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Make kitchen with his hands- it's simple: 4 Design options

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Kitchen set придает оформлению помещения завершенный и целостный вид. Functionality of furniture is achieved by an ergonomic and capacious storage devices, furniture and decor original ensemble. Custom layout require individual solutions and design ideas.

Kitchen set with his own hands
Kitchen set their own hands to do is not difficult, if you have hands and tools

The cost of furniture to order, or submitted to finished products is not always available to the consumer. Autographic production technology provides for the assembly of a new headset, or update old furniture. The project will require the construction of the future to make correct measurements.

making kitchen units their own hands create a presentable design furniture with the desired bundle.

kitchen set

Design kitchen furniture: measurements, settlements, scheme, blueprints

Расчет кухонной мебели their own hands можно выполнить на бумаге, Using a tape measure and a pencil. Available as modern program, позволяющие создать чертеж кухонного garnish, based on the exact parameters and dimensions. The project reflects the size and type of construction, the location of the lines of communication.

It is important to think in advance the location of the triangle. The size of washing, hob oven and other appliances accounted overall at the design stage of the project. Рассчитать кухонный гарнитур independently, You can apply the PRO100 program. The result will be made drawing a detailed description of equipment. Having a basic knowledge of descriptive geometry can be easily calculated furniture the kitchen without software application.

kitchen furniture project
The project will advance, it is desirable to consult a specialist

The calculation of furniture kitchen self, and draw up a preliminary list of design elements can start making preparations. Save time and effort to help a specialized furniture manufacturing, performing cutting material.

Variants furniture designs with facades, tabletop: corner, rectangular and other

At the initial planning stage should determine the type of kitchen units. It is recommended to give preference to simple products, to create a makeshift kitchen with the required functionality. The choice depends on the size and layout of the room, personal preferences. There are several options furniture designs:

  1. linear. Furniture layout runs along the walls in one, or two rows. It is used in areas with limited space, or a long narrow kitchens.
  2. angular. Can accommodate the necessary furniture, further angular region having involved, or windowsill. make a drawing corner kitchen right help precise measurement of the length of the walls and the height of the desired product. L-shaped kitchen will provide a comfortable form of access and freedom of movement.corner suite
  3. U-shaped. It is used in large kitchens, With a dining area in the center of the room. Small rooms are endowed with maximum functionality, dining room in this case is organized in living room.
  4. Insular and peninsular. Stylish look is achieved through non-standard kitchen layout: serving the working surface, the bar, or an island in the middle of the room. Suitable for kitchen design with a spacious area.

Furniture design
The design according to the rules will make the room fit your needs

Home-made kitchen furniture organically embodies the classic models in the form of floor cabinets with a total tabletop. The product is equipped with roomy drawers with pull-out, allowing you to conveniently store and use the dishes, kitchenware. The advantages of a simple modification is:

  • versatility in small and large premises;
  • the minimum amount of time and the possibility of modular assembly;
  • capacity and operating comfort;
  • It does not require the implementation of a complex cutting, specialized hardware.


Materials for making the headset: plywood, MDF, tree, DSP

To date wizards make kitchen sets, using a variety of materials:

  • DPS and MDF (characterized by a huge diversity of species, to enhance the quality characteristics, the lamination);
  • postforming (Variations of color solutions, durability and practicality of the material allow you to create original designs);
  • array (kitchen with his hands out of wood is different presentable appearance and strength characteristics).

Homemade dishes advantageously made of MDF, or laminated chipboard. The material is easy to process and requires no special devices for cutting. Cost savings possible using uncoated particle board during assembly of the side parts, the back wall is made of fibreboard.

Kitchen made of particleboard
DSP is very popular in the manufacture of furniture

Kitchen мебель из фанеры своими руками обладает массой преимуществ. The material is easy to process, convenient for installation and operation. Special coatings can protect the foundation from moisture. Appearance of the product during the original and correct execution, it is difficult to distinguish from high-priced options.

Manufacturing of furniture to order parts

Most to make furniture from particle board is possible if the exact markings and cutting material. Custom production of parts will reduce the time spent. At home, no special equipment is difficult to ensure the quality of the cutting edges and to perform processing.

To perform the processing of the edge can be applied household iron. It is important to choose the material for the edges corresponding to the color of the furniture housing. The reverse side of the tape contains an adhesive composition, which allows firmly glued edge on the workpiece.

Custom parts are manufactured using technologically advanced systems, allowing you to create an original decor Headset. manufacturers, offers services in manufacturing furniture designs elements, They provide a wide range of colors and materials.

based manufacturing methods old headset: remake, restoration, painting, update

Production based on old headset
Before and after - to see NICU

Old kitchen is able to speak the foundation of a new product. Proven techniques can alter a design, Save the project geometry. It is important to make the right decision, assess the functionality and product dimensions. Make kitchen with his hands from the old design is quite simple, would need:

  • disassemble your product into its component parts;
  • perform cleaning and surface treatment;
  • take measurements of the facade elements;
  • replace worn parts and hardware connections to the new;
  • order the production of facade components and perform assembly.

Viable options for updating the old headset can be painted facade, decorated in decoupage technique, or a special wrapping film. When, if the surface is free from defects and requires a change of design, these methods will create a stylish look Headset. Self-adhesive film will change the color and texture of the surface, enhance the durability of furniture.

Original accessories will complement harmonious and beneficial to transform the facade of furniture.

 set their own hands

kitchen homemade, as the use of old furniture carcass, allow efficient use of the foundation structure, significantly save money. Manufacture of furniture made on the template, so if there is a functional headset to update the facade of a sufficiently.

Kitchen furniture from scratch with your own hands will take time, effort and skill. Keeping the body of an old headset can ensure quality results. Modern materials for facades allow the interior to transform, performing the function of the original decoration of furniture.

Decorating kitchen units
Decoration Furniture troublesome procedure, but interesting

Tools for production and installation of kitchen furniture

In deciding to make the kitchen furniture with their hands, should stock up on necessary tools:

  • instrumentation: roulette, ruler, plumb, level;
  • instruments for securing parts: vise, clamp, table, or workbench;
  • tools for cutting and machining: electric jigsaw, saw, plane, drill hacksaw;
  • hammer, screwdriver, pliers, Cordless;
  • a set of files, large sandpaper, fomka.

fittings selection will require careful attention. Quality tools and fasteners will ensure a long and comfortable operation.

It will also require the loop, handles for cabinets and drawers, Legs for cabinets, roller guides. Robust construction will not tolerate saving and low-quality materials.

Creating furniture with their hands, should be mindful of safety. It is recommended to purchase a respirator, Safety glasses and gloves. The woodwork and dust accompanied by the formation of chips, which can be harmful to health. Avoid errors in measurements will help replacing roulette on a laser rangefinder.

Tools for the production of kitchen furniture
Tools should be qualitative, that all could be done quickly

Phased implementation kitchen furniture assembly: how to do everything with their own hands

Make the kitchen to with zero phased plan will work. After completing the design and prepare the necessary tools and materials, you can start making the elements, or to order cuts in the furniture shop. On finished parts should perform markup fasteners and prepare holes.

In accordance with the developed drawing stages are collected pedestals. Correctly perform the assembly and make the kitchen, initially involves the production of the frame with the installed accessories. Roller guides must be installed on both sides at the same height, in order to avoid distortions of boxes. The material is easily damaged and spoil the appearance of the product, so you need to make an exact layout for fixtures.

Then mounted boxes, and executed by fixing facades. Reliable fixing parts provide the use of screws. Housing back plane closes plywood, or DVP. At the end of the support legs are mounted, If stylistic decision provides for their presence. Making kitchen with their hands thoroughly recommended, carefully securing connections.

homemade headsets

The rear plane pedestals of inexpensive materials allows easy opening for communication lines. After assembling the modules, the connection is made pieces of furniture and fixing clamps. Quality produce kitchen with his hands will regularly check the level of construction, preventing displacement. Next, set the overall household appliances and fitted kitchen countertops.

Himself to make furniture for the kitchen beneficial and efficient, through the creation of individual design. After fixing the worktop is available to install a sink and plumbing connection lines to household appliances. The final stage involves the installation of hinges and securing the doors of the facade.


Guided by the generally accepted rules and secrets of the masters can make the kitchen furniture with their hands, or update old headsets. As a result, space acquires a new shape and functional environment. Kitchen set, made his own, accentuate the personality and style of the interior.

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