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Secret Kitchen fronts: and you need postforming

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When a person walks into the kitchen, first, that catches your eye - a facade, Front of the furniture. In addition, production kitchens built in such a way, what a facade most cases, a removable, there is no need to replace with them the box, which in various forms of furniture does not differ fundamentally. This is the so-called rapid manufacturing, which offer great furniture stores: in fact they have a warehouse, filled boxes, and they made the appropriate individual wishes facade. For this scheme goes and private master, that беря кухни на заказ изготавливают коробки, and facades order at the companies themselves, because, that facade takes a lot of time.

Facade Kitchen
The facade is the face of the headset, and it must be beautiful

Therefore, the question appears: a furniture manufacturing safer, fine in small workshops or series in furniture factories? Simple answer to this question is not to turn, since it depends on personal preference in style. If you fit the frame style kitchen, it can be ordered in the workshop, there will come a little cheaper. But here from postforming Kitchen, even with the use of modern materials turn out to buy only major organizations.

Moreover, mass production of select very high quality material, but the tree in the manufacture can be felled in the nearby woods and not suitable for household use. You decide, but it is advisable to order in an array of trusted people, then to not be problems in the future.

facades for kitchens

Using postforminga

At its core, postforming resembles a wooden plate of chips or sawdust, but the difference is that, that the surface is covered with a layer of plastic. It turns out, that the transition between the front portion and the side offline, postforming countertops as it rounds the this side, and it becomes airtight.

made postforming countertops for the kitchen in manufacturing, involved in the manufacture of heavy weight machines and specialists, that service this equipment and guide production in the right direction.

Kitchen around postforming
Postforming - a popular material for furniture

Kitchen from producer using such production are characterized by properties:

  • Durability;
  • Resistance to physical wear;
  • Smooth surface;
  • Practicality in living conditions;
  • It does not fade in direct sunlight;
  • Easily withstands moisture, the material is not trying to absorb a liquid;
  • Such a material does not rot, and the iron frame does not rust;
  • Resistance to temperature and humidity extremes;
  • Compared with other types of cuisines, this material is cheaper;
  • As minus isolated inability to cover complicated shapes, facades in such furniture flat as a table;
  • Over time does not fade, but not be able to repaint;

This list suggests, that the option of furniture, Postforming covered by the definition of the most practical. This option is great for those, who are not too picky about the appearance of the furniture, but does not want to bother about maintenance and care of furniture - this option is for him. This is a collection functionality and beauty, so consider this option.

Colored painted MDF

Kitchen paint painted MDF
Beautiful kitchen is your imagination, paints in the construction of the furniture is very much

kitchen facades from the manufacturer of this type are produced on a large scale and on a regular basis. Such popularity is explained by the fact, that the cheaper solid MDF solid wood, but they are in no way inferior in performance. Use for the production of sawdust from coniferous trees, as there is an organic resin. It turns out, that MDF is not inferior to full naturalness of wood. In this case, MDF material devoid of the negative aspects of classic wood: knots, cracks and other.

Furniture of this type, and even qualitatively colored durability is not inferior to natural wood, the main thing, to painting technology was held under the standard. An array of dishes covered with paint layers, wherein each next applied after drying of the previous. Such production of facades for kitchen It takes a lot of time and effort, but the final version looks good.

beautiful facades for kitchens

Allocate such quality, inherent MDF:

  1. Water vapor and temperature gradients are not afraid;
  2. Кухни на заказ от производителя такого типа не впитывает влагу;
  3. The mechanical strength at a high level;
  4. Covering amenable minor repairs: you can re-open the varnish and tint;
  5. Good appearance, manufacture of kitchen fronts complex type;
  6. If you put in the sun, then fade with time;
  7. If moisture gets under the paint and varnish, the plate bulges, but it is fraught with disastrous consequences;
  8. Manufacturers of kitchen fronts talk about strength, but the plate of chips suffer chipped at the corners, it is known to everyone.

Colored painted MDF
MDF can tint themselves, if the upper layer deteriorate

independent production kitchen fronts in size It is hampered by, that working with MDF difficult without special tools.

Have to buy a lot of primer coatings, gun for a normal paint and a lot of various carpentry tools, without which do not turn out. Therefore, those masters, who launched the production of kitchen sets regular prefer to buy ready-made materials, rather than trying to work with unpainted slab.

set of beautiful facades

laminated plates

Production kitchen fronts This type is different from the previous ones, that the surface treatment is not performed from the paint, and application of a special thick film. Perform such coverage on their own will not work, it requires a special machine and the skills to work with him. By putting a film layer of decorative material - veneer or paper beautiful. So that the production of painted facades much easier, than this option.

Properties at such isolated laminate facade:

  1. Not be exposed to water;
  2. Caring for the surface requires a minimum;
  3. C does not fade over time in the sun;
  4. Detergents not corrode the film and do not cause her harm;
  5. High resistance to wear;
  6. High temperatures harm the surface film, it may melt;
  7. Durable with proper care;
  8. Liquid not absorbed by the tree;
  9. Relatively solid wood cheaper.

laminated board
Laminate - its texture can be combined in the furniture, ceiling, walls, floor

How visible, This option costs more cheaper than other options and thus proportional to the characteristics of the price. Yes, It has this option and cons, but nice price still ahead. And do not think, that once the furniture is cheap, it is bad. Production costs for companies due to not use ink low, respectively, and the price is: New technologies make it possible to save money without sacrificing quality.


What to do on their own

If the carpenter work for you is nothing new, the facade framework to perform itself quite capable. For, to make special skills are required, Only pre-purchase all the supplies and get to work. After that, measure and add the desired size and cut the pertinent details of which will meet the facade. If fantasy about it not working for you, the rummage in the Internet, there are instructions on how to assemble the furniture weight. Following the steps below you get to do the normal furniture without wastage of expensive work on the master.