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Furniture Belarusian producers "CALL" and "Geos Ideal"— combination of quality and price guarantee

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Every housewife dreams of a beautiful kitchen, which will be different not only beauty, but please multifunctionality. Belarusian cuisine perfect for this indicator. Combining a wealth of content, originality and quality, Belarusian kitchen furniture It becomes the dream of any housewife.

Kitchen set Geos Ideal
Geos Ideal produces interesting and beautiful specimens

The large number of drawers, lockers, shelves will help distribute kitchen utensils quickly and comfortably. As for the quality, then here proposed product does not disappoint. Set factory "CALL" and "Geos Ideal" will serve its owner for many years, and pleasant to the eye color palette of products will contribute to the removal of nervous tension and fatigue.

Kitchen "Geos Ideal" delight and price categories. Despite, that all the furniture is made on the basis of high quality material, price remains more than pleasant.

Kitchen "CALL" will complement any design and will fit into any interior. Therefore, such a choice will not disappoint any of mistress.

Advantages of "CALL" and "Geos Ideal"

known, Belarusian cuisine "CALL" and "Geos Ideal" already exist on the market 20 years old. It is worth saying, that neither the quality, neither in appearance, they in no way inferior to its competitors from France, Germany, Italy.

On in the world today there are so many companies, who manufacture furniture production. Therefore, the consumer is difficult to stop on any one, especially since the requirements on the headset becomes more and more with each passing year. And it is no wonder, because no one wants to throw honestly earned money down the drain.

So why the choice should fall on Belarusian producers?

  1. Prepared dishes of Belarusian producers have repeatedly received awards and diplomas of reliability and quality, elegance and ecology.
  2. To create the product is used only high-quality raw materials and expensive woodworking machinery from Germany and Italy. Carry out work on the production of only highly skilled workers, possess creative skills, which can be made from any material quality and refined set. This furniture will last a long time, and the price of it will please everyone pleased.
  3. Kitchens «CALL» (Belarus) designed for 10-year operation.
  4. In the manufacture of the headset is used only high-quality and eco-friendly furniture.
  5. Pay attention to the costs and, that the kitchen is not Belarusian manufacturers are characterized by simplicity and rudeness. The whole set is done in a modern style and has a lot of details and trifles, which distinguish it from other furniture manufacturers.
  6. The main thing when you create a set of furniture - customer preferences.
  7. The buyer chooses the colors, shape and size of products.

On the positive aspects of such kitchens can talk endlessly, so this definitely the right choice for everyone.

Ideal Kitchen Geos
Modern factory furniture for kitchen facilities and not only it can Belarusian manufacturers

Belarusian company "CALL"

It is worth saying, that the Belarusian kitchen is made exclusively from high quality materials - wood alder, solid oak, cherries, ash. It is possible the use of MDF and particleboard, as well as a furniture veneer of foreign manufacturers. Headset components and materials are used and the foreign, and homemade.

It is worth saying, that according to the customer specified logo on furniture, owned by "The Call".

Kitchen model producer "CALL": cuisine from an array and not only

dishes range from "The Call," the company is enormous. Consider each category separately.

It is worth saying, what is most valued among the customers furniture from solid wood. It is significantly more expensive and more functional, and its service life is several times higher, than headsets, made on the basis of other materials.

Usually, kitchen "CALL" from the array are made from ash and oak, which are carefully processed and impregnated with special substances.

The main component of such a headset - a particular style. Improperly manufactured form even spoil the furniture, which is made of precious wood. Designers of "CALL" listen to the fashion trends and create appropriate masterpieces. The main distinguishing feature, enjoyed dishes from Belarus, - underline wealth and gentility.

Employees "CALL" take into account every detail in the production of furniture. Here, everything is important - and the assembly, and packaging, and groove parts.

It is worth saying, the interior cuisine from an array See the original and unique. Special impression on Belarus Kitchen buyers of oak. This set is popular among reputable and respectable people.

Remember worth about, that a tree - a gentle raw materials, which requires regular grooming itself. Therefore, before purchasing such products Think, Will you have the opportunity to take care of it properly.

kitchen CALL
Kompniya CALL produces luxury versions of the headset

painted MDF

MDF dishes from Belarusian manufacturers They deserve special attention:

  • so scary kitchens change in wet mode (before processing the products are covered with a special substance, which increases the resistance to moisture);
  • Kitchen from MDF Belarus, resistant to fungi and harmful microorganisms;
  • when cleaning the kitchen apply any cleaning agents;
  • MDF furniture does not emit harmful phenol compound, unlike Headset, made of chipboard;
  • facades "CALL" MDF perfectly mimic metal, wood and other surfaces.

Furniture made of painted MDF please functionality, unusual design decision and will serve you for years to come.

Kitchen Call "Painted MDF
Colored facade - a popular material for furniture

MDF painted PVC

At present, this type of kitchen furniture - most popular. Set is manufactured using PVC films from different manufacturers, through which the furniture is attached to any colors.

In terms of quality MDF in no way inferior to natural wood, surpassing its strength and durability.

It is worth saying, that only safe substances are used in the pressing of wood fibers. Therefore, kitchen from MDF is considered an environmentally friendly product, which opposes the appearance and propagation of harmful microorganisms.

facades, from which the product is going to, created using MDF films, are moisture resistant, flexible and fireproof.

Kitchen Call "MDF painted PVC
Even from the plastic panels is possible to build such a miracle

framework MDF

MDF framework creates a facade of any stylistic orientation and size. Benefits of raw materials:

  • use of natural materials to simulate fine wood;
  • diversity of implements any stylistic ideas;
  • from the raw material is not clearly defined borders, and therefore, The headset can be created in any size;
  • mounted in a frame with glass ornaments and various decorative elements.

Such furniture is made according to the preferences of the customer.

Kitchen made of postforming

Stylish Belarusian cuisine from Postforming - a hit sales. The main advantages of such furniture - long life, reasonable price and attractive appearance.

Postforming is a high quality raw materials, based on the DSP-plate ranging in size from 18 to 38 mm from the surface of the laminated plastic of different colors.


The advantages of this are headset:

  • in aesthetics;
  • at an affordable price;
  • the longevity.

In the manufacture of furniture from particle board designers "CALL" companies take into account the desires of the customer and engage in the manufacture of the necessary technological standards. When you create a headset, in addition to the DSP, other materials are used - plastic (to furnish angular fragments and facade) and metal (as a decorative element).


Factory finished kitchen Belarusian producers software buyers will be pleased not only an affordable price, but also the quality. I want to say a few words about the enamel, used to create such a kitchen furniture. The enamel is applied using high-tech equipment in accordance with Italian technology. This type of coating looks good on the background of any furniture and fits into any interior.

It is worth saying, that these structures are safe.


Kitchen Belarusian furniture factories acrylic long enjoyed popularity among buyers. The main plus of this headset - strength, resistance to temperature extremes, as well as protection from scratching and mechanical damage.

Kitchen made of acrylic do not fade with time, they are safe and durable.

Kitchen Call "Acrylic
Acrylic coating it look modern

Belarusian producers "Geos Ideal"

"Geos Ideal" - a company, which produces furniture of the highest quality. Mark "Geos Ideal" is on the market 20 years old. Headsets of this manufacturer are made only of high quality and environment-friendly material. What are the models of kitchen furniture company creates?


ready kitchen (Belarus) "Estelle" have a large number of decorative elements and parts carved. Set to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customers. Kitchen "Estelle" is made of solid ash. Furniture fits perfectly into the interior, by enabling the selection of colors and shape of the product.


Kitchen "Nika" have elegant and original classic style. Made set of solid alder. Glass furniture in matte with ancient ornament, handles formed in the original style, and wood inserts make the product even more attractive.


This model of kitchen furniture demonstrates the sophistication of old wood processing. Pens, made of brass, shabby stained glass, ceramic insert, massive exhaust duct into the interior will add a bit of the old atmosphere.


Kitchens in Belarus from the manufacturer "Geos Ideal" and released a model called "Simon". This set is made in the style of Provence. With the installation of "Simone" will complement the interior of French atmosphere and acquire a certain charm.


Good luck in choosing!