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Kitchen MDF enamel: 4 a step of producing a material

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Beautiful kitchen with facades enamel, elegant finishes and proper planning are the standard presentable for those, who decided to buy such furniture. In this case, the enamel facade catches the eye in the first place and so it must look great, otherwise nothing will come of home comfort. Besides, if you like the furniture of new styles, and does not fit the classic way, the coating of the facade of furniture with enamel perfect for you out of the situation.

Furniture dark original combined with an apron in the kitchen

Often in relation to such furniture, we hear - kitchen enamel, say so because, that practically every centimeter of the facade and the working surface is coated with durable and resistant polyurethane enamel. But it's not, that the gloss of the beautiful and immediately catches the eye, and in that, the coating of this kind is durable and endures impacts plurality. And luxurious appearance by exactly one not to miss.

As it becomes clear from the name of a beautiful kitchen Enamel based on MDF wood, that is, a plate of pressed wood shavings, over which the already applied coat of paint. Now it's time to figure out, that is in fact such a surface and how it is made.

yellow furniture
Warm yellow tone of furniture is great for kitchens

Painting kitchen MDF facades for modular sets

so, MDF kitchens enamel produced by this algorithm actions:

  1. First sawdust pressed into slabs of pre-specified size. In the process of this material oshkurivaetsya, primed and painted with paint prep;
  2. After drying the applied enamel layer, then another, and this structure is dried and polished;
  3. Placed on top of the nail;
  4. Final polishing with a soft sponge.

If you go online and search facades MDF kitchen enamel, you can see, that each model, made according to this scheme it looks flat and smooth. Besides, in the manufacture of molded MDF process goes excellent material, which lends itself to easy processing and profile cutting. Sheets of compressed wood in the manufacture can deliver almost every desired shape.

When painting effects enamel reduced to, it fills every little bump, and a recess, so that the surface becomes close to the ideal. So gloss enamel in addition to, that looks luxurious, so also creates a dense protective layer for wood products.

Furniture for kitchen
Beautiful glass inserts on the cabinets and the original pen a beautiful view

Choose the color and decorative material: coating a plastic or enamel better

Kitchen made of MDF covered with enamel is always considered to be expensive, and nothing can be done about it. To one of the factors, impact on pricing is a wide selection range of available colors. In addition to the classic catalog of colors emit more such variants, in which are painted with enamel kitchen facades:

Kitchen from MDF

  • chameleon shade. Furniture, painted in a color when changing the angle of incidence and the brightness will dynamically change color;
  • Coloring with the effect of aging. Such kitchens MDF enamel from the manufacturer are made in a classic style, and color for them select the appropriate;
  • pearl painting. Then chip production lies in the fact, that the classic paint is applied with a special blend of some of the visual effects. The result is a, what kitchen white Gloss will shine like a pearl;
  • metallic color. When dishes are made in Nouveau MDF enamel paint composition placed special impurity, which give a metallic sheen.

Note, that choosing a furniture does not have to buy anything from such expensive options, there is also a kitchen MDF enamel classics, which are painted a standard paint. Besides, Some manufacturers offer in addition to the standard paint still staining and screen with drawing pictures. So before, you begin to see the selection of several themed video about, how to care for the glossy kitchen furniture, which choice is better to do and what type of furniture is more suitable to be placed in the classic rooms.

the kitchen furniture
Furniture for kitchen in a light-dark tone of the classic look

Advantages and disadvantages of enamel from the manufacturer: glossy white classic, matt, lilac metallic

At this stage, it is time to consider the pros and cons of kitchen enamel why the quality of this type of furniture depends. Determine quality products under their own power and, it is sufficient to consider each side of pieces of furniture, which you are invited to. When the incident light correctly every flaw on the surface of the furniture will be noticeable to the naked eye. The roughness and can act as a negative bubbles smooth surface of furniture, Some nail punctures. Such a surface is, it will take care of gloss kitchen fronts, otherwise gotten moisture and fat over time will destroy the surface and have to re-paint the. Therefore it is desirable to make such verification before, how you make order, because then it becomes a real problem.

Now select separately the pros and cons of this type of furniture, summarizing these lists.

Kitchen MDF enamel

positive aspects:

  • On the choice of the person proposed array of colors and external decorating elements, which are selected from the catalog;
  • minor defects, arising in the course of the furniture removed by polishing;
  • natural wood, used in the production of ecologically clean and does not emit harmful substances;
  • High level of resistance to thermal extremes and humidity, which is constant in the kitchen;
  • Due to the thick layer of enamel and mold fungi do not infest;
  • Synthetic detergents have no effect on the surface;
  • Care for glossy kitchen easily: smooth surface will not absorb grease and dirt and wipe with a cloth.

Kitchen MDF enamel cherry

negative factors, they are in a small amount:

  • Dyeing smooth surface is easy to scratch with a knife or fork, you do not even need to make an effort. Mild shot may even chip the enamel surface, which will lead to chipping;
  • If the furniture is exposed to the sun, then over time it will burn, and the paint will lose view;
  • Furniture of this type of expensive.


Comparing the number of pros and cons of this type of furniture to become visible, that there are more positive aspects.

So if you're in finance are not constrained and can afford such a pleasure, it then remains only to correctly deliver and enjoy.