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Independent production of kitchen fronts: 7 main nuances

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Everyday experience shows, that make a body furniture the hands It is quite feasible task for a man, with skills handling the tool and having a developed spatial imagination.

Beautiful kitchen
Even the most complex facades can be done if you want to

While, that today DIY stores offer a wide selection of different panels and components, independent production of food for such a person is not a problem. Let's find out, how is the production of kitchen fronts.

Separate manufacturing of kitchen furniture


Manufacture of food begins with the creation of the future of furniture design. This project should take into account several factors,.

  • The size and configuration of the kitchen facilities.
  • Placing drain sewage and water supply.
  • Electrical circuit arrangement and outlets in the kitchen.
  • Material, from which it is planned to construct the kitchen furniture, this will depend on the labor.
  • The predominant colors in the kitchen, based on which will be selected colors facades.
  • The cost of all the components should take into account the financial possibilities of the furniture manufacturer.

A man makes himself the facade
count, the main thing that homemade facade of the cost was not too expensive, and the meaning is lost

Price future of kitchen furniture is formed of several major articles. by experience, Fifty percent of the cost of the food - it's facades. The most expensive - the facades from an array. Making facades of cheaper materials will significantly reduce the percentage of the total cost.

A larger share of the price takes fittings. When selected required to comply with the price and quality balance. Too cheap components likely to last for long. While the choice of materials, which today is, you can always pick up the hardware quality and relatively inexpensive.

The road can be tabletop. Therefore, her choice should be careful to treat. It must be sufficiently robust and easy to operate.

From panels of material also depends on the cost structure. Make furniture the hands of the EAF will be cheaper, than to collect furniture from MDF with his own hands.

To furniture assembly took place without problems, you need to prepare drawings of each table and closet. Define at their place of side walls and shelves, how to install and mount the facades and countertop.

In the rear wall and the worktop when necessary is required to determine the place of accommodation outlets. If the socket is already installed on the walls, the rear, the lower and upper panels do not interfere with the inclusion of devices.

The layout of outlets in the kitchen
With places of accommodation outlets defined in advance

Is the kitchen with his hands in compliance with the standards of accommodation. So, Sink should not be placed in close proximity to the stove or heater.

It should be considered accepted standard sizes of kitchen furniture parts. For example, common width of countertop 600 mm. The length of the tables and cabinets the facade can range from 500 to 800 mm. adhere to these dimensions required because sold blank panels and facades are made in such standards.

Technology manufacture of furniture from particle board with their own hands It involves working in several stages.


  1. For the manufacture of wall panels, as well as tables and shelves of cabinets used laminated chipboard. If there is a possibility, you need to buy a ready-made panels, which correspond to the desired size. If this is not possible, purchased a large sheet of laminated chipboard size 1830 × 2440 mm. Thickness is customary to use sheets 16 mm.
  2. Acquired material verified by size, and if necessary rascherchivaetsya sawn through jigsaw. Cutting can be ordered in store, but there is not always guarantee quality.
  3. We need to seal the sawed panels bokovinki, to DSP not crumbled. This is called edging. To do this, you can use simple PVC film. The film adhesive is planted using iron through a sheet of paper. For edging, you can use a special plastic laths.
  4. Assembling of furniture made of particleboard made with their own hands with the help of clamps, which are fixed panel designs to maintain the shape and the desired angles.
  5. After that, as a cabinet or table compiled, prior to installation of facades, they put in place and check the compatibility of the whole kitchen.
  6. Facade of kitchen furniture set in the least, after fixing countertops.

Man adjusts facades
When assembling the headset remember, facades least


make kitchen facade his hands can be with the use of materials of varying quality and texture. such detail, made of solid wood, It will be long. but, it has the disadvantage, the high price of the product. Besides, production of facades for the kitchen with his hands from the array, a lengthy process and requires sufficient skill in dealing with wood and carpentry tools.

Facades for furniture with their hands faster and cheaper can be made from other materials, such as MDF or chipboard.


facades for kitchens MDF

MDF material consists of a fiber board. Simply put, is strongly pressed wood. From this array plate is durable and long-lasting, but significant gains for the same qualities in the wood-chipboard.

The advantages of MDF are:

  • high resistance to deformation due to the plate density, through which you can change the shape of the facade;
  • material is resistant to moisture, so it is very suitable for kitchen furniture;
  • plate MDF can be painted, and coat different materials, whether veneer or plastic.

Making furniture fronts of MDF facilitated by the fact, that the sale of a large variety of workpieces of different sizes, forms and colors.

Facades of MDF
Changed the design - repainted facade

Facades of MDF are also convenient because, that during operation of the kitchen can be painted in connection with the re-design.

laminated chipboard

Making facades for furniture with his own hands can be a simple, if used for this blank of laminated chipboard.

Facade of furniture from wood particle board is the most economical option. This is the main advantage of chipboard.

The main drawback of such material is, that edge of the plate is unstable to moisture. Such facades over time, under the influence of moist air and vapors, swell and become useless.

 kitchen from particleboard

However, with proper edging, life they have at least five years. And if you ever care for furniture, that this furniture will last a decade or more.

Chipboard lamination usually covered kitchen paper or plastic. Wherein, Plastic is the preferred material for coating kitchen fronts. Behind it easier to care. Such facade can be cleaned with a damp cloth or even wash.

Considering that, that chipboard is made of pressed chips, required to comply orderly installation fittings. When mounting several times is necessary to unscrew and tighten the screw, the possible spillage of the chip in the hole, and loosening of fixing.

Fitted facade CPD is the most economical for this, in conditions, when the budget for the installation of the furniture is not large enough.

laminated chipboard
Laminated board looks very presentable in the kitchen

MDF - postforming

Postforming - a fabric processing technology in the manufacture of such parts,

Technology is, such that heating the plastic takes on the shape of the product, to which it is applied.

Facade MDF such processing is carried out at the coating plate with a complex pattern and rounded edges of the plastic on both sides.

Most often used in the postforming sheets covering chipboard with rounded edges radius 8 or 10 mm. In this case, such plates are more durable and resistant to moisture.



Production of kitchen facades alone involves serious preparation for this process,. In addition to the materials and accessories required to prepare the desired tool.

Such work may be needed:

  • Jigsaw and Driver;
  • Screwdriver flat and curly;
  • drill with a set of drills and bits;
  • SCREW desired size and packing them under;
  • pliers and hammer;
  • clamp;
  • ruler, elbow, marker, pencil and chalk;
  • level;set their own hands
  • sandpaper, and a small circle with the Bulgarian polishing.