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Calculation of kitchen fronts: an easy way to save money

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By creating your own kitchen design, we have to choose the design, determined with optional materials, buy furniture and appliances. Without calculation can not do. but learn, what kind ordered facades much simpler, than calculate the square the floor irregular shape. facades or fronts in the furniture language called door, which close the lockers, or lining the drawers. Gaps between them affect the appearance type and garnish the functionality of the furniture. If the doors are easy to open, that they are convenient to use. Rubbing each other, they cause irritation and wear out quickly. Let's find out the correct size facades for kitchen.

kitchen facades
Kitchen facades - an integral part of the furniture and have to look smart

Standard or arbitrary edges - that is the question!

Company, which makes furniture to order, It produces fronts standard sizes and arbitrary. If you purchase the modules, manufactured with millimeter precision for the measurement spot, then the cost will be at 20-30% above. In this case, each piece is made individually, that require reconfiguring equipment, and the time, as known, It equated to money. It is hard to say, whether it is beneficial for the production of, because for the manufacture of non-standard elements is done 3 or 4 standard. However, furniture order differs from finished, that made any size kitchen facades.

kitchen facades

Your task, as a customer, It is as follows::

  1. Get a set of furniture, which fit into the dimensions of the room
  2. Reduce the cost of furniture
  3. Reduce production time

Solution of the problem lies in the correct calculation of the size of the front pieces and fit them under the standard dimensions.

Having defined the model of headset, Take the manufacturer table of standard front element values ​​- standard width and height of the doors are a little different for different companies

Standard kitchen
The simplest calculation is a standard kitchen

The table shows the standard dimensions cuisines facades, (mm).

appointment front Height Width
solid doors 396 496; 596
Storefronts 496 496
596 596
Solid doors or windows

570 296; 346; 396; 446; 496; 596
900 296; 346; 396; 446; 496
boxes 110 596
140 296; 346; 396; 446; 496; 596

When you draw a food plan and calculate the front elements, Compare the figures with table. If possible, adjust the size of the kitchen furniture fronts for a typical. Have to "play" with clearances and dimensions of the modules, but the price will fall by 20%. maybe, After fitting you only need to order one or two non-standard products.

What are the gaps and what are their values

the gaps between kitchen facades - the distance between the hinged flaps Headset, as well as from the top, bottom or side edges of the stationary unit to the edge-on components.

Kitchen with gaps between fronts
You must know the standards gap between the facades

The values ​​of the technological gaps are not regulated, but furniture manufacturers install them in the following range, (mm):

  • Between the swinging doors - 1-3 (usually taken 3)
  • lateral, top or bottom - 1-3 (usually taken 1,5 to one side)
  • Under ordinary tabletop - 3
  • Under the sink with drip tray - 4-5
  • Between the front element and dekorkarnizom (top or bottom) — 3

By increasing or decreasing the gap between the module and the front edge element, expand or contract to fit the dimensions of the product under the standard numbers.

How to calculate the size of swing wings - examples in figures

Sizes facades Headset

The dimensions of the facade for the kitchen always smaller module dimensions, to which it is attached. For a block with one or two flap, section with drawers or worktop lying on top, as well as individual circuit designed for calculation dekorkarnizov. For convenience we introduce reductions:

  1. The height and width of the facade - and WF ShF
  2. The height and width of the housing - VC and SK

Enclosure with pivot door is not adjacent to the wall

Calculation kitchen facades performed as follows:

  • WF = VC - total indentation on the top and bottom edge 3 mm

903 — 3 = 900

  • CHF = CC - common side offset 3 mm

399 — 3 = 396

This calculation is the perfect facades, It is trying to gain size fall in the value table.

kitchen drawer
The perfect size hinged flaps are those, which are completely suitable for your option

If the vertical size of the module is equal to you 90,5 cm, then increase the indent 1 mm top and bottom - instead of the non-standard products you order standard:

905 — 5 = 900

Do not forget to check value with tabular indentation dimensions.

Dimensions doors or fronts overhead for each block is calculated separately - it will save from mistakes, loss of money and time

Housing with two hinged doors is not adjacent to the wall

It is important not to forget about the distance between the doors open for free:

  • WF = VC - total indentation on the top and bottom edge,
  • SF = (SK - common side offset - the distance between the flaps 3 mm)/2.

Adjusting the width of a standard facades, Do not allow the emergence of a wide gap between the doors - in the distance 4 mm is considered large.

custom facades

Base is adjacent to the wall

The magnitude of the gap allows the casement open, not resting on the wall halfway. The indentation on the part of the wall is taken 3 mm:

CHF = CC - the distance from the wall - the standard distance on the opposite side

The housing is covered worktop

The housing is covered worktop
Tabletop - without in any way

Nuances arise when calculating the height of the front element:

  • WF = VC - upper interspace 5 mm (in the presence of drip tray) - lower the clearance
  • VG = BK - 3 mm (for a typical countertop) - lower the clearance

The front is above or below dekorkarnizom

Technological gap set at 3 mm:

  • For two dekorkarnizov

WF = VC - dekorkarniza interval for the upper - lower gap for dekorkarniza

  • For one dekorkarnyza

WF = VC - clearance for dekorkarniza - standard lower gap

Calculation of fronts for drawers

In drawers also have their own standards as well as the entire kitchen set as a whole

width count standard side indented. Calculation formulas for height dependent on the number of, identity, location of drawers. Denote the number of boxes with the letter N:

  • identical boxes

WF = (VK - 3*(N — 1))/N

  • Identical boxes for ordinary tabletop

WF = (VC - 3 * N)/N

For products with different heights there is no single formula - for calculating diagram is drawn with the dimensions of gaps and technological.

beautiful kitchen

How to determine the size of the kitchen

It is necessary to solve the problem, back calculation of dimensions flaps with the following nuances:

  • The height of the lower module WF = + distance under the worktop + the distance from the lower edge of the housing to the floor (10 cm)
  • The height of the upper module WF = + the overall gap top and bottom + Accounting presence dekorkarnizov
  • The width of the box under one flap = CHF + total lateral indentation + admission to the opening of the wall
  • The width of the box by two flaps = 2 * CHF + total lateral indentation + the distance between the doors + admission to the opening in the side wall

Knowing the tabulated values ​​of front elements, calculate the size of the kitchen is not difficult.


When designing a kitchen, try to use sample sizes of a particular manufacturer of furniture for shutters or drawers fronts. Judicious use of the technological gaps can save money and time.

Remember, that alter the furniture in MDF is impossible, so check the calculations several times, and then order a set.

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