard or MDF wood. They look alive, and on a budget do not beat.
  4. Hue comes to the fore depending on the brightness. The more saturated the color is selected, so you have to be careful with accents.
  5. Light brown kitchen is not performed in the, to prevail whites, otherwise it looks sterile, like a hospital. Tone shared equally, or come to the fore bright.

Light brown kitchen
Hazel option creates maximum comfort indoors

The kitchen in brown and white, is to display designers because, that there are no specific instructions on how to play it, comfort is created with the first steps, and you can experiment with anything - accessories, accents, details, decoration, etc..

The psychological impact of color

Dark, light brown a positive effect on the human psyche. Online umyrotvoryaet, soothes, It allows you to put in order thoughts. The atmosphere promotes rest, It has to communicate.

Design in a completely white color is too aggressive, it must dilute other shades. Detail he adjusts to the orderly, sterility, disciplined. Therefore, it is good to add to the environment of creative people and adolescents, tk. they have a problem with these qualities.

White brown interior harmony between a. Psychologically, these tones are mutually interchangeable, complement. One adjusts for relaxation, the second - a call to action.

Design options and finishes

Kitchen in brown tones is attractive, it offers the possibility to dream and experiment. Accents are placed so, as you want, selected the most daring details and decorative elements. Accessories and colors are maintained without specific instructions.

Wood texture with a white background
Wood texture with a white background - choose any option for yourself

In almost all cases is considered a generalist white ceiling. He does not strain your eyes, It allows you to place lighting in the right quantity, It does not prevent the penetration of natural light into the, does not absorb it.

But brown ceiling in the kitchen does not always look attractive. The solution is allowed in the apartments, studios and large rooms. And the designers do not recommend the whole ceiling brown dye. Use multilevel structure, zoned, here you need to play with colors.

White kitchen with brown counter tops - perfect solution, especially in rich colors, it runs another apron, and the rest of the working surfaces. Otherwise, one can not dilute the countertop color.

The classic version: white with brown headsets moving or working surfaces. Apron finished with rich shades of ceramic tile and laminate of the same color. To dilute the severity of add decorative elements and playful details. Harmonize air curtains white and brown, they join in the design and at the same time adds a touch of home comfort.

Chocolate suspended ceiling suitable for a medium-sized kitchen. In this set, and the floor are made white. Furniture endowed brown trim. Wall and apron kept in dark chocolate colors, Ceiling - light.

Chocolate suspended ceiling in the kitchen
Chocolate ceiling is actually an amateur, as the dark room

style solutions

The interior in brown tones often used in a minimalist style. Decoration is complemented by natural details - Masonry or wood coatings. Consumer electronics is selected from metal surfaces, but it is permitted and absolutely white. The main difference - no frills basic furniture and extra texture, ornament. If present patterns, they violate the concept of style.

The tone is often used in the construction of the Art Nouveau style. The concept is focused on horizontal lines and an abundance of unusual small patterns. They are seen in edging Headset, back and armrests furniture, interior details. Another component of the style - the minimization of furniture, accessories. For strict modern kitchen is well suited.

But the white and brown colors can be used in other styles:

  • Classic. Here selected solid wood furniture. Style is suitable for medium and large rooms;
  • Country. To maintain the style necessary to artificially aged furniture, add some textile accessories in pastel colors;
  • Loft. Theme is built on contrasts in the atmosphere (no shades). Therefore brown apron in the kitchen is combined with elaborate furnishings, antique and modern technological innovations.

To equip the room - just, if necessary to maintain the number of colors. Designers are advised not to start with a sophisticated style in the design of, despite the simplicity of the game with white and brown flowers, tones, shades; better ability to test in the country or provence.

The kitchen in the loft
Loft style is very popular in Europe

Detail in the interior, to refresh design

By itself, the interior - a brown kitchen with an appropriate finish, It looks bored. Therefore, designers are advised to be sure to complement its various details, decorative elements, accessories. Making refresh:

  1. Ceiling lights and wall lights. They are selected in accordance with the suite. It is not allowed a single color with the ceiling / walls, tk. fixtures merge;
  2. wall accessories (clock, picture, Frame a photo), sustained in contrasting colors: red, blue, purple or bright green;
  3. Ceramic tiles with the original image instead of the standard apron. But here other accents and accessories - extra, otherwise there will be a surplus of parts;
  4. Brown shades of sheer fabric. Particularly well this detail is in harmony with the style of Provence, or country;
  5. Fresh flowers in vases or pots. Originality ornament packaging will not distort;
  6. The presence of open shelves with beautiful dishes, kitchen utensils. If it is not a decorative, it increases the functionality of the room;
  7. When using one tone of brown color with a white abundance, We need to add stamping, textures or patterns on the surface. Then additional decorations cuisine is not required.

Some details, eg, brown curtains in the interior, only suitable for large and medium size rooms. And even if they are made of a transparent material air. Rest, like flowers and ornament, in harmony with the design of different size rooms.

brown curtains in the interior of the kitchen
Brown curtains can complement the style of the room

Advantages and disadvantages

Interior brown food has the advantages:

  • Allowed to work with different styles;
  • The use of white shades with chocolate brown or light will create a design, suitable for small spaces. It does not lose aesthetic side, the kitchen is not deprived of comfort;
  • You can use natural materials - stone, brick, wood. This brown in the interior making it alive, natural;
  • Good effect on the psyche, atmosphere promotes relaxation, setting up the desired fashion;
  • Domestic or temporary pollution is not visible.

Brown interior and endowed with disabilities. It is difficult to arrange the lighting. For harmony is not enough general light, need accent lighting, backlight. It is also difficult to work with a number of colors - the lack or surplus of its dignity precludes registration.


Kitchen white and brown - the perfect solution. And if we equip its appliances, it is an ideal for modern housewives, who can not afford to devote much time to the process of cooking or cleaning. Here's a she white and brown kitchen.