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2 most important factor, why not take kitchen facades from MDF

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Nowadays coating kitchen fronts made of various materials, some of which have become quite popular. So, MDF facades as one of the most common variants of the lining of furniture because of the properties are extremely viable option. This material is characterized by a large number of positive properties, which are exceptional in this material.

kitchen facades from MDF
MDF facades of the most popular in the world of kitchen furniture

Let's understand why Kitchen from MDF considered as reliable:

  • In the first place this time due to the fact, that the tree has a number of positive features, which are peculiar to it, and nothing else. Plastic and other materials are not as durable, as a tree, inferior to him in the density and do not look so elegant, like natural wood. Besides, MDF plate is formed and equipped in such a way, that it is possible to give each desired appearance;
  • And secondly, MDF kitchen so popular yet, that the outer surface of the producers at the request finished with each of the possible types of materials. This includes PVHi film different kinds of paints, wood veneer or plastic. Each of the options used for the classical type of furniture, and for modern style.

Kitchen from MDF

Painted facade

painted facades MDF for lacquered kitchens are covered with enamel, which protects the wood from external influences, thus looks attractive facade of this type. Similar methods are used in dyeing machines, so that MDF facades for kitchens I have an obvious advantage over the other.

Painted facades of MDF
Facades of MDF can be painted in any color, even the most unusual

Before applying the enamel on the wooden plate applied primer layer, and the paint is placed on top of two layers is obtained and thereafter, that the tree will stand for decades, and will look great. each layer, MDF glossy facades which are covered is thoroughly dried and polished before application of the next, and at the end of processing opened varnish, that the surface does not fade.

Benefits painted facades are stacked in such a list:

  • Colors facades for kitchens MDF available in extremely rich assortment, plenty to choose from ready-made options, and optional painters can produce individual colors to suit your design;
  • On request painting facades performed with a gradient fill, here the combination of colors made to order, ready-made options are not offered, because it is difficult to guess the right shade;
  • Painted MDF kitchen facades are performed textured: glossy, pearl and metallic;
  • Smooth surfaces are easily washed, painted plates do not absorb liquids;
  • plates, of which are performed such facades can have semicircular, Curved and square shapes;
  • Over time, painted kitchen furniture does not deteriorate.

Painted facades from MDF kitchen
Painted facades long remain presentable

Negative selection of such moments facade:

  • Paint imprinted on your fingers when you touch;
  • paint fades, if the furniture is exposed to direct sunlight;
  • If you hit to cover, then there are chips and cracks, paint bursts and slazit.

Film coating facades

An alternative embodiment dyeing act furniture fronts MDF in PVC film. Technology, following which MDF film applied to the surface of wood is simple and therefore from an economic point of view such an investment profitable. MDF film It serves as an excellent aesthetic and decorative covering, it is often applied to impart drawings unique appearance. In this regard, the film texture may vary: facades are covered under a tree, smooth plastic or other surfaces, what the customer wants. Film, which is used for covering facades is opened before the end operation varnish. In this case, the furniture will not deteriorate with time and will not fade in the sun.

pink kitchen

The main advantage, which are caused by food PVC film - a reasonable price. Besides, for people, willing to buy this type of cuisine is offered a huge selection of colors and patterns, are optionally selected suitable sizes and types. Wherein kitchen facades Film a slight increase in size significantly more expensive not to become. In terms of Care Film facades easy, MDF in the film endures impact of aggressive household chemicals and cleaning products. Besides good film protects against mechanical influence. From the time of the film does not suffer, the material itself is durable.

Color range of PVC films
Can be adhered to a transparent film for quality protection MDF

Film for facades and has outs, without it anywhere. Often, manufacturers are trying to make furniture, film-coated wood and leaves it badly, as the film timber is immediately obvious to the naked eye. In addition, there is often also peel the film from the tree, it happens with the furniture, that is adjacent to a gas cooker or ovens, who regularly raise the temperature around. Hot humid air coming in contact with the film heats up and causes to move away from the tree. Thus kitchen film are not the best solution, if you regularly in the kitchen cooking and long runs.

plastic dishes

By the principle of performing plastic coated MDF kitchen furniture reminiscent of the film. Except, that instead of a film on the surface of wood glued thin plastic panel.

beautiful kitchen of MDF

On the side surfaces of the facade is covered by various methods. the, that is used more often than other plastic covers in front and two side end.

But in other methods on the sides to reduce the cost applied acrylic paint, such as the edge is more difficult to damage. separately, we note, and that the rear surface is painted with paint, while in cheaper versions of furniture rear part locked plywood sheet. Production of MDF facades It can be made both with the same surface color, and with different for the front and side surface portions.

plastic kitchen
Plastic is very practical to clean

The advantages of using this type of furniture:

  • If we compare this type of furniture other, it has significantly increased service life;
  • The mechanical strength at a high level;
  • over time, plastic does not fade in the sun;
  • the temperature difference does not affect the state of the surface;
  • Synthetic detergents do not harm the surface of, wash such furniture after a long cooking is not difficult.

Disadvantages of owning a kitchen:

  1. Glossy plastic surface collects fingerprints from each of tangency;
  2. The back and sides of the classic white;
  3. If you buy a matte kitchen, it will wash for a long time;
  4. If the plastic is pasted on a tree by cold pressing, the wood can be deformed. If you look at a surface side, it will be visible dent closer to the penny, so pay attention to it.

Framework furniture

In the manufacture of furniture of this type are mounted on the frame various fillers, this role can perform plastic, DPS or MDF, less commonly used glass or mirrors. On top of the profile as a facing material are also used natural veneer.

Framework for kitchen furniture
Frame options can be colored, but everything should be done under the style of the room

pros, which have MDF frame facades:

  • Prices for low furniture;
  • Facades for furniture that are performed non-standard size;
  • Due to the furniture frame structure has increased strength, low weight, as the use of solid wood is minimal;
  • Installation of glass in this furniture is made simple, is fastened to the frame with special bolts,
  • Frame construction allows you to combine multiple types of finishes, the right designer is able to create unique furniture;

Disadvantages of this type of furniture

  • Subject to wear from time to time;
  • Frame fronts MDF hard to wash well, that water does not get inside;
  • With the end portions protrude seams, so that the design team immediately clear;

Replacement of a new facade

When a person enters into the first kitchen, to which he draws attention - a facade of furniture, which stands in the room. Facades of furniture can be carried out independently, or ordered from the manufacturers. different materials, which are used for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, abundance of forms and appearances will help a good designer to create an elegant room for a daily meal.

If you just fed up with your furniture, which costs more than a year, it is not necessary to replace completely to the new - you can only replace the facade. At the same ducts will remain the same, and in such event the cost will be minimal. Seeing the end result you will rejoice, and the update process will not take long.

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