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Acrylic facades for kitchens: quality and beauty at an affordable price

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In the constant struggle for the buyer of kitchen furniture manufacturers are trying to pay attention to the appearance of their products and improve their performance. In addition to applying quality fittings and use solid, water-resistant materials for the manufacture of facades, a lot of attention paid to the choice of coatings. It is the material, used to cover the facade, It depends on the appearance of kitchen furniture, durability, resistance to damage and temperature extremes.

acrylic facades
Facades must always look great

Facades of acrylic appeared on the market not so long ago, but it has gained popularity among consumers. Acrylic facades combine great design, affordable price, high consumer quality and have been used not only in the mass production of furniture for kitchen, but also in the manufacture of sets of individual projects.

Operational characteristics of the acrylic coating

At first sight, Acrylic coatings resemble enamel due to its smooth, glossy surface. Upon closer inspection it turns out, that shine brighter, saturated colors, and the furniture is warm and pleasant to the touch.

The first to use acrylic for furniture started to Italian masters, then fashion the material spread among furniture manufacturers in other countries. Preceded acrylic, polymethylmethacrylate, It was developed in Germany in the 1930s and was called "organic glass". The substance is a polymer of the acrylic and methacrylic acid and different resistance to chemical attack and solvents, detergents.

Beautiful kitchen
Panels transform the kitchen and the overall look of the room

acrylic kitchen facades no fear of moisture and high temperatures (material non-flammable, and the melting point was 160 ° C), that allows you to install them in the vicinity of the cookers and sinks.

Coating Method

Kitchen fronts of acrylic manufactured in several ways. The coating may be applied only onto the front side of the sheet thickness MDF 16-18 mm or both sides. The layer thickness amounts to acrylic 3 mm.

Produced and more expensive option, integral panel thickness 4 mm in an aluminum frame. Despite the cost of, This design will decorate the interior in high-tech style. Combination shiny smooth acrylic surface and the metal edge of the aluminum perfectly fit into discreet, functional environment.

Acrylic plastic kitchen applied to facade follows:

  1. On 16mm MDF plate stack acrylic material.
  2. Stove fed into an automated news, wherein the film is applied under the simultaneous effect of high temperature and pressure.
  3. Performed cutting boards.
  4. edge trimmed, is applied on an end portion of an acrylic film or a PVC film.

Manufacturing process eliminates delamination of the coating during operation.

acrylic facade
Acryl material must be of high quality to use in the kitchen

The advantages of acrylic facades for kitchens

Acrylic facades for kitchens have a large list of benefits:

  • The material is eco-friendly, It does not release any harmful substances and can be recycled.
  • Compared to other coatings has the highest resistance to mechanical damage. Small scratches are removed by polishing means.
  • The material meets the requirements of fire safety, does not burn, and the melting point was 160 ° C. Elements of acrylic kitchen can be installed in close proximity of cooking surfaces and ovens.
  • deep, saturated colors do not fade with time. Each color is represented in more than twenty shades, and glossy, sparkling white kitchen acrylic gives the room fresh and festive appearance.
  • glossy surface, reflecting light, visually increases the closer kitchen area.
  • Long life. In the absence of serious damage acrylic plastic keeps original form for decades.
  • The coating protects the board MDF moisture penetration, prevents the appearance of mold and development of micro-organisms.
  • Acrylic plastic has antistatic properties, It does not attract dust and is easy to clean.

The original acrylic facade
Exclusivity has not been canceled

Acrylic material has some drawbacks:

  • glossy, shiny surface is not suitable for all interiors.
  • On the surface are still visible traces of splashes and fingerprints.
  • specific services. Periodically, the protective layer is required to apply polishes, possible use of abrasive cleansers.
  • The material is not susceptible to bending, so the choice is limited by the design of the facade direct forms.
  • The relatively high cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of other types of coatings

Modern facades for kitchen a large selection of coating materials, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages:

polyvinylchloride (PVC) film. For application using a vacuum press. The advantages of PVC coatings refers:

  • Affordable price (It refers to a low-cost budget covers).
  • It is rich colors options (monochrome or combined), surface may have any structure, be matt or glossy.
  • wear-resistant coatings.
  • Ease of care with standard cleansers.

kitchen facade PVC film
PVC film as an option used by many manufacturers of furniture

PVC film Disadvantages:

  • Poor tolerance to high temperatures (maximum temperature - 100 ° C).
  • Gradually fade under the influence of UV rays.

MDF enamel. Enamel coating makes it possible to realize any ideas and use sophisticated decorative elements (border, patterns, ornaments). The paint is applied in several layers onto the primed surface, polished, covered with a protective lacquer and polished. Benefits of color:

  • Unlimited selection of colors and shades, possible to combine multiple colors and gilding or other finishes on the individual elements.
  • Amenable to painting facades any configuration.
  • Enamel layer protects MDF ingress of moisture and other effects.
  • Kraska not korobytsya, not behind the surface and does not fade in the sun.

Disadvantages painted facades:

  • The price is higher, than plastic or PVC coatings.
  • On the surface of any well visible contamination: traces of water or fat droplets, handprints and other.
  • Weak resistance to mechanical damage (scratch, School, dents).

plastic coating. AT furniture industry for gluing facade MDF used laminates (HPL), representing the compressed high-pressure pulp with the addition of polymer substances. As a result of this plastic manufacturing technology becomes necessary strength. The advantages of such a material are:

  • Resistance to all types of chemical attack and mechanical damage.
  • Humidity resistance.
  • It does not fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays and preserves the original appearance for many years.
  • Unlimited choice of colors and shades.
  • Used for cleaning all kinds of detergents.


  • Matte plastic is poorly cleaned, and on glossy clearly visible contamination.
  • Fixing to the MDF plate with adhesive causes the presence of small gaps between the plastic plate and. Gradually they accumulate dirt and grease.
  • With prolonged use, the edges are subjected to deformation.

Kitchen made of acrylic can not be called a universal solution for any interior. Acrylic enamel quickly become dirty and requires daily care. Acrylic kitchen suitable for apartments, decorated in a modern style or for families, not too often use the kitchen for cooking.